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Affiliate Business – The business of linking web sites with special niches or content (affiliate sites) with advertisers or publishers who wish to sell goods or services to this specialized group. The affiliates gain by collecting additional income from their site, and the merchants gain by having a cost-effective way to add new customers. Affiliate programs are promoted by affiliate networks such as LinkShare and Commission Junction, as well as by individual companies.

Affiliate ...more

What”s the Difference Between the Big 2 Affiliate Networks?

As an affiliate it's likely that you're accustomed to writing product comparisons to enrich your website. If only it were that easy to compare the two largest and most popular affiliate networks. Both have an array of high quality merchant partners that affiliates can sign on with to forward buyers and receive commissions. There's no reason why an affiliate wouldn't want to deal with both networks. The terms and conditions for participation vary somewhat, but both have in place mechanisms ...more

Finding The Right Reseller Plan

Thinking of being part of the growing website hosting industry? There are a variety of entry-level reseller solutions that offer different benefits to different types of user. Two common ones are briefly discussed here.

The website hosting industry continues to grow, despite the well-known "dot com bust" at the turn of the century. Though there is far less venture capital flowing into the hosting market, the demand for websites has not abated. As internet access spreads the number of po ...more

How to Make Money Marketing Affiliate Products

Everybody dreams of being rich! Some of us don't just want to be rich... We want to be rich beyond our wildest dreams! We want to be able to live like the rich and famous, and we want our riches to continue for the rest of our natural lives.

Anyone who is truly wealthy will tell you that you never get rich working for someone else. To make the kind of money you need to live a wealthy lifestyle you have to be in command of your own destiny, or marry well. Marrying well is okay I suppose, ...more

Start-up Costs of Online Affiliate Marketing Exposed – Find Out The True Costs

The uncertain global job market is forcing people to find alternative means of making a living. Statistics show that approximately 8,000 new home-based businesses start daily in the U.S. alone. This means that a new home-based business starts every 11 minutes! It is estimated that by 2010, a whopping 69% of all households will support themselves from some form of home-based business, and an affiliate business is a proven vehicle for testing the waters without needing to have the usual infrast ...more

Affiliate Home Page: Your Billboard to the World

You know your business well. Can you describe what you do and who you do it for in a sentence of two? Do you have a good tagline? This belongs on your home page along with options for the most important things you are and do, with prominent links to them. Make it easy for the search engines to find you by making sure your titles and subtitles are tagged with your company name and a succinct description. And make it easy for the visitor to find what they want by having easy navigation and ...more

Search Boxes on the Affiliate Site

Affiliates are always on the lookout for ways to add value to their site without cluttering it up, diffusing its niche feel, or Confusing their loyal visitors. One way to give site visitors extra value is to add a highly targeted search box or two. There are many available for download to your site, on almost any imaginable topic. Choose from dictionaries, kids, business, health, law, maps and everything in between. A good place to start researching what's available is http://www.wri ...more

Continual Updating for Repeat Affiliate Site Visitors

Your affiliate site visitors are really getting pretty sophisticated in searching the web, and in addition many receive ezines, newsletters, RSS feeds, research subscriptions and other sources of information. They have a multitude of options for shopping and services both on the internet and off. They can easily find many of the merchants you have as affiliate vendors without going through your site.

So why should these visitors continue visiting your site? Because you have spent you ...more

How Smaller Focused Affiliates Can Compete with Offline Giants

There are still big companies that think they can compete effectively online solely by virtue of the reputation they have earned in the offline world. And yes, people visit their branded sites for transactions, coupons, recipes and sweepstakes. But many of them have done nothing to create an environment that compels visitors to return regularly.

Affiliates can use this to their advantage. You can create a site that has information and solutions that have value in themselves, without ...more

Affiliate Referrals to Regulated Businesses

As an affiliate you may not have a license to sell stocks, bonds, firearms, prescription drugs or to loan money or provide investment advice. These businesses are considered regulated businesses, and representations about or the provision of their services can only be done by individuals with appropriate licenses.

However, as an affiliate you still have the ability to "hand off" a site visitor who is interested in the services of one of these businesses. But you can only do this if yo ...more

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