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Conduct a Company Background Check and Save Money

The following article includes pertinent information that may cause you to reconsider what you thought you understood. The most important thing is to study with an open mind and be willing to revise your understanding if necessary.

Minding your own business takes knowing someone else's business. After all, no one but you has your best interests at heart! With a company background check, you can decide whether or not to use a particular plumber or landscaping service. You can go forth ...more

Services Outsourced Overseas Proving Costly

Companies large and small from around the United States jumped on the outsourcing bandwagon in an effort to save money and increase profitability. Though cheaper labor costs proved attractive the decision to outsource to overseas providers is proving costly to many companies.

As business leaders are quickly relearning the value of communication, many overseas providers are unwittingly proving to these leaders there is no substitute for being able to pick up the phone and get immediate ...more

Business Outsourcing; Expect More of the Same

In the last several years we have seen an increase in off shoring and outsourcing and many television commentators have made mention of this. In fact Lou Dobbs has gone out of his way to condemn some of America's largest corporations, yet when you stop and consider why this is happening, it is not the Corporations we should be blaming but rather ourselves. Why is that you ask? Well simple really as it is the people who own the government and the government has over regulated our business comm ...more

Outsourcing, Are You Worried Yet?

Most Americans are very concerned about the outsourcing of American corporate jobs and yet if your job has not been outsourced yet chances are you are not worried about it. But let me tell you, you should be because you quite possibly could be next.

Also consider that the average American is upside down in short term debt by 150 percent of annual earnings. The average American has less than 2.2 months worth of savings including credit cards if they lose their job. This means if they l ...more

Outsourcing of American Corporations; The Real Problem Causing It

As many Americans complain that our Corporations are moving all their manufacturing to other nations and taking all those jobs with them, one has to wonder why is all this happening in the first place?

Well imagine if you will that you are a corporation and you are constantly being bombarded with class-action BS lawsuits. Imagine the unending over regulation from all the various agencies from the SEC on down?

Imagine the costs you have to pay to comply with all this. Next imagine ...more

How To Flatten A Penny

My son slipped a penny in the slot, cranked the machine, and turned his (or was it mine?) penny flat. He can't spend it now, but who uses pennies these days? We have drawers full of them. Watching him made me think of Thomas Friedman's book, The World Is Flat: A Brief History Of The Twenty-First Century (an easy recollection since I was reading the book).

Friedman writes for the New York Times editorial department. He has written Longitudes and Attitudes and The Lex ...more

Academic Capture of Foreign Students at Issue

If the United States of America is not careful we will continue to experience the brain drain which is causing us to lose our strong lead in the sciences and in innovation and this will have long-term and dire consequences to our economy and future, not to mention the forward progression of mankind across the globe. Already many corporations who hire degreed computer science students and engineers are complaining at that labor pool and worried about their future.

This is causing many co ...more

Academic Coordination With Corporations

Our top colleges and Universities in the United States of America have indeed always maintained a strong relationship with our fortune 500 companies, but has the relationship gotten too cozy over the last decade? And if so what will the future be?

Now before I say much more I will have to disclose that I am rather pro-business and only anti-learning institution due to the fact that I left school to build a franchising company almost 20-years ago.

What I see is that corporations ar ...more

Outsourcing Call Centers

Large global corporations have already begun to outsource from India and the Philippines. The relatively low cost of manpower makes these countries a very attractive base for sourcing cross-border IT-enabled services. India has been the largest provider of software engineers to silicon valley. And the benefits provided by such global corporations are very helpful to the economy of these countries. The Call Center Industry is now considered a major source of employment in the Philippines, a na ...more

Strategic Planning Consultant

Consultants are persons rendering help to others by enabling them to make profits or making them learn from their own experiences. In case an organization has little or no knowledge or experience or expertise in Strategic Planning then a consultant's help may be sought. It may also be that planning needs to be carried out on an urgent basis, so a consultant is required. It might also happen that the key members are continuously disagreeing upon various issues of planning and there is the need ...more

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