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Carpets or Wood Floors: Which is Better for You?

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Carpets are nice. Simple statement but it’s true. Think about it, carpets are warm in the winter, soft year round, and for those with interests in design and décor there are thousands of options available to pick from. Hard floors have their space in the home as well. When it comes to rooms for comfort carpets reign supreme. For those of us who live in places with winter, the act of putting a barefoot down on cold wood floor is unpleasant in the extreme. It doesn’t require a Montreal winter either, even the relatively mild winters of Fredericksburg, VA are enough to deter.

What’s the best use for both?

Hard floors:
They are best in high traffic high mess areas: kitchens, hallways and entrance areas. The biggest strength of hard floors is the ease of cleaning and the appearance. Dirt will sit on them but not in them, so in the front hallway where dirty shoes will abound it makes perfect sense. Kitchens are in great need of easily washed floors, food will spill. It’s not a matter of being neat or clean, or the quality of the cook, even professional chefs sometimes spill on the floor. Actually, if you’ve ever seen the speed at which professional chefs cook one would suspect the spill more often. Having an easily cleaned floor is an advantage there, doesn’t have to be hardwood, but something hard that won’t absorb oil or red wine. Hard floors also stand up well to foot traffic; they won’t get crushed like carpets will. They are cold in the winter, don’t deal well with humidity changes, and can be easily damaged by furniture however.

Carpet does best in areas with lower foot traffic, but a higher desire for comfort. The family room and bed room are probably the best examples. Carpet is warm and soft and pleasant on the feet. It also makes the floor somewhere that can be sat on more easily. It can be indented by heavy furniture but that’s less of a problem than the deep gouges that furniture can leave in hard floors (especially wood), and carpet isn’t as vastly effected by ambient humidity.

There really isn’t a right choice about what to use in your house, and most houses use a combination. One final point about cleaning though: dirt will sit on top of hard floors but in carpets. This might sound like a point in the favor of all hard flooring, but when the dust from the front room starts appearing in your bed because you tracked it up with your feet you might change your mind. Hard floors are easier to clean but require near constant attention to keep clean.

Keep it all in mind when you’re making your choice, you have a lot to choose from, but for what it’s worth, if you live somewhere that gets cold at night or in the winter, be it a temperate place like Fredericksburg, VA, or an arctic cold place like Fargo North Dakota, remember that your feet will have to go down on that ice cold floor when you wake up to use the bathroom at 2 am.

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