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Making Your Affiliate Site Attractive to Merchants

Merchants have nothing to lose if you sign up to sell their products on your website. Or do they? Merchants, or advertisers, have a brand to protect, and don't want to sign up just anybody as affiliates.

Think of what it would be like if they hired a commission-only salesperson in the offline world. This too is pay for performance, but if the salesperson representing them in unkempt, doesn't know the product, does a bad job qualifying potential buyers, the merchant looks bad. They s ...more

Affiliates Can Negotiate A Higher Commission

As an affiliate or publisher with a new site, you're in the position of convincing merchants or advertisers that you will bring qualified buyers to their sites. Your traffic, demographics and content of your site will be reviewed by the merchants, and you will be approved by those who feel you can bring them additional sales.

So, you've gone on for six months or longer, and some merchant sites have done better than others. Some have done MUCH better than the others. How can you capit ...more

Affiliate Program Manager’s Expectations

Merchants, particularly those who work through affiliate network, do a reasonable due diligence evaluation of affiliate or publisher sites to make sure they have a reasonable chance of leading to incremental sales, and don't have the obvious potential to hurt their brand or reputation.

For merchants, it's a numbers game. They need to be sure that they're receiving value from all their affiliates. A partnership with an affiliate costs the affiliate nothing to set up, and the commission ...more

Affiliate Site Research

Keeping an affiliate site relevant isn't easy. You have to make sure your site visitors find your site and its content fresh, and that they keep coming back. As an affiliate or publisher, you have relationships with merchants who expect a certain level of activity (clicks and the ultimate purchases) in order for your relationship to continue long-term. This requires many little changes over time, and some larger ones on a regular basis, at least once a year. After all, you've put in all t ...more

Affililate Newsletters Can Increase Profits

According to statistics, it takes between five and seven impressions before an online visitor buys a particular product or service. So, as long as you are attracting visitors with the subject matter and content of your affiliate site, the trick is to keep them coming back on a regular basis, to increase the likelihood that they will become buyers. This is a situation where developing a newsletter makes sense.

Think of information these site visitors want or need to know. Trends, new ...more

Affiliate Site Focus

Why did you start your website? To pursue an interest, or to sell a certain product or line of products? Maybe to explain the mission or services of a non-profit. Have you made it very clear in everything you do who you are targeting? Do you know you are successful, because your target market acknowledges that you are focused on them? If so, you have the basis of a great affiliate marketing site. Merchants want and need visibility on the sites where their targets visit repeatedly and pa ...more

Affiliate Product Reviews: How To Use Them To Increase Your Affiliate Sales

In order to be approved as an publisher or affiliate site, you'll need to have a site that is of value to your audience. One with good content that is of interest to those people who are likely to buy your merchant's or advertiser's products or services.

One way to increase the value of your site is to provide unbiased reviews of products or services. Your audience is busy and doesn't necessarily have the time to understand the difference between the 10 different fleece vests offered ...more

Where Are Those Affiliate Commissions I Earned?

When you sign up for an affiliate program, you have the highest of expectations, and begin doing the math: x number of an item at $50 each, times your commission rate, and you've earned yourself a bundle! If you have a site that's an authority on a certain subject or a gathering place for people who are, you may do very well.

But you still may not be seeing the big checks in your mailbox. Why not? There are a number of possibilities: Your merchants or affiliate network may pay onl ...more

Are Larger Affiliate Commissions Always Best?

Because there's only so much space on your site, it stands to reason that you want to make the most of merchant links and banners. But is it always best to choose the programs with the highest percentage commissions?

Most merchant or advertiser sites will pay you between 15 and 25% for a click-through that results in a sale or other action, such as a sign-up for a newsletter or the completion of a survey. So, within reason, why shouldn't you evaluate potential merchant partners based ...more

Affiliate Businesses Are Real Businesses

If you're like most website managers or owners, you didn't create your website solely for the purpose of generating revenue from an affiliate program. But the many of the same principles apply for both running a site that's attractive to an affiliate and running one that will be successful for your own purposes.

Both require the following: Understanding the site visitor and why he/she is attracted to your site. The products? Information? Sense of community? Having good content, ...more

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