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I'm not even sure how old I was when I got the gift for Christmas, but I remember thinking it was a pretty impressive piece of electronic hardware. It was really cool looking (technologically speaking), and I was awfully proud to own it. It certainly made for lots of fun times.

What was this high-tech gift, you ask? Why, it was a tape recorder! It was a monographic, reel to reel tape deck that came with it's own plug-in microphone. I could hold that mic up to my transistor radio's sp

How to Select a Portable DVD Player

Screen Size:

Depending on where and when you plan on using your DVD player the most, size may really be a big factor in your decision. If you have a family that's going to be watching movies in the minivan, you can bet you want to find a portable DVD unit with a larger screen so everyone gets a chance to view the movie. On the other hand, if you travel mostly by yourself or with a significant other, smaller may be the perfect thing for you, easy to haul and manage anywhere.

Disc F

Why You’ll Replace Your DVD’s After HD

Good fortune allowed me the opportunity to run out and purchase an affordable High Definition TV recently. This HDTV's only claim to fame is that the tuner is built in and it reads and delivers the 1080i resolution that defines "HD." Naturally, it's reverse compatible with the old 480p and 720p resolution standards but I didn't have to worry about that, right?

I'll refrain from specifying what I got in detail, only to tell you that it rocks! It's the smartest $750 you can spend in visua

Learn About the Types of Camcorders

If you are planning on purchasing a camcorder, you should be familiar with the types of camcorders and how they can benefit your specific needs. The formats of video cameras include, VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8, Mini Digital Video (Mini DV), DVD and Digital 8. Each format has its pros and cons

VHS The VHS format is the oldest type of camcorder. This type of video camcorder is fast becoming outdated, because you can only play back the video on a VHS VCR system. VHS camcorders are not nearl

Where to Buy HD Radios

HD Radio is a new technology that enables AM and FM radio stations to broadcast their programs digitally, a tremendous technological leap from today's familiar analog broadcasts. These digital broadcasts provide listeners with radically improved audio quality, more radio channels through multicasting, and new data services.

It's possible that you might find an HD radio at your neighborhood Best Buy or Circuit City – especially if you're looking for an HD car audio system. There are al

The Pro’s and Con’s of Ceiling Speakers

Office buildings, airports and restaurants were the first homes of ceiling speakers. They can be easily recognized by the dense grilles that pour decibels right into your head.

But why would someone want ceiling or in wall speakers, instead of a pair of normal, efficient and highly affordable speaker cabinets. There could be a few reasons:

Saving some space in the room;Maintaining the aesthetics of the room;Hiding the wires;Getting rid of the hol

Home Theater Acoustics

Home theater acoustics should be important for any home theater enthusiast because acoustic reproduction is essential in creating life-like performances in home entertainment.

To optimize home theater acoustics, you need to optimize the speaker and sound equipment positions in your room to improve your system's performance.

However, to create the best environment, speakers and sound equipment are not enough to structure a good sound system. You need more; you need a good

Home Theater Lighting

Home theater lighting is something you should consider once you've got the basics of your home theater set-up, and want to go a bit further and create an atmosphere in your theater.

One of the best ways to create the right atmosphere in any room is by using lighting, and home theater lighting has the added advantage that it actually improves the quality of the image on a screen.

Most of us are used to watching movies in darkness, and its generally agreed that all display

Home Theater Furnishing

To feel the magic of movies, you have to enjoy the movies. Furnishings and decorations can play a big part on how well you will enjoy your home theater system.

If you have the right room design, not only that you can improve your room's environment and athmosphere but greatly improve your movie experience as well.

To get a good home theater room design, there are several aspects of a room that need special attention. A good home theater room design will greatly affect the

TV: LCD vs Plasma TV

If you are looking at getting a new TV, or building a home theater, then there is quite a bit of research to be done before you make the plunge. Right now there are two competing technologies for High Definition Flat Screen TV. The first is LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and the second Plasma TV. Both will offer a great picture, perfectly flat screens which will keep your straight lines looking straight, and immunity from magnetic distortion, but which technology is better? What are their p

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