Smart Cities Market – A Step towards Smarter Nations and Countries.

Smart Cities Market Forecast and Analysis: By Solutions (Smart Transportation, Smart Building, Smart Energy, Smart ICT, Energy and Environment); Geography (Americas, Europe, APAC) - Forecast (2015 - 2020) The smart cities utilize communication and information technologies to provide better future and to improve the lifestyle of its citizens. The major sectors which directly compliment smart cities include transportation, ener

Oxygen: Audio and Video File, Sharing


Oxygen is one of the most advance social App, it has many advance features as compare to all other social Apps. Oxygen provides you many features make it very easy going at very according to its users. It has features like audio and video calling, stickers and slangs in  2o  different languages. Oxygen social App is one of the most social,  messaging  App.  All the android users (and iOS users in future) can connect with any person around the world. Yo

VoIP Phone Systems – Alternative Telecom Systems For Businesses

A breakthrough technology was introduced in the area of telecoms which has forever changed the way we all communicate nowadays. That is the VoIP or voice over internet protocol. This phone system allows you to make calls via the internet. All communication needs for businesses may now be accomplished through the help of VoIP at the fraction of a cost that you might pay on a regular phone call. VoIp do not require any phone line rental or pricey phone equipment to be installed on your business pl

A Startup Business Guide Into VoIP Technology

For those of you looking for a brand new phone system for your enterprise, VoIP or voice over internet protocol is a great solution for you. Compared to other traditional telephone systems, the VoIP utilizes your internet connection at the office to make and receive calls. Now, you will not be able to tell if the call was made from a traditional phone like or the VoIP. There is a great distinction though on how these calls are being sent and made, thus making VoIP very unique among existing phon

How To Take Advantage of Technology and Improve Your Business & Homes Today

Taking full advantage of all the technology that is now available for your ease and convenience can really boost your business’ productivity. Technology can even help you save more money and ensure that it is convenient for you all the time. One great example is the use of Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP. This is one thing that has been utilized very often, both in homes and in businesses. So long as you have the equipments needed to get it up and running, you may start utilizing your int

VOIP Services – Solution For All Your Business Communication Needs!

Without communication, the existence and continuity of businesses are impossible. Having a good communication approach gives a business a better chance over its competitors. Communication helps in increasing efficiency and supporting the core activities of a business that help in maximizing the business and the profits too. The role of communication system in a business increase as the business grows. The key for the smooth running of business in the present time i

An introduction to CCIE Collaboration Certification

The CCIE Collaboration Certification is designed for unified communication architects, Cisco collaboration architects, voice and video managers with expert skills in designing, implementing and troubleshooting complex Cisco collaboration solutions. CCIE Collaboration Certified professionals have expert knowledge and experience of integration, interoperation, configuration and troubleshooting Cisco Collaboration solutions in complex network.

Through VoIP Telephone Service, You Can Head Your Business To Reach On The Top

Voip that is Voice over Internet protocol has become extremely popular among many industries that have their business all over the globe. Voip basically enables to make and acquire phone calls over Internet.

Business Telephone Systems and Its Bumper Benefits in the Present Era

This article elaborately explains about everything that one needs to know about the importance of installing the right business telephone system.

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