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Getting Your Affiliate Site Mentioned in the Press

Not all affiliate sites are visited because of keywords or key phrases in a search engine. Some are found the "old fashioned" way, through offline methods. Try some other ways of getting noticed by your niche market: Public speaking, specially if you have a product or service provided in a limited geographic location. Put your website information in a handout, on the chalkboard, on your slides, and in the course catalog.

Chamber of Commerce, a place to make contacts, and come face-t ...more

Affiliate Hijackings with Cloaking: How To Foil Link Hijackings

As with anything profitable, the affiliate business has its share of people who would rather steal your sales commissions than create a bonafide sales program of their own. In order to hijack your affiliate site, the thief replaces your affiliate link with theirs. They do this by using adware programs that write over your affiliate id with theirs. For instance, if the merchant site is and your affiliate id is 12345, the URL used to credit you with commissions is ww ...more

Affiliates – Disappointed with Your Merchants?

If you aren't generating the commissions you expected from your merchants, do some investigation. First, be realistic . This is not like selling more Girl Scouts than the other kids because your mother works in a big office and brings home the orders to you. To be successful at the affiliate game you have to really work for it, and you need to pay attention to two factors: uniqueness and appropriateness.

If you signed up through affiliate marketplaces with all the affiliate programs t ...more

Is Your Affiliate Email Welcome and Relevant

Email is a great way to keep in touch with those visitors to your site who have given you permission to periodically contact them. The most common method is an opt-in for a newsletter or ezine. Visitors provide you with their name (for personalization) and email address and authorize you to email them information. This is generally a two-step opt-in process that requires them to confirm their subscription by answering an email sent to them by your autoresponder. Decide whether you want ...more

Affiliate Profitability Based On Return Days

"Return days" are the number of days an affiliate can earn commission on a sale or lead from a customer relationship that originated on their site. Beginning affiliate or publishing sites may feel that people will either click through and buy or not, but many people do not. These are considered purchases, made after comparison shopping and thought or discussion by the buyer. A shopper may click through and buy a book or toner for their printer, but will be likely to do some price and feat ...more

Affiliates: Be Sure You Own Your Content Rights

As a site with affiliate relationships, you need to meet certain standards, and make certain assurances to the merchants or advertisers who, in turn, need to make certain they are dealing with a responsible and honest business. One of the common clauses in a program agreement is that you do not and will not violate the intellectual property rights of other companies or individuals.

How does this affect you? You need to be certain that the content of your site was written, designed or ...more

Merchant Companies Make An Impression On Your Affiliate Site

To the uninitiated, the more the merrier in the affiliate marketing game. But you have a site focused upon a particular subject, cause, product, and the choice of inappropriate merchants or advertisers devalues your site. People don't like clutter. Just think – where do people enjoy shopping more—a superstore full of hundreds of thousands of items, or a boutique that features the ones they want and need?

Knowing your site visitors is essential for your focus as well as your affi ...more

Affiliate Pre Selling Power

Your site has a niche and you have carefully chosen the merchants or advertisers you feel (or after time, know) your visitors buy from. There are ways to increase the sales of your merchants and your affiliate commissions. Instead of just having the banners, links or ads on your site, you need to actively promote the use of these products and services, in a useful way. This is called pre-selling.

For instance, say you have a site relating to kayaking in certain region or river, with ...more

5 Ways to Gain a Reseller’s Edge

Are you into Resell Rights? So are the thousands of other people in the Internet marketplace! Here, I share with you 5 power tips on how you can gain an edge over other resellers. Here goes:

[1] Study your competitors who are selling the same Resell Rights product as you do.

Find out what MOST of them do to market the product. You might do well to do otherwise. Avoid the "herd mentality" where possible.

[2] If you have a flair for writing, you can edit the principal's sales ...more

Resell Rights Packages Success Tips

Planning to sell a group of Resell Rights products? Well, I do have some success tips to share with you!

[1] Ensure that the products are of the same theme.

For example, if you are targeting the writers market, then the Resell Rights products you acquire must be writing-related to form the group of products. The more focused your package is on your target market and the bigger your target market, the higher chances of success you will sell your package.

[2] Sell a group of p ...more

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