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Veterians and Dog Boarding

Parker Vet Hospital is Charlotte, North Carolina's oldest continually running vet hospital. We take care of your animals like they were our own and also offer boarding and grooming.

Perks of Purchasing Saltwater Aquarium Supplies Online

If you own an aquarium or intend to set up a tank to house your favorite species of fish, you will need aquarium supplies to maintain it.

Why it pays to take your pet to a spay neuter clinic

Taking your pet to spay neuter clinic is in many instances a good idea. If you own a female pet then taking her to spay neuter clinic will help to ensure that your pet does not have any heat cycles, and hence she will not attract males to her.

Brief advice on the process of importing pets into Singapore

Singapore has grown from a simple port city into one of the world’s wealthiest countries. It has also become quite a popular business center; people in the corporate world are flocking in masses towards Singapore.

Allow Your Cat To Experience The Difference With An Outdoor Heated Cat Shelter

For a night cat you may need outdoor shelter that heats up and for an indoor cat you can buy designer cat bed that encompasses various types of cat furniture.

Tips To Buy Designer Cat Furniture And Cat Beds

Instead of buying cheaper versions it is best to invest in a luxury bed as it will provide your cat with the best comfort and support while she sleeps.

Benefits Of Buying Outdoor Heated Cat Bed

There are innovative manufactures offering number of designs in cat beds and they are even equipped with safe heating components.

Pet Jewellery – Safe Usage Tips

We all want to always be safe from harm and how we always ensure this happens all the time is something we never take lightly. If you do care about how safe you always are, anywhere and anytime, ensuring that your pet stays safe from any unprecedented on preventable harm is very important.

Cat Breeds: The Birman

The Birman is a longhaired breed of cat that has the distinctive colorpoint coat associated with the Siamese. Their origins are not clear but they are known as the Sacred Cat of Burma and were originally thought to be temple cats. Here is a breed profile.

What to keep in Mind when Buying Reef Octopus Equipment

With the right planning and availability of capital, setting up reef octopus or any type of fish tank for that matter can be an easy task.

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