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Government Support to Companies that Outsource in the Philippines

Many companies from around the globe outsource in the Philippines. They choose business process outsourcing, or BPO, in the country because of the myriad advantages that it brings to every business from different industries. ...more

Business Process Outsourcing or BPO Companies Philippines

Outsourcing is the process of subcontracting the non-core business activities of the company to independent third party providers. ...more

Offshore Outsourcing Philippines

Since outsourcing was introduced to the global marketplace as an effective business strategy, many companies from different parts of the globe have opted to relocate services to countries with lower economies but excellent quality of services. ...more

For Sale By Owner, The Only Way To Save

For Sale By Owner – as a home owner what comes to mind when you hear this term. This is a four letter wonder word that can save you thousands of dollars and give you a peace of mind selling your home. Peace of mind doesn’t only comes with money you save but selling as For Sale By Owner also provides the comfort and ease which is quite opposite for those selling without this. ...more

Tips on Telemarketing Calls

The following is about some important tips that can help a telemarketer to make effective telemarketing calls. The sales cold calling is a popular means of generating sales leads and thereby increasing revenue. ...more

Know More about SaaS & Cloud Computing Sales

The following tries to explain about the Saas & cloud computing sales. This offers a lucrative and cost effective way for the various sixed companies. The importance of pre sales research is also tremendous in the field of online business, today. ...more

Important Facts About IT Sales Outsourcing

IT sales outsourcing offers a large number of benefits to your company and if you decide to go with it, you’re likely to find that your business is growing faster and making more money than before. ...more

Understanding Accounting Outsourcing Services / Accounting Services Outsourcing

There are many benefits that accounting outsourcing services / accounting services outsourcing can bring to the business. ...more

Things to Consider when Contracting Virtual Staff

The sophistication of today’s communication technology has give way to many business strategies. One of these business strategies commonly used by business industry is virtual staffing. ...more

Philippines Outsourcing Role to the Business

Business process outsourcing is the process wherein companies are transferring the responsibilities and liabilities of some of their business activities to third party independent providers. ...more

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