Why Every Affiliate Site Needs A Frequently Asked Questions Section

In order to keep people visiting your site to buy your product or service or participate in the community you have created, you need a way for them to feel embraced, and a part of your site. By preparing a Frequently Asked Questions section, you can help orient someone who is new to the subject of your site, and who needs a little help wrapping his arms around a subject. If they feel they'll be kept up-to-date by you, they'll return.

Some ways to use FAQ's: To explain the informati

Affiliate Due Diligence: Researching Merchant Companies

A merchant or advertiser site is a reflection on your affiliate site, so you need to choose wisely. Some tips: Have a plan. Make a list of the kinds of products and services your site visitors will expect.

Never take for granted the description of the site, and don't just do a quick look. It's easy just apply to many programs on an affiliate network site such as Commission Junction and LinkShare, but see for yourself what you think of a merchant and their offerings. Go through pro

Affiliate Sales: Banners or Links?

As an affiliate you customarily have many options for displaying the "click point" that your visitors use as a launch point to a merchant or advertiser site. Most affiliates will begin with adding one of the banners provided by a merchant in an affiliate network. They're easy, can't be altered and present the branding of your chosen merchant. They also look like the ads that they are. What should you use links and when should you use banners?

Say an individual visits your site becau

Affiliate Sites Can Excel When They Answer Questions

People on the web are usually searching for answers to something – and many of them want to know how to do something – from wallpapering to washing the dog. Does your affiliate site lend itself to providing How To's?

Do you sell a product of your own on your site? How To's that relate to your product categories and those of your merchant partners will draw visitors to your site, provide real value and set buyers up for purchases of the items needed in the activity. Links to merch

Ezines Can Turn Affiliates Into Experts

As an expert in a particular niche, you have visitors coming back to your site to get more information and updates on your area of specialty. A great way to capitalize upon this and to gain new visitors is to create a newsletter.

Use an opt-in sign up box on your website, and place it prominently in many places on your site. Once you have received a sign-up, make sure you automatically send an email to the address provided to confirm the subscription, and give the recipient an easy wa

Affiliate Marketing With Freebies

You may think that because people pay for the things they value, that giving something for free will cheapen your affiliate site. Actually, if a freebie is done well and relates directly to the purpose and target visitors of your site, it can go a long way in helping you form relationships with site visitors.

Because of the trend toward relationship building on the web now, sites that just sell a product or service don't create the atmosphere visitors are looking for. Yes, they're rea

Affiliate Revenue-Part 4

The last few weeks have been taken up with preparations for the launch of my latest online venture.

You may recall in a recent email how I started to dabble in affiliate reselling and met with immediate and albeit unexpected success.

Now I am taking the experiment a quantum leap forward with the launch of a portal website featuring 12,000+ ClickBank products plus a sprinkling of the best of the latest affiliate reselling opportunities.

Window dressing the storefront


Affiliates and Pay Per Click (PPC) Services Including Google Ad Words

When someone uses a search engine, and are served up sites with the best keyword match, the ads that appear alongside the search results get a lot of eyeballs. And the merchants with these ads pay only if someone interested clicks on them.

How does it all work? Sites first fine-tune and optimize their keyword advertising. Many use special consultants and programs that analyze their sites and advertisements to help them in the bidding for keywords. The more a merchant is willing to p

Affiliate Merchant Ad Placement

Once you have created a site for your niche market and created relevant content, placing merchant ads becomes a priority for capturing sales revenue. You've worked hard to ensure that your site is highly relevant to your visitor's needs, and need to take the same amount of care in ensuring that the ads you place on the site add, rather than detract, from the quality and relevancy of the site. You want each page to be easy to read and you don't want the ads to get in the way of the activitie

Resell Rights Packages Success Tips

Planning to sell a group of Resell Rights products? Well, I do have some success tips to share with you!

[1] Ensure that the products are of the same theme.

For example, if you are targeting the writers market, then the Resell Rights products you acquire must be writing-related to form the group of products. The more focused your package is on your target market and the bigger your target market, the higher chances of success you will sell your package.

[2] Sell a group of p

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