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Carpet Cleaning Guidelines 101: Carpet Problems? Worry Not!

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One of the most difficult home interiors to maintain and clean is the carpet. Unlike your typical marble or glass tiled floor, carpet flooring tends to collect more dirt and dust. Filth gets trap in the gaps in between each strand, causing discoloration and foul odor. Oftentimes, homeowners find themselves having the worst time of their lives while cleaning their carpet.

Fortunately, various carpet cleaning services are now widely available today, providing valuable services for busy households. However, if you find time to attend to your carpet cleaning duties, it might be helpful to read on the following tips to make the task easier and faster. But before you start getting down and dirty on those carpets, make sure you have read the following thoroughly, then equip yourself with lengthy patience while you clean all the dirt away.

Doormat: Prevention is Better than Cure

It is of utmost importance to keep one’s doormat durable and clean. Remember that the key to a clean and stain-free carpet flooring is prevention. Therefore, you should start strategically placing doormats inside and outside of the house to make sure that all footwear are cleaned prior to stepping on the carpet. You may hesitate adding doormats because it might override the existing theme of your house. However, you should realize that doormats can greatly decrease the dirt on your family and visitors’ footwear. This Indianapolis carpet cleaning tip can help less the potential amount of dirt on your carpet.

Stain, Stain, Go Away

Carpet cleaners suggest that you should not scrub the stain off once it gets in contact with the carpet. Yes, the best time to treat a carpet from stain is the moment it spills off the floor. However, brushing the surface is not advisable because it will only damage the fibers and set the stain deeper into the layers of the carpet. In these cases, skilled Indianapolis carpet cleaners get a white cloth, lay it over the stained part, and place a heavy object on top of the cloth so it will suck excess stain.

Foul Order Stinks

Indianapolis commercial carpet cleaning experts share that carpets left untreated often incur discoloration and a putrid smell. The foul smell usually comes from mildew and trapped dirt on the strands. If you can no longer tolerate the odor, you can sprinkle baking soda on the carpet. This cleaning agent has been proven to eliminate the odor so you need not worry anymore about a stinky smell.


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