Leadership Qualities: How Consistent is Your Behavior?

A good leader can set the tone for an entire project, or even a whole business. Their behavior sets expectations and standards for the rest of the team. As a leader, maintaining awareness of your behavior and ensuring that it stays consistent helps to stabilize the work and goals of the project. Consistency is one of the key leadership qualities to focus and progress. Consistent behavior sets the bar for expectations from your team, your customers and your audien

Compassion: The Key to Emotional Intelligence and Successful Leadership

Leadership is not management. Compassion is not weakness. Too often we use negatives to frame positives, as a way to eliminate non-examples. The effect may increase our clarity, but it often puts a heavy penalty on the very thing we want to amplify. Machines, time, and animals can be managed, but people must be led. Similarly, leadership can express itself in the person of a benign dictator, a malevolent overlord, or an emotionally connected guide. The price any org

5 Steps To Better Relationships With Your Subordinates

How can you make your business team more productive? Today's employees aren't drones stuck in cubicles like a Dilbert cartoon. Your subordinates live in a social media world and expect personal engagement.  Here are 5 ways to better relationships with your subordinates: Know Yourself The first step is to connect more deeply with your inner self and to use that self-realization as the basis for your leadership. Connecting to your callings, and

Transform Your Leadership Style With Emotional Intelligence

When considering the traits of a great manager, many think of determination, positivity, confidence and decisiveness. Emotional intelligence might top your list, and there are many reasons why it should. Emotional intelligence is the capacity to pinpoint and manage your emotions, along with the emotions of others. This quality is divided into several components. Emotional awareness is the ability to determine when feelings are present in yourself and o

The Top Challenges Entrepreneurs Face and How to Overcome Them

As a group, entrepreneurs face common challenges. Fortunately, they also share personal traits that can help them overcome these challenges with skill and confidence. This is the consensus of Professor Ed Hess, who studied 54 entrepreneurial companies in 23 states across the country to write, Growing an Entrepreneurial Business: Concepts & Cases. Hess, who teaches at the University of Virginia’s Darden Graduate School of Business, found that

Security Services Company- Different Types of Paramount Protection Facilities

Event security is often provided by an established Security Services Company, having experience in providing security for various events, parties, weddings and more.

Tips on Managing Your Property Adequately

Overseeing property with a Property manager in Toronto Overseeing property is a troublesome undertaking. When you are keeping up a business, you have thousands things to manage. There are various edges which require your thought. Despite when you feel that you have gotten everything under control, there will at present be something which needs your suggestion or capacity or decision. In such a case in case you have to manage your property you may submit a couple

Top Reasons to Organize a Corporate Event in Brooklyn, NY


When running a small business with big dreams then you are never too small or too large to host events on a regular basis. Corporate event is not only a great opportunity for your company to gain exposure in-front of your target audience but also proves to be a powerful motivator that boosts good morale among the employees. Many businesses in Brooklyn, NY are today found in taking advantage of potential corporate events to promote their business and strengt

Importance of Professional Garage Door Repair in Edmonton & Surrounding Areas

If you are a proud owner of a garage in Edmonton and in any area you are in, it is significant for you to understand the importance of garage door repair and maintenance. Many property owners in Canada today do not realize just how important a functioning garage door is to their property security. Many of these property owners even invest thousands of dollars for home alarm and CCTV systems but overlook their broken or not functioning garage doors. Just like adding a reliable alarm systems fo

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