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Back office support service – Building strong base of successful business

Running a successful business plan involves execution of series of activities. Achieving organizational goals comprises of number of tasks and activities. ...more

How to Know Whether You Need Global Sourcing?

If global sourcing is something that you have barely heard of and wish to know whether it is right for your business, you can take a look at this article to acquire knowledge about all these. ...more

Logistics BPO services: Managed and high performance giving solutions

Back office support has become an essential for the success of business. Companies look out for back office support so as to increase their profit margin. ...more

Bpo Services In Kadapa | best Bpo Company

We are one of the top BPO Solution Company in Kadapa, India with proven expertise and good track record in maintaining long-term relationships with clients ...more

Role of Windows Mobile Apps for Business Promotions

There are various applications with the help of which you can advertise your brand like no other marketing technique. If you are running a small business you can be horrified by the competition in the market, but the fact is that the market is not much aware about the apps which are for small businesses so you have a great niche that you can occupy and rule. ...more

Outsourcing Mechanical Engineering Services

Mechanical engineering offers various services that can help businesses for effective application and management of infrastructure. Without mechanical engineering services it would be impossible for a company to operate and run its business particularly those in the industrial sector. ...more

Procuring from China – Certain Essentials to Remember

Are you going to source from China for the first time? Then, you may read this article to know about the essentials in this matter. ...more

Knowledge Process Outsourcing: How outsourcing its ‘Non Core’ processes can be a blessing in disguise for any organization

Article on Knowledge Process Outsourcing: How outsourcing its ‘Non Core’ processes can be a blessing in disguise for any organization ...more

All About Super Absorbent pellets

Super absorbent pellets developed to rapidly absorb between 10 to 25 times its weight in water. Form: Cylindrical pellet 6mm (1/4 in) diameter per 12mm (1/2 in) long. These super absorbent pellets are a mix of reclaimed fluff pulp and sodium polyacrylate from personal hygiene post industrial rejects, such as baby diapers, adult incontinent diapers and feminine hygiene. ...more

Global Sourcing and India’s Role in It

Are you thinking of procuring from India? You may read this article to know about the role of India in global sourcing. ...more

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