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Is It Worth to Outsource? How one can outsource wisely

Recent trends in software development market show that it is no longer the most efficient way to work onshore. Competition is too high and in some particular cases, US or European IT people even go farming rather than admit the situation and adapt themselves. This article is mainly for those who are going to stay straight in the industry whatever surprises it keeps bringing. International division of labour has done its work. So nowadays, if you ask anybody about the regions he associates wit ...more

Managing Monsters in Meetings – Part 4, Quiet Participants

There are many reasons why someone would decline to participate during a meeting. While some of these may be valid, others may warrant intervention in order to hold an effective meeting. Approach 1: Encourage participation When you notice a quiet participant, ask for contributions by looking at the person and saying: "How do you feel about that, Chris?" "What results do you expect from this, Pat?" "Chris, how will this affect you?" Sometimes a quiet participant will test the environment w ...more

Managing Monsters in Meetings – Part 5, Dominant Participants

While dominant participants contribute significantly to the success of a meeting, they can also overwhelm, intimidate, and exclude others. Thus, you want to control their energy without losing their support. Approach 1: Ask others to contribute Asking quiet participants to contribute indirectly moderates the more dominant participants. Say: "Before we continue, I want to hear from the rest of the group." "This is great. And I wonder what else we could do." (Look at the quiet participants wh ...more

Managing Monsters in Meetings – Part 6, Deadlocked Discussions

Although a meeting is a vehicle for resolving differences, it can break down when the participants become mired in a disagreement. Approach 1: Form a subcommittee Ask for volunteers from the opposing viewpoints to form a subcommittee to resolve the issue. This is a useful approach, because: 1) The issue may require extensive research, which is best completed outside the meeting, 2) The people who caused the deadlock will be responsible for solving it, or 3) The effort to resolve the issue wil ...more

Managing Monsters in Meetings – Part 7, Personal Attacks

Personal attacks hurt people, mar communication, and end creativity. If they become part of a meeting's culture, they drive the participants into making safe and perhaps useless contributions. Approach 1: Speak to the group Set the stage for the group to enforce its culture by making a general comment. Look at the middle of the group and say: "Just a moment. Let's pause here to calm down. I can tell we're upset about this. And we want to find a fair solution for everyone." (Take slow deep br ...more

Managing Conflict, in Life & Work: using ancient and modern approaches

Copyright 2005 by Dr. Jason Armstrong and Dana Buchman "Conflict" is a word that can have varying degrees of severity, meaning, and implication for each individual or circumstance. For example, the conflict that is experienced in our current, daily lives seems insignificant in comparison to the Samurai, or those in war, who faced death on a regular basis. However, it is still important to extrapolate the significant lessons that have been derived from such severe scenarios, as these notions a ...more

Retail Operations – Effective Branch Manager Support & Guidance

As a customer how often have you experienced poor service from people obviously unsuitable for a retail environment? As a retail executive, how often have you observed poor performance or unsatisfactory behaviour within your own network of branches? If so, you have probably wondered why branch managers tolerate under-performance or poor behaviour? Anthony Dance has been supporting retail managers in performance management issues for over ten years and believes both the problem and the remedy is ...more

Show Me the Money

For many people, money is like the weather – they talk about it, but don't do anything about it. But making more money is not just about working longer hours or working harder. If your goal is to have more money, achieving it is about achieving your vision. To achieve something extraordinary, you need to have a clear and precise vision plus a detailed plan to achieve that vision. A detailed plan includes specific goals and steps with timelines. Dreams without clearly defined goals, and goals ...more

Experiences of Management Coaching (Part 2)

In our experience, we have found that there are several reasons managers fail to get employees to see and acknowledge that they have a problem.

They assume. Many managers bypass the step of getting agreement because they assume that an employee views the problem in the same way that they do. However, that is often not the case, especially when the performance problem is a pattern of behavior rather than a single event. People generally do things that they perceive to be in their own bes ...more

Managing Monsters in Meetings – Part 3, Drifting From the Topic

Although new ideas lead to creative solutions, they can be a challenge when they interrupt or distract the work on an issue. Approach 1: Question the relationship to topic When new ideas seem inappropriate, say: "That's an interesting point (or question). And how does it relate to our topic?" "Excuse me. We started talking about our budget and now we seem to be discussing payroll administration. Is this what we want to work on?" "We seem to be working on a new issue. I'm sure this is impor ...more

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