The Pro’s and Con’s of Ceiling Speakers

Office buildings, airports and restaurants were the first homes of ceiling speakers. They can be easily recognized by the dense grilles that pour decibels right into your head.

But why would someone want ceiling or in wall speakers, instead of a pair of normal, efficient and highly affordable speaker cabinets. There could be a few reasons:

Saving some space in the room;Maintaining the aesthetics of the room;Hiding the wires;Getting rid of the hol

Home Theater Acoustics

Home theater acoustics should be important for any home theater enthusiast because acoustic reproduction is essential in creating life-like performances in home entertainment.

To optimize home theater acoustics, you need to optimize the speaker and sound equipment positions in your room to improve your system's performance.

However, to create the best environment, speakers and sound equipment are not enough to structure a good sound system. You need more; you need a good

Home Theater Lighting

Home theater lighting is something you should consider once you've got the basics of your home theater set-up, and want to go a bit further and create an atmosphere in your theater.

One of the best ways to create the right atmosphere in any room is by using lighting, and home theater lighting has the added advantage that it actually improves the quality of the image on a screen.

Most of us are used to watching movies in darkness, and its generally agreed that all display

Home Theater Furnishing

To feel the magic of movies, you have to enjoy the movies. Furnishings and decorations can play a big part on how well you will enjoy your home theater system.

If you have the right room design, not only that you can improve your room's environment and athmosphere but greatly improve your movie experience as well.

To get a good home theater room design, there are several aspects of a room that need special attention. A good home theater room design will greatly affect the

TV: LCD vs Plasma TV

If you are looking at getting a new TV, or building a home theater, then there is quite a bit of research to be done before you make the plunge. Right now there are two competing technologies for High Definition Flat Screen TV. The first is LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and the second Plasma TV. Both will offer a great picture, perfectly flat screens which will keep your straight lines looking straight, and immunity from magnetic distortion, but which technology is better? What are their p

Five Tips For Buying A Home Entertainment System

Looking for a new home entertainment system? Here are five tips for choosing the best model for your home environment.

1. Choose a system that can be expanded. Most of your music collection may be on CDs, but with the growing popularity of DVD audio you don't want to be left behind. Even if you are only interested in stereo sound make sure you buy a system that can be adapted to new technologies. This includes video as well as audio mediums. Buy a stereo system for now, but make su

Home Theater: 4 More Ugly Secrets Revealed


What you should do about it:

Shop around. Find one that isn't the one that is designed to put more money into the dealer's pants. Look off brand (not the same manufacturer as the TV.)

This obviously assumes you are looking at a Hi-Def TV that goes on a wall, or more likely, on a stand. Big CRT rear screen projectors are all in o

Choosing Your Plasma TV – Features to Look for When Purchasing a Plasma Television

What to look for when buying a Plasma Television

As with all big screen TVs, the choice of a plasma television is in reality a function of finding the right trade-off between screen size and supported features for your available budget.

This budget issue is even more important when it comes to plasma TVs. It is true that we are seeing more and more of the so-called cheap plasma TVs in the sub-$2000 price tag, yet as one starts stretching the screen size over and above the 4

The Lcd TV

There is little doubt that the LCD TV is one of the fastest growing markets for television makers around the world. Because they just look so great, people around the world are demanding this amazing experience and they want it at great prices. The LCD TV is one that will be more and more available throughout the next few years. Will you have one?

The first LCD TV's that came out were not as good as they could have been. Although the technology was new and improving, people did not

Hitachi 55 Plasma TV– Hitachi 55HDM71 55in HDTV Ready Plasma Television

The Hitachi 55 plasma tv delivers five-star performance in a 55-inch screen. With an aspect ratio of 16:9 and resolution at a whopping 1366 x 768, this plasma display device is unsurpassed.

Hitachi has developed a new ten-bit image process that handles over a billion color display gradations, and produces the highest blacks and deepest saturation of any plasma tv unit.

Mount this elegant monitor on a stand or on the wall; at just over four inches thick, it takes up virtually no sp

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