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Cucina tipica Romana: Amatriciana

Da Romano DOC voglio condividere con voi tutti i segreti dell’Amatriciana. Buon appetito! Descrizione:  L'amatriciana è un condimento per la pasta molto diffuso a Roma e nel Lazio. Gli ingredienti originali sono: pomodori San Marzano, guanciale, pecorino romano e peperoncino. Diverse sono le personalizzazioni e varianti che si sono venute a creare con il tempo (cipolla, aglio, ecc.), così come le polemiche (es. Chef Cracco vs Comune di Amatrice) ma la ricetta autent

17 Best Sweets and Chocolates to Gift on any Occasion

Have you ever seen a festival in India without sweets? In the Indian household, sweet is the centre piece of every celebration. Any occasion is rather incomplete with a mouthful of delicate Indian sweets. So if you are looking for a gift for a loved one, you can always send sweets to India in order to add to the festiveness.

Indian desserts and sweets are mostly made of milk, sugar and khoya. A meal is not considered complete without a bit of sweet. With complete love and aff

Facts for Getting Started With Alkaline Diet

  • Posted October 9, 2015
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Most of us have heard of endless diet programs. While some come with claims like ‘fit body in five days’, others are even more insane and can be really complicated and unhealthy to follow. However, a few of such diets are backed by many users, and with ongoing research, it is likely that we would find more support for them. In this post, we will be talking about the alkaline diet, with a few general things that may inspire a few people to understand the concept and get started.  

Traditional Indian Food

Among all the cuisines all over the world, the most aromatic, rich and delicious is the one of India. There is a wide range in the Indian Food available on the basis of region or tribe. The Indian Food cuisine has the blend of Turkey, Arab and European influence in it. With a rich history of invasions and captures, India has got rich in its ranges of national food dishes. India treasures volumes of written stuffs over the varied Indian recipes and flavors ranging north to south. Even with a w

Scientific Reasons of Why the Indian Food the most Delicious

In era of 1780s, the commercialization of the Curry powder was done that made the Indian Cuisine make its mark first time in Britain. Back then, initially people found them on the spicy side, but as the time involved people started adoring the rich flavors of the Indian Food. Murg Makhani, Chicken Tikka, kabab, tandoori, naan, kulfi (Indian ice Cream) and many such Indian Cuisines have managed to won hearts all over the globe. How? Why? What is the reason that makes the Indian Cuisines so delici

Dine out and enjoy pizza at Dominos Bhubaneswar

  • Posted October 7, 2015
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Dominos is of the leading fast food chains in India and abroad. Up till now no other has been able to compete with Dominos. No other fast food restaurant provides such high quality of fast food as Dominos. Dominos is a brand name is selling different types of pizzas. Dominos enjoy a dominant position in the market. It enjoys good customer response and crowd. Dominos prepares different types of pizzas ranging from veggie supreme to pan pizzas. One can enjoy the great taste at home or at the resta

Digital Restaurant eMenu boosts up your Food Ordering System

Today, Restaurant and Hotel Industry is developing rapidly with the automation of Digital Restaurant eMenu inside the premises of restaurants and hotels. Every restaurant and hotel managers can allow the diners to instantly place orders from the tablet app. This new and unique restaurant menu application has the potentiality to boost up the ordering experience. It is through the Digital Food Ordering System that enables the guests to easily select food items from the menu and without waiter’s

Information on McDonalds Franchise India

  • Posted October 7, 2015
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McDonalds remains the best fast food joints all over the world. Up till now no single fast food outlet has been able to replace this fast food joint. McDonalds enjoy a brand value and reputation in the country for serving the best quality of burgers, and happy meals to its customers. One can easily identify this fast food joint. There are many outlets of fast food joints in Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Jaipur, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, and many other places. McDonalds has planned to open many

The Nuances of Online Food Shopping

Gone are the days when you had to find time to get you grocery shopping done and feel like you have wasted half a day standing in long queues just to get your billing done? The ordeal of finding parking spaces and driving heavy traffic are all over. Life has become so hectic that you simply don’t find time to set aside for shopping anymore. With the amazing strides occurring in every walk of life, you have the luxury of sitting right at home and order whatever you want and get it delivered at

A Corporate Lunch in the Curious Kitchen….

Today we will embody the time boundaries and mechanical expertise of the Germans and add the passion, flair and love of the Italians”……. “We have 2 hours”…… As you may know already my dear reader, here at Heart Kitchen, we offer tailor made packages at prices and times to suit the customer, so when we had a call from our first corporate client requesting a food experience/team building challenge with lunch, for 2 hours start to finish…..how could we refuse? At midday prompt

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