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Affiliates Re-evaluate Your Merchant Relationships

Just because affiliates aren't charged in order to place merchant links on their sites doesn't mean that they're free. They occupy valuable space on your site and need to reflect the interests of your site visitors to earn their keep. It's a question of opportunity costs, and an affiliate needs to make sure that the individual merchants and the merchant mix overall meets the needs of their site visitors. It's simple to see if they are voting with their dollars, and make changes if certain ...more

How the Right Keyword Linking Text Helps Affiliates

In perfecting your affiliate business model, the devil is in the subtleties. Once you prepared useful content, product reviews, articles and the like, most likely you added banners and PPC ads. Then maybe it became obvious by studying your visitors behavior, that you should add affiliate links to buying opportunities in or around your text. Or you may want to link from an article to additional facts, photos, charts or diagrams.

It's simple to just put in a click here button for the i ...more

Cybersquatting and the Affiliate

You've spent the time and effort to create a site with rich content that provides real value to your visitors. You have a special environment and niche, and a name that is getting known in your industry or by your user groups. All of a sudden your site traffic is slowing. Your affiliate commissions aren't grinding to a halt, but they're slowing also.

What can you do? Check Whois to see if another site has registered a name that's close to yours, perhaps in an attempt to do business ...more

Affiliates- Narrow Down your Niche

The temptation in creating an affiliate site is to develop on that will meet the needs of the masses, so you'll be able to sell a wide range of goods and services. But stop and re-think. already exists as do the sites for the mega-box retailers. Most people know the sites that meet their needs for favorites such as music, computers and office supplies.

So, how do you decide the subject and scope of your site? You need to develop a niche site, and balance the scope of the ...more

Link Building for Affiliates

Once you've found out the number of links to your site by using or another link checker, It's likely you will want to add quality links to your site. There is software that can do this, but beware of any software or service that promises you a large or automated increase in links. Some of these companies simply create reciprocal links among their clients, regardless of the appropriateness of the links or the content on the sites. The patterns of site reciprocity crea ...more

Information Product Sales for Affiliates

When you have a clearly defined niche, you want to provide every possibility for your site visitors to immerse themselves in your site's purpose, subject or information. You've established arrangements with merchants of products as well as service providers. Information products are another avenue to pursue. These are digital products –ebooks, audios and videos, and software provided as downloads of files.

The commissions on these products are very high compared to products, typica ...more

Affiliates, Style Setters and Merchant Agreements

Are you among the cool group in your city (usually in cities)? Are there others like you or who want to be like you? Are you an acknowledged style setter? If so, you're in the position to not only craft a website to communicate with like people, but you stand to effectively monetize your position, without the cloud of crass commercialism that would turn off the members of your group.

Think about it – What did the athletic shoe makers do to make inroads with the inner city kids who ...more

Affiliate Merchants and Mystery Shoppers

Retailers routinely pay mystery shoppers to evaluate their stores on a specific set of criteria. They rate their experience in everything from the availability of sale items to the cleanliness of the changing rooms. What do you, as an affiliate, want to know about your merchants? Have a contest and recruit some mystery shoppers from your target group, give them an assignment to buy a product in a certain category at several merchants or and have them tell you specifically about their exper ...more

Affiliate Auditions

Why should a site visitor buy from your site and not just go directly to the merchant or vendor site? Because you provide value added services. You don't just slap links on your site, you carefully review merchants to make certain they're appropriate and that they remain so as both your sites change and grow. You perform affiliate auditions.

Before you join an affiliate program, roam around the company's site, evaluating the environment, products, advice, articles, ease of use, shopp ...more

Affiliates, Whose Keywords Are They Anyway?

Attracting users to your affiliate site is supposed to be easy – just be certain your headlines and content are full of the right keywords and key phrases, and that your content and links are focused and of high quality. If only it were that simple! Take a hard look at how you describe your site focus – if you use the term golf clinic and they use the term golf lessons or golf vacation, your best customers won't make it to you. You'll be so far down the ranking list that they will have ...more

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