Affiliate Site Branding

Many affiliates consider themselves information sources, or niche environments where people with specific interests meet and communicate. They (and their visitors) consider them to be experts in their fields, but they often don't think of themselves as a brand. Thinking of their site in terms of brand identity is a jump for them. But branding isn't just for monolithic companies like Microsoft or Procter & Gamble.

You have your own unique identity, you do things a certain way, people

Google AdSense and Affiliates

Content rich sites can earn additional income, instead of or in addition to the use of traditional affiliate banners -- by using Google AdSense. Adsense serves up contextually targeted text and image ads that are targeted to particular pages of your site. They are designed to give ongoing, appropriate product purchase opportunities to your site visitors, with a minimum of effort by the site publisher. Once approved for the program, the site publisher places one link per site page, and is s

Blogs on Your Affiliate Site

Blogs can help affiliates increase traffic to their website, both by helping to produce better search engine results, and in increasing the return traffic to a site.

You can raise your search engine results because the keywords that are relevant to your site will be repeated in the context of other synonyms and phrases related to your site's subject. Your site will show up in searches of people who are ready to buy. By including a blog on a site, you have an automatic means for updati

What’s New on Your Affiliate Website?

A loyal following is essential for a successful affiliate site. But people are busy – and they don't visit as often as both you and they might like. How can you make it easy for them to keep up with what you're doing and what's new? Create a special section on your site for the most recent news, a link to the latest blog entries, and a few products of the week, based upon the time of year, or activities site visitors do at that time.

While having new content is good for search engi

The Affiliate Site Expert and the Ebook

When you've spent time, major time, developing a successful affiliate site, you've learned things it would take others years of trial and error to learn themselves. Information you can sell. Perhaps it isn't about creating the perfect affiliate website. Or how to make money focusing a site on guys who delight in finding certain software bugs. But something that has a large and broad audience, such as an aspect of blogging behavior.

Offline publishing takes months, maybe years to get

Affiliates and Paid Advertising Programs

The majority of affiliates begin by adding merchant partner links to their sites in order to earn commissions on purchases made by site visitors they deliver to the merchant. Affiliates earn no commissions if the would-be buyer lands on the merchant site, but decides against buying. This type of program is called pay for performance, and is popular with many merchants because they have no upfront costs if sales don't materialize. Some merchants are, however, re-evaluating their programs be

Off Page Optimization to Boost Affiliate Performance

Off page optimization is the term used for the actions taken off the actual web page that positively affect the performance of the page and the site. This includes everything from links from other sites, exchanges of links with complementary but non-competing sites, and the actions taken offline that affect the performance of the site.

Links from other sites are votes of confidence by these sites, that say that they feel information on the "linked to" site is valuable to their site vis

The Affiliate As An Authority And Speaker

As a successful affiliate you have the ability to promote your site and your merchant partners products off as well as on the Web. One way is as a speaker. Through experience you've learned more than you realize about some very specialized techniques that others are anxious to know. And you've learned the hard way more than once how to recover from the pitfalls of this ever-changing field.

As a speaker you become regarded as an authority in your field – whether it is the calculatio

Affiliate Activity Reports

When you, as an advertiser or affiliate join affiliate networks such as Commission Junction or LinkShare, you have the ability to run reports of the sales that show you the sales made on merchant sites as a result of click-thru's by visitors to your site. There's almost no variation of report you can't generate. (The same is possible also for the merchant.) If you have negotiated individual programs with merchants, they also will provide reports that will tell you the number of click-thru'

Structuring an Affiliate Marketing Program

For merchants an affiliate marketing program may look like an attractive way to make sales without having to pay upfront for advertising or salespeople. You can create a sales force of almost any size, and commissions are paid only when sales are made.

What should merchants do to make the most of their affiliate programs? Look carefully at the affiliates who apply to your program. They should offer something that you don't that will positively dispose the site visitor to buy from

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