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Build Trustworthy Relationships with Your Affiliates

All companies treat their affiliates differently. In fact, your affiliates are your driving sales force. Unlike in the off-line world, they don't get paid by the hour, they get paid for the sales they make.

This means you, the business owner, only pay for what you sell, but it also means that you need to train your affiliates to motivate themselves to dedicate their time to marketing and selling the products that will bring you and them a an above average income.

No matter ...more

Affiliate Products or Create Your Own? You Decide…

Every business need products or services to sell and without these you DO NOT have a businesss. Makes sense, right?

If you are thinking of starting an online business you need to decide whether you want to sell your own products or whether you want to do as I do and sell other peoples' for commissions.

I have been making a full-time income from home as an Affiliate Marketer since 2004. I sell other people products and services.

If you are new to online marketing you may not ...more

Why Chitika Eminimalls Could Be the Next Big Thing

The most successful contextual advertising program to date is Googles Adsense program - which is a mixture of text and image based ads.

How do Eminimalls Work?

The Chitika Eminimalls concept is exactly that - a very aesthetic minimall of a size you choose is displayed on your site and the site owner is rewarded each time a visitor clicks through on the Eminimall.

For some items comparison prices are displayed right in the mall - and if you know a little about ...more

Ad Tracking For Affiliate Marketers

There is a lot of money in affiliate marketing. However, this is true only for those who are seriously and zealously working on their affiliate program. A large part of affiliate success depends on determination and perseverance.

Even the best affiliate program will not prosper if the affiliate marketer does not build their business on a solid foundation. Extra diligence is required when you engage in affiliate marketing using ads. Nothing happens if the links or banners you place onlin ...more

7 Strategies of Super Affiliates – How Many of Them Do You Use?

According to, online sales are predicted to hit 26.2 billion this holiday season. That's over 8 billion dollars per month, not including travel, finance or ticket sales. A fair chunk of that will be earned through affiliates - who will be paid accordingly.

Here's the shocker. 98% of affiliates earn little or nothing.

According to AffTrack CEO Scott McNulty, 2 percent of affiliates make 98 percent of the commissions.

Wendy Salomon, ...more

Encouraging Affiliates to Promote Your Products

I've spent years trying to figure out how to really sell my products. I used everything technique until I can across who gave a percent of earnings, to whom, directed an individual to there site and then bought something. Then it hit me, I could be doing the same thing. This then led me to my formula.

If you want the quickest, easiest way to sell your own products then you need to do it the 'lazy' way. You need to convince other people to sell your products for a cut of the p ...more

Choosing The Right Affiliate Company

"You need money to make money"! Thank goodness this is a myth that the internet has almost destroyed. There are several ways to make money on the internet that cost you huge set up and management costs, but there are still programs out there that cost nothing to join and train you for free.

Affiliate Marketing is still a legitimate way to make lots of money online. More money than you could earn from most jobs. The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you are your own boss and can choo ...more

Affiliate Marketing:Promoting Your Own Web Presents

Affiliate Marketing is the promotion of anothers products or services.If this process is done right,it's the ideal work at home business opportunity.The key here is to promote your own website that links to affiliate products,services and information that you will make a profit from.

Most off-line businesses are affiliate Marketers.They offer another's products and services from a location that they own or lease.Its no different on the web' to be sucessful long term you must have ...more

Affiliate Marketing – A Little TLC Goes a Long Way

What is one thing that separates the leading affiliate marketers from the rest?

They show TLC – tender loving care – towards their downline members.

This may sound very "touchy-feely", but TLC is a real business imperative. If you ignore the intellectual, financial or emotional needs of your affiliate downline, you do so at your own cost.

TLC means using accessible language – writing in a way that others can understand. This requir ...more

I Never Made A Dime From Affiliate Reselling Until …

A friend in Atlanta sent me a private email directing me to a website he thought I ought to check out. He knew I was disillusioned with affiliate marketing and had all but chucked in the towel.

And with good reason; I had never earned a dime for all my efforts spanning almost three years. But I'd spent money; money I'd accumulated from marketing my own produce, loads of money on this and that piece of software promising to get me out of the rut and into the money.

But it never hap ...more

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