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Ford Fiesta and Ford Ecosport offer a true value to your money

Every model of Ford is appreciated worldwide for its distinctive designing and style presence. The interior and exteriors don’t let the existing and prospective customers to forget the comfort, elegance and efficiency that it offers. ...more

New Innovations from Chevrolet to help keep Children Properly Secured

The safety of children when they are traveling as passengers in any vehicle has recently become a matter of concern for auto safety groups who have seen a growing trend of children moving out of booster seats and safety restraints before they reach the recommended height and weight. Recommendations state that a child should be at least 57 inches and over 80 pounds before they can transition to the use of a seat belt when traveling by car. The auto maker Chevrolet has recently been looking at the best ways of improving child safety in its vehicles and has made some interesting alterations to its 2015 Chevrolet Colorado Extended Cab models. ...more

GM Bulks Up for Growing Commercial Fleet Battle

A sharp decline in revenue was seen in most of the automotive industry in 2009. While this was a tough period for those in the automotive industry, it was turned around in 2010, when companies such as General Motors boasted a large increase in sales revenue. After reviewing financial statement information, it was determined that this increase was not due to showroom sales, but rather, a large increase in fleet sales. ...more

Toyota’s Advanced Automated Vehicle Technology

Toyota brings exciting news to the forefront with the conception of its advanced automated vehicle technology. A state-of-the-art system designed to enhance driving safety, not only for drivers and their passengers, but for all those on the road around them. ...more

Honda Reveals the New 2015 CR-V

The car manufacturer Honda has released details about the updated 2015 Honda CR-V. As a follow up to the 2014 CR-V model, there are some changes that will bring customers to the new automobile. While the 2014 Honda CR-V was a successful automobile, the changes made to the 2015 model will certainly attract more attention. ...more

Mopar Emerges as Global Giant

In 1937, a small committee met to decide on a name for their new line of Chrysler auto parts, starting with antifreeze as their first product. Settling on a simplification of the phrase, MOtor PARts, Mopar was created. ...more

All-New 2015 Dodge Charger

As the craze for reincarnated muscle monsters continues to hit the auto industry, Dodge is once again restyling one of their iconic classics. The all-new 2015 Dodge Charger comes roaring back to life with a new, leaner, more aggressive exterior to showcase the deliciously high performing beast under the hood. ...more

Significance of Car Maintenance

The moment you realize you need an auto repair shop in order to get your car repaired and serviced, do no panic. ...more

Book a comfort Drive with luxury Taxi

Taxi’s are gaining popularity these days. Taxi plays a vital role in our day to day life. It gives us a tiredness travel and also without any tension we can travel from one place to another. ...more

Opt for a Reliable Auto Repair Shop

Your car is a valuable asset and has to be maintained from time to time. Regular servicing of the car is important to ensure it remains in good working condition. ...more

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