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Classification Of Oil Pumps And Their Working

Oil Pumps are used for the circulation of engine oil under pressure to sliding pistons, rotating bearings, and camshaft of engine. This results in lubrication of bearing and cooling the engine. ...more

Applications & Properties Of AAC Blocks

AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) Blocks are also known as Autoclaved Cellular Concrete, (ACC), Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete (ALC), Autoclaved Concrete and Cellular Concrete. These blocks are excellent precast building materials that are light in weight and provide structure, fire & mold resistance and insulation. ...more

All About Brown Iron Oxide

Brown Iron Oxide is an iron oxide pigment, brown in color. Adding colors like white and black can give it different undertones. Most commonly its natural form is called Burnt Umber or Burnt Sienna. ...more

Uses Of Iron Powder

Iron Powder contains iron particles of sizes between 20 to 200 μ m. It is treated as a powder in terms of particle size, density etc. Iron Powders may differ due to the production history or method. ...more

All About Industrial Chucks

An Industrial Chuck can be defined as a type of clamp that is used to hold regular cylindrical objects having radial symmetry. Typically, it is used to hold or support revolving tools such as the drill piece in a power tool and the like. ...more

Purpose Of Using Engine Coolant Liquid

Engine Coolant Liquid is extensively used in the automotive industry. It is a fluid that flows through or around the engine to prevent it from getting overheated. The Engine Coolant Liquid transfers the heat to other parts that use or dissipate it. ...more

All About Rubber Hoses

Hoses, to begin with, are hollow tubes that are designed to carry liquids from one point to another. Hoses stand in contrast with Pipes, since the latter is rigid while the other is flexible. ...more

Know All About A 56UA53040 Upper Fuser Roller

The Konica imaging unit comprises of a multi-functional printer. The 4049212 Transfer Belt Unit and 56UA53040 Upper Fuser Roller is made up of electrodes of a thin array. It uses an advanced A03UR70711 Developer Unit. ...more

Black Iron Oxide Powder

Black iron oxide is an iron oxide pigment that was first prepared in 20th century. It is also known as Magnetic Oxide, Pigment Black 11, Mars Black and Ferrous Ferric Oxide. It is opaque in nature and is less toxic than other black pigments ...more

Manhole Covers Made of Composite With Built in Sensors

Manhole, also termed as maintenance hole, utility hole, access chamber, etc., is the topmost opening in a pavement, road, floor, etc. This opening is big enough to accommodate a person for making connections or carrying out maintenance work for underground public utility works related to telephone, water, electricity, sewers, oil & gas and drains. ...more

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