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Secret Grant Money!

The art of researching, writing and being awarded grants has evolved into a competitive sport in recent years. There is one area, though, that gets very little attention. These are the corporate grants that are offered by thousands of large and mid-sized companies around the United States and the world. Did you know that Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola, and Allstate Insurance all offer grants? It's the same with Microsoft, Sears and Sprint. The list is ridiculous, and many completely overlook the immen ...more

The proper care and feeding of revenue partners

You've had a couple dinners and a few phone conversations; there is chemistry and a further relationship looks promising. But, how do you really know if that next step is worth taking? Advanced Internet Technologies has talked to, literally, hundreds of companies about partnership possibilities. By partnerships, I mean the type that produce revenue, not vendor agreements. As the IT industry matures and customer demands evolve, the growth of a services company like AIT depends on our ability to ...more

Firewords: A Dangerous necessity in your life?

There are many stories of people injuring themselves, and others, with Firewords in the old wild days of entrepreneurship and it is usually passed off as the price that had to be paid in order to win. However, as time passes, there is a tendency to confuse reality with myth about how people rose to be so successful. The myth tends to appear as reality and that can be dangerous especially as we are all becoming more aware of our rights and the speed of the internet and bloggers to highlight indi ...more

Company/Employee Handbook as Organisational Improvement Tool

Article Title: Company/Employee Handbook as Organisational Improvement Tool Author: Stephan Szugat Contact Email: Word Count: 802 Article URL: Format: 65 Characters per Line Category: Business, Business Management, Organisation ------------------ ARTICLE START ------------------ Company/Employee Handbook as Organisational Improvement Tool A business is only able to grow as fast as the internal organisation is able to process high ...more

manufacturers survival

Manufacturers Survival The humanity's cultural heritage is growing in geometric scale. Manufacturer faces every time more efficient competitors. Development of new processes is arduous work. This work suffers opposition from defenders' of the archaic and of the ones that don't understand the progress. To produce goods in the industrial scale we needed to have the product, process, market, strategy of sale [marketing], organization [administration], and safety. The product owes being of quality ...more

industrial planning

Industrial planning. The troglodytes executed simple tasks. The planning of the troglodytes was completely processed in memory. The product that consists of six thousand components can be planned only with an electronic processor. The Elements of the planning are the same ones. What distinguishes the planning of troglodyte from planning of the industry is quantity and quality. The troglodyte planned the product and soon afterwards executed it. In the modern company, of big size, are developed ...more

Chunking the Routine Essentials

Chunking a large project into small parts is a great way to tackle an overwhelming project you keep putting off until a large block of time is available. The problem is - that opportunity seldom presents itself in your busy schedule. Chunking is an effective method for getting these large tasks done. Small business operators can apply this chunking idea to small routine tasks that tend to accumulate until some crisis forces them to use a block of time better applied to other activities. Small ...more

Communicating CEOs

I see a PR firm has done a survey on the amount of time Canadian CEOs spend on communication, and found they spend almost half of their time on communication. I think we're supposed to be impressed that CEOs spend that much time on communication. But, quite frankly, what else does a CEO do? And, if you consider both direct and indirect communication, wouldn't that be more like 90%? So, what do CEOs do, and how much of that involves communication of one kind or another? Well, they make decisi ...more

Why Write Down Your Ideas?

Whether you're a manager, professional, or entrepreneur you need to think ahead. When you do it in a formal sense, it's called it planning, when you do it informally it's something like speculating. Whether you're planning or speculating, the exercise represents just the tip of the iceberg. For the plans or scenarios to amount to something, they have to be implemented. In turn, that usually involves other people. Which takes us to the subject of communication: How do you convert those ideas i ...more

Five Things Smart Leaders Do to Lower the Barriers to Change

Smart leaders understand that they don't "make" a change happen. They recognize that the people in their organization do the work, change behaviors, and, ultimately, make the change happen. They understand that their role is to make the change meaningful and easier to accept. Smart leaders facilitate change. Let's look at five things smart leaders do to lower the barriers to change. 1. They sell more than they tell Smart leaders are comfortable selling their ideas. They understand that "tell ...more

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