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People – You Can’t Make Them What They’re Not

Many business people and managers are spending too much time trying to change the underperforming people who work for them. They seem to believe that if they train people - tell them what to do or even threaten them with the sack - then the performance level will go up. The successful manager concentrates on developing the strengths of his team members - not trying to correct their weaknesses. Sometimes you have to manage around a weakness, but you can't make people what they're not. Some ye ...more

Unlock the Hidden Creativity of Your Employees

To release creativity in employees, managers must get involved in their employees' work. Look at each employee as if he or she is the expert on the job and tap into their creative energy. We've learned that we can use the energy of the wind and the sun. We've also learned to harness energy stored in the form of coal and oil. Creative energy, like any other kind of energy, can be harnessed and managed. When we engage our employees and tap into their creative energy, they can show us ways to im ...more

How to Leverage Your Strengths for Peak Performance

Ask almost any business leader how to most effectively develop people and build teamwork and you'll hear, "tap into employees' strengths." Yet when it comes to their own careers, many managers still focus the majority of their personal development efforts on shoring up areas of weakness. Sometimes this is due to well meaning critiques by superiors. Other times managers moving up the career ladder try to emulate those who have gone before. While all managers need to hone their communication and ...more

The `Leader’s Fallacy’ May Prove Howard Dean’s Undoing.

PERMISSION TO REPUBLISH: This article may be republished in newsletters and on web sites provided attribution is provided to the author, and it appears with the included copyright, resource box and live web site link. Email notice of intent to publish is appreciated but not required: mail to: [email protected] Word count: 475 Summary: Howard Dean may fail at achieving the goals he has set as chairman of the Democratic National Committee – i.e., turning red states into blue -- u ...more

Find the Right Coach: 9 Guidelines for Executives

Find the Right Coach: Nine Guidelines for Executives It seems that coaches are everywhere these days. Senior Executives are hiring executive consultants in increasing numbers, and for a wider variety of reasons. In the past, coaching was viewed primarily as a remedial tool for executives whose careers were skidding. Today more and more leaders use coaches on a consultative basis, for everything from accelerating leadership transitions to facilitating board, shareholder and employee relat ...more

Meaningful Diversity: Creating Cultures of Inclusion

As you look around your workplace do you see a too comfortable "sameness" in the faces present? Are you able to make decisions almost too quickly because you're all "on the same page?" Do you find yourself doing things the same way and getting the same, or even diminishing, results? Same, safe, easy, comfortable, nice, and good will never get you further down your road to innovation, excitement, success or greatness than you are in this moment. Explore how the dynamic tension of differences, pr ...more

Tales from the Corporate Frontlines: Work Ethics and the Customer

This article relates to the Ethics in the Workplace competency, commonly evaluated in employee surveys. It gives examples of how employees and customers consider ethical behavior and sound values an integral part of your organization. This competency covers a variety of topics like customer treatment, employee professionalism, and expected/acceptable organizational behaviors. At a high level, this competency will investigate the standards by which your employees treat your customers, co-worker ...more

How Puppy Training Can Help Your Business

As leaders we always want to improve the performance of our organization. To improve we must release the creativity in our employees, leaders must get involved in their employees' work. Not everyone knows how to do this, but maybe it isn't all that different than training a puppy. Following are common themes used in training puppies. Have a proper kennel, it should not be too large, just enough space to stand up, turn around and lie down. Most puppies will not soil where they lay. Having too ...more

Groove Network. Good, but how good?

If you are in a business that passes documents around to be reviewed and edited over and over before they are ready to be posted for advertising or for a client, then you have probably already heard of a software solution to help keep your "floating" documents organized from Groove Network. You may not be aware that there is another option out there. In this article you will be presented with some basic information about the differences in collaboration software from Groove Network and NextPage ...more

Communicate and Prosper

How much has poor communication cost your company in the past twelve months? Chances are, you have no idea. Chances are even better it's a lot more than you can afford. But you won't find the numbers in the financial statements or year-end departmental reports. Nothing shows up saying "lost productivity due to miserable meetings" or "missed business opportunities through sorry selling skills" or "employee quit because there's no communication around here." Why? Because most people aren't sure ...more

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