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Affiliate Marketing and The TV Show ‘Lost’

I just finished watching the latest episode of ‘Lost' on TV and noticed it was a little different from most episodes. Instead of the usual mysterious, cliffhanger type show, this one was more of a character-driven background story. Then I visited a ‘Lost' fan forum and was surprised that many people were unhappy with the episode and thought it was too dull.

This got me thinking.

In the marketing world, we're often told to "sell the sizzle, not the steak", meaning to excite y ...more

Affiliate Marketing: Characteristics of a Super Affiliate (Part 2 of 3)

In part one of this article series on Super Affiliates we addressed the fact that Super Affiliates are Opt-In List Builders, they use Autoresponders to market to prospects over and over, and they use extensive Ad Tracking tools to manage their advertising campaigns.

In part 2 of this article series we will examine four more characteristics of Super Affiliates.

Super Affiliates use:

Professionally Written Content

OK. So you're not the world's greatest writer. W ...more

Affiliate Marketing Courses

Affiliate marketing has been around on the Web for quite sometime now, but there are still a lot of people who doesn't know much or even nothing about it.

Most of the people that don't know about affiliate marketing and has just discovered it normally think that they can make a quick buck or two from affiliate programs. Well that's not the case. Now the question is can someone really make money with affiliate programs?

There are obviously many ways to make money online: Some sim ...more

The 3 Things Every Successful Affiliate Marketer Needs

Although affiliate marketing is touted as one of the easiest and most effective ways to earn money online, it is not as easy as it sounds. The wise affiliate marketer plans every action and executes it the best way he can. He should also maximize the potential to earn by utilizing the right tools necessary for a successful Affiliate Marketing business. We have consulted some of the most successful affiliate marketers in the business and below are the top three necessary tools for a successful ...more

Throw Your Cash Out the Window and Join an Affiliate Program

Lets Face it, it would be great to have a bundle of money coming in as a secondary income. Who wouldn't love to make thousands of dollars while sitting on the sofa watching SportsCenter.

I think I have heard and seen it all when it comes to fast money scams and internet marketing. Realestate investments, Ebay Stores, Stock Markets etc..... You name it and chances are I have been approached by it or have read about it on the web. The bad thing is a fell for a ton of these "fast money ...more

Starting Your Own Affiliate Program, Part One

We will start the first of a two part series on starting your own affiliate program. Joining an affiliate program is a neat way to make money from your users. But just as you can join someone else's affiliate program, so you can set up your own program and invite webmasters to sign up.

So…what would that bring you? The same as you're bringing your affiliate partners: deals. Every time someone sends you a user who gives you money, you give a portion of that money to your affilia ...more

How to Find New Affiliates

In this article we will discuss how to attract affiliates to you program.

One of the biggest fears new Affiliate managers have is in finding new affiliates. This fear is a stumbling block that stops many site owners from getting started with affiliate marketing. Interestingly, with a proper marketing strategy, getting affiliates may not be very difficult. Given below are some tips that may help in attracting new affiliates.

Find complimentary sites

"Complementary" ...more

How to Make Money from Affiliate Programs

Some times it pays to work with others. In this article we will discuss how to make money with affiliate programs.

Affiliate programs (also called Referral Programs or Partnership Programs) are essentially commission-based sales schemes. You recommend a site to your users and pick up a percentage of any sales those users generate. You benefit from the commission and the site benefits from sales it wouldn't otherwise have made. If you've ever gone to a website and seen link ...more

Benefits of Affiliate Programs to Internet Marketers

An affiliate program is, simply defined, a sales job in which you earn a commission. You will be an independent representative of a company, offering their services and products to prospective customers. When one of the customers makes a purchase, you get a portion of the profit. Internet marketers can increase traffic to their own web sites and make money form the sales of others through affiliate marketing programs.

Internet marketers can be affiliates for several produc ...more

Characteristics of a Super Affiliate (Part 1 of 3)

It's one of the simplest ways to earn money online. All you need to do is become an affiliate for someone else's product, service, or program. Fill out their sign-up form and you're ready to start promoting your unique referral URL.

Now I ask you, what could possibly be simpler than that?

Of course, you're most likely expecting to earn a substantial amount of income from whatever product, service or program you're promoting. That, my friend, requires rising to what is commonly ...more

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