Empowering Haitian Women and Children

Haitian citizens were already suffering even before Haiti was hit by a massive earthquake in 2010. Problems relating to poverty, politics and population were inevitable. But when the unfortunate magnitude 7.0 earthquakes struck Haiti, it added more suffering to the native people. The people of Haiti are now in dire need of help as their infrastructures are not yet fully restored. The Haitians still live in camp tents, and the women and children are unsafe from violence and crimes. Basic infra

Financial Companies open the Funding Tap for Infrastructure Developments

The world economy is going through a transition phase. It is a challenging time that each country faces owing to dynamic nature of the economy. The one parameter that makes a huge difference in the way a country’s development is projected or viewed worldwide is its infrastructural development. A country with best civic infrastructure will send out positive signals to countries spread across the globe. This will help in generating business interest in that particular nation with businesspers

Information about Neshama

If you are in the market to find a charity to get involved with, look no farther than The Neshama Foundation. Neshama is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing support to charities in Israel. They fundraise in the United States and provides 100% of the donations that provide support for Israeli children.

REITs Disappoint, Investors Seek Real Estate Private Equity Alternatives

Canadian REITs have been under fire for underperformance, negative stock yield, low payout ratios and low dividends. Increasingly, investors have been leaving REITs for Alternative Investment products in droves. The last two and a half years has seen dreadful performance from the big name Canadian REITs like Calloway, RIOCAN & Dream. Investors in turn have been calling for increased scrutiny on these self-regulated (REALpac) structures calling for decreases in transaction costs and eliminati

How Important Is Earning A Financial Planner Certification?

In the financial planning sector it is vital that you get certified in order for you to stand strong in this industry. The finance world is known for having top qualified financial professionals because in this industry it is important that you have certifications that can help boost up your career.

What Are The Top National Banks In Australia?

Having a bank account is now common in each and every household one comes across, whether it is a savings account or a fixed term deposit account. The aim is to increase your savings or investment and to ensure its safety too.

Medical Financing Services – The Case Of Imaging Equipment

Starting or developing a sustainable healthcare unit will need you to invest a ton of money into medical equipment and machinery.

Medical Financing – The Many Advantages Involved

No matter what you do and no matter who you are, there is a very slim chance that you are still untouched by the credit industry in your country.

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