Segways and iPhones, World’s Greatest Inventions

Segways can be considered as one of the best inventions in the world at all time. With its usage as transportation, it makes life easier. It can also be used in sports such as polo, golf, racing, or in leisure such as in road trips or sightseeing. It also adds fun compared to the conventional modes of transportation. By using segways, you do not have to use gasoline in order to make it run. This is why this kind of scooter-like transporter is used by many people which is especially popular to th

Different methods of making a VoIP connection

With the tremendous growth in the arena of communication, VoIP connection can be established in mainly three different methods. Each method has different set of necessities and implementations. They can be differentiated only by the two communicating sides of each method. Connecting Methods are: Computer to Computer connection This

Segways and iPhones: What’s Trending?

A lot of people always want to be trendy. People always want to know what is in for the year, or month. This does not just involve fashion but also the trends in the gadgets and technology industry. One of the trendiest in the world today is smartphones and other portable gadgets such as tablets, iPads, laptops, among other things. With the fast paced technology advancement we have today, people always want to keep up with what is in style. Aside from getting these kinds of devices, one of the t

Accessorize your iPhones with these Great Cases

In the recent years, more people are getting smartphones for their great usability. Before, cellular phones are only being used for call and text messaging purposes, but due to the advancements in technology, cellular phones have evolved in what it is being called today as smartphones. In smartphones, one can perform all the tasks that other gadgets can do. With built in and downloadable applications, people can use their phones to the best of their abilities. In one phone, one can text, call, u

Best option to go with Online Mobile Recharge

Telecommunication has grown at a very fast pace over the past years. The maximum contribution in this growth is due to the mobile phones. The mobile phone usage with the option of prepaid subscription has crossed all the expectations. Heavy competition among various service providers led to the up-gradation of consumer friendly facilities to garner the vast market. The online recharge of prepaid mobile phones is the latest consumer oriented facility to strike the market of mobile services.

Mobile app Developers Secret to Earn Money from Mobile Apps

It’s a fact that pc users have shifted to handheld devices to do their usual internet browsing and that’s through mobile apps. The flooding of mobile apps on different mobile stores today adds up to the pressure that most app developers experience because they need to find new ways to improve their apps to generate more income and to go through the competitive world of mobile apps. Monetizing mobile apps can be a big challenge especially for novice who would like to penetrate the industry

Top Android Apps: better alternative for SIRI

These days, people are always busy and they need someone to help them keep things organize all the time. Luckily, the advancement of technology now enables people to download virtual assistants for free at the apps market. There are lots of virtual assistants that can be downloaded for free using your Android mobile device. Most of these virtual assistants are considered as the best alternative to Apple’s SIRI and most of them are better than SIRI too. Top android apps 1. Robin, the SIRI

Troubleshooting Your Water Damaged Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone Water Damages An accidental water damage on your mobile phone can bring about various problems considering the very delicate internal circuit system of your handheld or mobile device, which can leave it inoperable and all of your stored information and valuable contacts all gone for good. Have you accidentally dropped your mobile phone in the toilet accidentally? Or did your kid spilled water on it unintentionally while playing? Have you took a plunge on the p

A Startup Business Guide Into VoIP Technology

For those of you looking for a brand new phone system for your enterprise, VoIP or voice over internet protocol is a great solution for you. Compared to other traditional telephone systems, the VoIP utilizes your internet connection at the office to make and receive calls. Now, you will not be able to tell if the call was made from a traditional phone like or the VoIP. There is a great distinction though on how these calls are being sent and made, thus making VoIP very unique among existing phon

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