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Affiliate Program Manager’s Expectations

Merchants, particularly those who work through affiliate network, do a reasonable due diligence evaluation of affiliate or publisher sites to make sure they have a reasonable chance of leading to incremental sales, and don't have the obvious potential to hurt their brand or reputation.

For merchants, it's a numbers game. They need to be sure that they're receiving value from all their affiliates. A partnership with an affiliate costs the affiliate nothing to set up, and the commission ...more

Educating Consumers Can Translate Into Affiliate Success

Your site fills the needs of a niche, and you're getting to be the "go to" place for your subject. You have a great archive of articles, and you authoritatively answer questions from your target group. What's missing? Product or service reviews.

By reviewing products and services, you provide your merchant partners with an invaluable service – pre-selling. You've already done the first step of the work when you decided to form affiliate relationships with certain companies. You ...more

Affiliate Site Development: Writing Good Content

It's important to learn the secrets to writing good content, or having someone write it for you – because content provides added value and is critical to the ranking of your affiliate site: Be sure the copy is easy to read, and straight to the point. People want nuggets of information, advice, humor etc. and don't have the time to read a dissertation. If you need to convey something complicated or lengthy, provide a summary first, or a download of a long document such as a report.


Affiliate Sites: How To Turn Up Their Consumer Appeal

You can have a niche site that people visit for specific information, to solve a problem, or be entertained. As an affiliate marketer whose financials are impacted by the number of people who visit, how do you get more people to your site?

Traditional press coverage is essential. Go online and research the publications that cover your subject, both off and online. See what their editorial calendar is – what articles they'll feature in upcoming months. Then send them a release tha ...more

Affiliate Site Content That Attracts Real People, Not Just Search Engines

When you last visited a site that disappointed you, what did it look like? A collection of links on a page, or content with keywords and key phrases littered throughout worthless copy? Gone are the days when a site might rank well but be either of little worth or a terrible annoyance to the site visitor. Those sites just hoped that you would, in frustration, click on one of their merchants, and that they'd be tagged to receive commissions for a certain number of return days. The web has c ...more

Affiliate Businesses Can Build Their Income By Using The Following Affiliate Strategies

The amount of money you can make as an affiliate will depend primarily upon the popularity of your site as well as the "fit" between the focus of your site and the products and services offered by the merchant or advertiser.

Advertisers pay differing commission percentages for sales or other actions such as the completion of a survey. For sales, the most common sales commissions are between 15% and 25%, except for downloaded information products which pay considerably more, but require ...more

Affiliate Sites Can Generate Repeat Visits

What makes your site special? Do you have enough deep content that the search engines serve you up first? Or do you have little conventional content, but the word of mouth of your target audience who finds value in the community you have created? Perhaps you advertise in offline venues that are well-targeted. Whatever the reason, you're cleared the first hurdle. Now you just have to get your visitors to come back on a regular basis.

Obviously repeat visits are good – you have the ...more

Affiliate Businesses Are Real Businesses

If you're like most website managers or owners, you didn't create your website solely for the purpose of generating revenue from an affiliate program. But the many of the same principles apply for both running a site that's attractive to an affiliate and running one that will be successful for your own purposes.

Both require the following: Understanding the site visitor and why he/she is attracted to your site. The products? Information? Sense of community? Having good content, ...more

Affiliates Can Negotiate A Higher Commission

As an affiliate or publisher with a new site, you're in the position of convincing merchants or advertisers that you will bring qualified buyers to their sites. Your traffic, demographics and content of your site will be reviewed by the merchants, and you will be approved by those who feel you can bring them additional sales.

So, you've gone on for six months or longer, and some merchant sites have done better than others. Some have done MUCH better than the others. How can you capit ...more

Why Every Affiliate Site Needs A Frequently Asked Questions Section

In order to keep people visiting your site to buy your product or service or participate in the community you have created, you need a way for them to feel embraced, and a part of your site. By preparing a Frequently Asked Questions section, you can help orient someone who is new to the subject of your site, and who needs a little help wrapping his arms around a subject. If they feel they'll be kept up-to-date by you, they'll return.

Some ways to use FAQ's: To explain the informati ...more

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