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Custom Software Development Fundamentals By John Pereless

This article is focused on custom software development and types of various CSD applications. Author explained the importance of custom software development and utilization for business solutions purpose. ...more

Why is Java the Preferred Language when It Comes to Banking Applications?

Several reports have highlighted that a large number of financial institutions and banks rely on Java as a high performance programming language to build mission-critical financial applications. Unlike other financial applications, banking applications need to be modified and updated frequently to meet the most recent guidelines issued by the Central Bank. ...more

Banking Software System For Efficient Working Of Banks

Many people eager to know about how banking software help banks to run more efficient in spite of the financial crisis. ...more

URL Shortener, Link Shortener, Short Link

URL shortening is a method to convert a long URL website address or link to a short URL. Shorter URLs are easier to share and remember. ...more

EMR Software: Best Solution for Urgent Care Clinics

Why EMR software is touted as the future of urgent care clinics? The following features of the EMR software show that it offers a lot more to the urgent care clinics. ...more

Why is .Net considered helpful for robust app development?

Thanks to Microsoft, personal computers have become a common staple in the regular lives of all people. The various development platforms as well as software have brought on a technological revolution. ASP.NET framework is one of those creations that have managed to change the manner of software development. ...more

Cisco Buttons

Data Technology is one of the well-recognized sectors now-days. This IT landscape is a creating, modification, information, application and programs of computers and telecommunications. ...more

Some of the limitations of iPhone development

With the launch of various versions of iPhone as well as iOS, the enthusiasm displayed by the crowd has left no doubts in the minds of people that it is an extremely popular platform. Many users upgrade to the latest versions to stay in sync with the times. ...more

Future of Java – Is It Going to Die?

Technically speaking, it will be unjust to say that Java (J) is going to die. It will more plausible to say that in the days to come, Java is going to face certain challenges in the wake of the introduction of newer alternative languages. ...more

Trends to follow for Android Mobile App Development

Tabs and Smartphones are today the most popular as well as adorable commodities in the world of web based devices. This popularity can be attributed to the diversity along with variety that you can find in these devices. The apps that these devices come up with, along with their value added features augment their functionality. ...more

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