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Virtual Assistants, Actual Savings

Virtual assistants might seem like the wave of the future. Does the concept sound like an assistant working in tandem with Rosie, the Jetsons' maid, to help make your life in the brave new world simpler?

In reality, virtual assistants are becoming a very real alternative to on-site employees in the present. Why would someone choose to work with a virtual assistant instead of an assistant in their office?

One of the major reasons to consider hiring a virtual assistant is the cost ...more

Outsourcing – Boost Your Business

When you decide to start your own internet business, you have a lack of money on project development. You want to implement a lot of ideas but the prices of the services of web development companies are high. As the result only a small amount of planned tasks comes into life.

Offshore software development gives you an opportunity to create in short terms an e-commerce system of a high quality. Thanks to software outsourcing you can have a 80% economy on expenditures on web development. ...more

Outsource Your Hiring Process

Are you drowning in resumes? Is your phone constantly ringing with people (mostly unqualified) asking about open positions?

A lot of small business owners and human resources managers run into these issues. Yes, hiring new employees is your responsibility.

However, it is certainly not your only responsibility. You can't always spend as much time dealing with prospective employees as you might like. Somebody has to finish the payroll, handle all the benefits claims, schedules and e ...more

Live Answering Services – The Small Business’s Best Friend

Every day you miss calls from customers who need your products or services. But now you can get rid of all these problems, your call will be answered by a live answering service with your company name. Representatives at answering services will provide you services like answering phone service, answering message service or even enter data into your web form.

But finding an answering service company is not easy, after all you are going to trust one of your assets i.e. your customer or pr ...more

What Should you Look for when Selecting an IT Service Provider?

In this day and age of computers, most people have some kind of knowledge of how this equipment works. Many workers or owners of small businesses even like to believe that they are technically savvy. Yes, they do possess the skills to setup a small network at home or get their computer working on the Internet, most of the time they just fiddle with it until it works, however small businesses cannot afford to rely on an employee with an interest in computers to setup their corporate network. ...more

Finding a Call Center Job

Call Centers have the capability to create a large number of jobs or employment opportunities. For this reason so many communities with soaring unemployment rates try to find call center companies in the vicinity and that is the reason offshore countries are approaching to expand and create their own call center unit or industry.

The scope for finding a job in a call center is immense. However the nature of jobs may vary from hourly or agent jobs to stay at home jobs to salaried jobs li ...more

Endoscope Repairs: Deciding On Endoscope Repair Service Center – What is Your Prime Consideration

If you are the unit manager or finance controller or unit nurse in charge of the endoscopy centre, and your endoscope has been identified with damages,what are your alternatives for repairing it? Where do you send it to for repairs?What is your most important consideration in undertaking repairs to your endoscopic equipment?

The endoscopist spends his time on the technical work involving the endoscopy and its various areas of work, while the finance controller of a health center or hosp ...more

Changing Times

The main purpose of outsourcing is to provide companies with services that they are often unable to give much attention to because of much more preoccupation with operational, transactional activities regarding the nature of their business which they need in order to progress.

Outsourcing takes place whenever a company chooses a consultant or application service provider to manage components of its internal IT structure, staff, processes and applications. Which allows the organizat ...more

Why the Philippines…

Here in the Philippines if we talk about outsourcing, the first thing that will come to your mind is only the call center industry. But in reality, outsourcing here in the Philippines are subdivided to Medical Transcription, Animation, Shared Financial & Accounting Services, and Software Development Services.

Basically Outsourcing begins when a company chooses a consultant or application service provider to manage components of its internal IT structure, staff, processes and appli ...more

Why Using a Print Broker Can Save Your Business Time and Money

Print brokers have been around since the invention of the printing press. Some are "fly by night" shysters that will do you over if given the chance; others are reputable multi million dollar companies that have branded their trust and experience with years of service. It is the "fly by night" sham operations that gives the profession a bad name, but all in all the concept of one company sourcing all of your print projects is brilliant.

Let's take a look at what a print broker does an ...more

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