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Why is Every Ambitious Company Using an IP PBX System?

For making the essential process of communicating more efficient, an IP PBX system will go a long way. You can deploy multiple devices in your office and use them to access different departments easily. The centralized number also helps you communicate and advertise easily. ...more

The Features Of Wholesale A-Z Termination Services

The article has details on why the wholesale a-z termination can be an important addition to the services. ...more

What To Expect from a company that offers Least Cost Routing

Telephone conversations are very important for business as well as personal life. In business, the company needs to communicate with clients, employees, investors and stakeholders all over the world. Technology has encouraged global business. This necessitates the need to communicate globally. ...more

Understanding the LCR Cycle

LCR as a service is all about finding the least expensive way to route telephone calls. The service is implemented through the creation of routing tables. In this case, the table will include the dial codes and destination. These are ranked based on the cost of calls. Specialized software creates this table. ...more

Significance of Least Cost Routing (LCR) Systems

Least Cost Routing (LCR) simply refers to the process of determining the least expensive way to make a phone call, as the name suggests. The process involves monitoring, choosing, and controlling the path of inbound and outbound communications traffic, based on the path that offers optimal call quality and rates. ...more

Least Cost Routing for Reducing Outgoing Costs in Business

We use telephones or cell phones to communicate on a daily basis. Making a telephone call to another client locally may be cheaper but not so cheap when it comes to international calls. This is where LCR comes in. ...more

How Cloud Based Office Phone System Can Protect Your Small Offices in a Disaster

In an era where perception is reality, your small office plays a role in telling your customers who you are. Backed by a virtual office phone system, you can project a “big enterprise” image without the big-enterprise costs or the hassles of traditional phone services! ...more

Why is Phone Answering Service So Important?

Did you know that you might lose out on prospective clients if you do not pick their call up? Statistics say that 80% of your callers will not call you back. That’s not the only thing that you need to be concerned about. ...more

Funny and creative prank call ideas

At some point in our childhood we have made a prank call to someone or the other. Calling your high school crush and pretending to be someone else, an annoying neighbor or a friend. ...more

No Additional Cost of Software for Least Cost Routing

Calling loved ones in a foreign country or making international calls for business purposes can often prove to be expensive. Most of the time, a plan is purchased that allows you to place calls at a cheap rate. However, some software are available online that will enable you to place calls at extremely affordable rates. ...more

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