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Byetta Pancreatic Cancer Lawsuit Filed By Husband Of Former California Mayor

The diabetes drug Byetta, known generically as exenatide, has been at the center of controversy for its alleged link to severe pancreas-related injuries.

Hire Reliable Investigative and Security Consulting for Corporate Investigation

A reliable investigative and security consulting firm provides investigation services including due diligence, electronic counter countermeasures, background investigation, international support, security engineering and surveys and more.

Legal Associates to Help You with Litigation Matters

Criminal investigation (investigaciones penales) is never an easy task.

Contact Drug Possession Lawyer Houston For Best Legal Services

Being charged with criminal offenses like drug possession is really a frightening situation as it not only affects your personal reputation, but also has an impact on your professional career.

Foreclosure Attorney That Dedicated to Foreclosure Defense

The foreclosure attorneys at Consumer Action Law Group can quickly execute a strong foreclosure defense strategy and provide protection to homeowners who need to immediately stop the sale of their home.

Contact a Foreclosure Attorneys to Stop Foreclosure Sales and Dispute Foreclosure Notices

Home owner that served a notice of foreclosure, a notice of default, or a notice of trustee sale it is best to take legal action to save their home from being foreclose! A foreclosure attorney can stop foreclosure by helping a homeowner file a lawsuit if the attorney identify illegal practice or file for bankruptcy to delay the foreclosure process to catch up with the mortgage payment.

Stop Foreclosure with Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorneys in Los Angeles

When filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy it can delays foreclosure by 3 to 4 months. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can delays foreclosure up to 5 years and often completely stops the foreclosure process.

Hire Highly Proficient Attorneys In Texas

Hiring a proficient attorney can without a doubt help you a great deal in gaining your desired compensation.

Get the best attorney services in Houston

Law issues are getting intricate and colossal for recording suit and guaranteeing that the roulette of equity swings to support you, it is apparent that you profit the best Legal firm.

Auto Fraud Attorney That Sues Car Dealers for Selling Cars with Frame Damage

Consumer Action Law Group is a consumer law firm dedicated to fight against auto dealers that lie to consumers. Their auto fraud attorneys understand the danger of undisclosed frame damage car sales and willing to help auto fraud victims return the car back to the dealership, cancel the contract and get their money back at no cost.

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