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The Different Types Of Submersible Cables

Submersible Cables, as the name suggests, are used for providing electrical connection to Submersible motors. These cables are extensively used for domestic and industrial purposes. ...more

AAC Blocks: An Overview

AAC Blocks, or the Autoclave Aerated Concrete Blocks, are pre-cast building materials that are used in the construction of high rise buildings. They are light in weight, extremely durable and eco-friendly. ...more

Different Types Of Metal Powders And Their Uses

Different Types of Metal Powders are used in different kinds of applications. They are used in multiple domains like hardware, business machines, automobiles, manufacturing of tools, household appliances and the like. ...more

All About Solvent Soluble Dyes

The use of Dyes in the various chemical as well as industrial processes is on the rise and the market is expanding and advancing in this direction so as to provide scope for innovation and improvements. ...more

Grand aashiyana Green Avenue

Grand aashiyana is a new venture of AIRWIL Group. Spread over a large land Green Avenue is situated at Surajpur in Greater Noida. Grand aashiyana has become a popular name and is being looked upon as a perfect housing solution. ...more

Properties Of China Clay

China Clay is a widely used mineral. China Clay is simply known as the Kaolinite clay mineral or Kaolin. China clay is a naturally occurring substance and its chemical name is hydrated aluminum silicate. ...more

Applications Of Talc Powder

Talc or Talcum Powder occurs in a rare crystal form. Talc Powder is a mineral with the chemical name hydrated magnesium silicate. The formation of talc powder is a result of the metamorphosis of magnesium minerals. ...more

How To Select A Rental Home: A Few Tips

Selecting a new home may turn out to be time-taking task and involves a lot of worries. However, with careful inspection of the landlord and the accommodation being selected, one can obtain a good deal. ...more

Features Of Motorized Grease Pump

Pumps have been one of the standard requirements for the smooth running of almost every industrial sector. The extensive variety of the Pumps, as well as the constant upgrading of the products, has ensured that the user industries get the best equipment to handle substances of various types and diverse natures. ...more

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