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Some Exotic and Amazing Places to Eat in Johannesburg

Attention, all food lovers! If you are living in Johannesburg, get ready for dining out in Bedfordview at different cuisine restaurants, obviously not due to any festive season. ...more

Catering Services: Enjoy Authentic Indian Cuisines in Singapore for All Occasions

Singaporeans often think that one of the most rewarding characteristics of being a foodie is when they locate something delicious that they might have not tried before and once they bring them to try it, they will come across the best find of the century. ...more

Rail Darbar-A Network Of Food Zone

Rail Darbar has come forward with a grand facility to create a food network chain across India so that the ease of having selected cuisine that can be relished at the desired station with timely delivery is no more a worry-some job. Now all passengers have the choice of ordering their choice of nutritiously delectable food in train. ...more

Authentic Indian Food in Long Island – Mint Garden City

Indian food is a wonder to many… with its rich flavors, enriching tastes and tantalizing aroma, it's no surprise that Indian and Asian cuisine is rising in popularity every day. People from across the globe love the cuisines, have favorites from them, and even like have themes around the Indian cuisine. ...more

2 methods of adjusting diet to fast and effectively flatten abdomen

  • Posted October 16, 2014
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  • in category Food
How to reduce belly fat?The most distressing thing is belly fat. In fact, there is a great relationship between big belly and the daily diet. Following two ways to help you develop good eating habits, allowing you to completely get rid of belly fat, shaping flat enchanting belly. ...more

Chewing slowly can really lose weight? Chewing 30 times is the most ideal

  • Posted October 15, 2014
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  • in category Food
It is suggested not eating too fast because when eating, the brain needs about 20 minutes to feel a sense of satiety, if to eat too fast, before the brain's perception of full signal, the brain is likely to convey the wrong signal " eat more" to us, so it may cause eating too much. ...more

Corporate Catering: Effective Approaches to Cater Corporate Parties Successfully

In Singapore, life is made of delicious food even at work and at corporate parties. With the power-packed business and rigorous work schedules, it's the food from Singapore’s leading catering service companies which makes the party or day move on with spectacular energy. ...more

Best Restaurant in Long Island – Mint Garden City

One of the main attractions when it comes to fooding is Indian cuisine. And it is not so without any reason. Indian cuisine boasts of as much variety as is found rare. ...more

Delightful New York Indian Restaurant – Mint

When it comes to Indian food, you’ll get a variety that will leave you amazed. From the spicy North Indian Tandoors to the wholesome South Indian Dosas, you will find a load of meals that will delight you at every turn. Though the cuisines of both North and South India are among the world's finest and have some similarities, the two differ in major ways, the differences you’ll find once you try them. ...more

How to Peel Garlic?

The use of garlic dates back centuries. There are records in Sanskrit, literally thousands of years old that show garlic’s use as a medicine. ...more

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