Structuring an Affiliate Marketing Program

For merchants an affiliate marketing program may look like an attractive way to make sales without having to pay upfront for advertising or salespeople. You can create a sales force of almost any size, and commissions are paid only when sales are made.

What should merchants do to make the most of their affiliate programs? Look carefully at the affiliates who apply to your program. They should offer something that you don't that will positively dispose the site visitor to buy from

Spam Filters and Your Opt-In Affiliate Email Program

It's a sad fact for affiliates with ezines and newsletters that spam filters are on the attack – keeping so many of their messages from reaching their opt-in email list. What can an affiliate website manager do?

- The obvious – never send anything without an invitation and a confirmation in the form of a double opt-in.

When you ask for an email from an individual signing up for your newsletter, ask for an email that's not a free one. Very often, free sites severely limit

Easy Does It – Why Scream At Affiliate Customers?

Anyone who has clicked on an online ad, particularly mini-sites for e-books and other information products, knows what screaming online means. Capital letters. Lots of yellow and red, repetition and teasers. But they have your interest and you keep reading. You start out feeling you need this information. You sign up for the free newsletter. After the third or forth page, you feel the fatigue setting in despite the zinging exclamation points. Through glazed eyes, with your last ounce o

Increasing the Value of Each Affiliate Sale

Restaurants have perfected the art of upselling, making you happy you ordered more than you ever planned—a little appetizer, a special salad, the to-die-for dessert. And it doesn't work just because liquor is involved! People want all that and they're in an environment that pre-disposes them to ordering it. Many times customers don't at all feel as if they're being pressured or oversold if, and only if, what you've presented to them as an option is something they really want, need or di

Getting Press As An Affiliate

Affiliates who rely solely upon search engines or links to deliver their audience are only considering half the picture. Press releases sent to appropriate media are likely to bring you site visitors you haven't reached in other ways.

But what should your release highlight? An announcement, a new product, additions or changes to management, new partners, site features or products. Maybe an amazing piece of advice that turned up in a blog and how it changed the sites of many of your v

Tweaking Offline Content For An Affiliate Site

Some businesses have brochure content, articles and research that would be valuable resources in a niche website. But it isn't keyword optimized, and to do so would take more money and time than it took to put together the rest of the site. What can you do?

Get the electronic versions of the material and divide it up into pages of 250 to 350 words. If you only have hard copies, scan the material in, using the editable text option in your scanner's software.

Divide the text up,

Local Advertising for Affiliates

While the web was once a way for advertisers to promote national brands and sell regardless of geography, the move to localization has begun. In the past, local advertisers, by virtue of their market size, tended to focus primarily on local yellow pages and local or regional newspapers. Now, specialty retailers, department stores, doctors and dentists, realtors, insurance agencies and financial services providers, such as banks and mortgage companies have significantly increased their spend

Technical Optimization for Affiliates

Technical optimization refers to all the factors related to the technical details of your website, and how they affect the ranking of your site in search engines. They are important because they give valuable information to the spider that crawls your site, and ultimately decides how close to the top of a search you are placed. And this visibility directly impacts the traffic and profitability of your website.

Optimizing includes:

Keywords in your URL (optimal, but not always p

Site Ranking 101 for Affiliates

By now most sites have updated and enhanced content in order to appeal to search engines, and Google in particular. Optimized keywords and key phrases will increase the popularity of your links and at some point Google will spider your site if it is optimized. Google's methodology is constantly second-guessed, but the algorithms are top secret and ever-changing. The Google bot may spider any part of your site during a visit, so it's in your best interest to optimize your site overall with

Thin Affiliates

Being thin may have its advantages offline, but online it's a dirty word. Google gives a rating of "offensive" to thin affiliates, the ones that simply duplicate other sites send traffic to the second site, earning affiliate commissions with no value added content or services. If a site isn't unique or helpful and just acts as a middleman, adding nothing to the buyer's decision process or the sales process, it is called a thin affiliate or an affiliate doorway.

What do thin affiliates

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