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Diwali 2015 celebrations in Pune at Bird Valley family garden restaurants, Pimple Saudagar

Many families in Pune responsibly celebrated Diwali 2015. Festive lights, sweets, colourful rangolis and social gatherings were seen all over the city. Out of these social groups, many chose Bird Valley family garden restaurants- Pimple Saudagar as their preferred choice owing to its beautiful ambience and tasteful food dishes. This restaurant in Pimple Saudagar greeted every customer with wonderful festive accessories and decorations. There were floating diyas beaut

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What You Can Get From Drinking Nespresso Hot Chocolate, Apart From The Great Taste

If you enjoy chocolate, then you’d love Nespresso hot chocolate as well. Plenty of people already have come upon the calming goodness of this brand and if you want to try something new but still a familiar daily drink, then check out Nespresso pods chocolate too. It has the same rich and decadent taste you have loved. It could even taste better especially if use the flavoured combinations. It tastes divine but apart

The Leading Food Manufacturing Company In India

  • Posted November 24, 2015
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Food processing market is growing rapidly in the market today. The requirement for diverse quality food products have raised tremendously in the market. A high percentage of global population continue to exist on processed food and its demand is increased rapidly around the world. To meet the demand, numerous new companies are increasingly being established to fabricate and sell products. Here is the significance of Panda Foods. We produce and supply a wide variety of food commodities including

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Have you tried healthier Lebanese sweets?

Lebanese sweets do not need to be healthy. With few adjustments, many can be nutritious and very healthful. Their calorie content may be reduced at the same time. All this is not impossible for a lot of kinds although not all of them. A few are not naturally low in sugar, and their flavor would significantly change. Confections and desserts are consumed daily and particularly during joyous occasions. That is in big part because of how they have lots of sugar. Lebanese sweets do include lots o


Honey is nature’s wonder. And health-conscious people around the world are turning their attention towards India, due to its Organic Honey. It is collected from different parts of India including the hilly areas of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Araku Valley in Andhra Pradesh and others. In fact, the famous Kashmir Honey is one of the bestselling varieties and is exclusively collected from the beautiful and mesmerizing landscapes of Kashmir. The Honey collected from rain-fed slopes of Araku Va

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5 Reasons Hiring a Professional Caterer is Superior Over Catering Yourself

No matter, you are planning a birthday party, meeting, wedding, corporate event or a charity event, the quality of the catering you deliver to your guests can make a big difference to any event. Hiring a professional caterer team and waiting staff can be very impressive and helps make your event memorable. There are numerous benefits to hiring a professional caterer than pro

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