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7 Habits of an Amazing Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant has to be amazing. He/she has to perform tasks that are easier done in the office but instead are done in the home office and make sure they are done expeditiously and perfectly.   Listed below are seven (7) habits a Virtual Assistant can do to show his/her client that he/she is amazing and the best independent contractor they will ever hire. These habits should be ingrained into the Virtual Assistant so they are done without thought.   1. Punctu

How to Get Rid Of Acne Scars – 4 Remedies from Your Kitchen

There are many woes in the life of a person who is suffering from the problem of acne. It is not just a question of cosmetic beauty here. The patient has to deal with outbreaks and pain and redness and itching. And the scars after every new pimple will not allow you to forget it either. Getting treatment or acne scars is neither easy nor cheap. The medication and procedures are anything but non-invasive and will completely change your life and routine for months while the treatment is underwa

Health and Beauty – Hacks and Facts

Health and beauty go hand-in-hand. That is why there is the phrase, “being in the pink of health.” It is because if one is healthy, the person will have a pinkish blush on his/her cheeks. Staying healthy does not demand as much effort as one thinks it does. It just depends on exercising a little control, and knowing your health facts. It would surprise one to know that lack of exercise has a death toll which is equal to that caused by smoking. Another interesting fact to know would be that t

Back to School: Foolproof ways to save on clothing

It’s hard to believe back-to-school season is here, but the countdown is on to get kids of all ages ready for a successful year. Parents plan to spend less on back-to-school shopping, according to the experts at RetailMeNot, even as they encounter a growing list of school supplies. Per-family spending estimates for students K-12 range from $246 to $630 depending on the source, with most of that allocated to clothing and electronics. So while school supplies are important (families will spen

Military Benefit Association Sponsors Enlisted National Guard Soldiers at the 44th Annual EANGUS Exposition – Race to Indy

1888 PressRelease - The Military Benefit Association will be a major sponsor again at "Race To Indy," the Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States 44th exposition in Indianapolis, Ind. The MBA team is looking forward to meeting and greeting the EANGUS members and showing off some of the best pricing in terms of life insurance, the industry has to offer!

Select your safari clothes and get your rucksack ready

Going on a safari can be a unique experience, but it can threaten your good health too if not completely prepared to face extreme weather conditions. Special attention must be given to the kind of clothes you wear. Your safari clothes need to be very comfortable, weatherproof material. Clothes with several pockets enable are needed to enable you to carry essential items. The shirt or jacket as well as your shorts or trousers should be of a neutral colour allowing you to camouflage. Such travel c

Break the Monotony with Online Rakhi Delivery

It is time to celebrate the chaste bond of a brother and sister this Rakshabandhan. It is one of the most durable and noble bond shared between siblings. It is quite often celebrated by tying a sacred thread around your Brother’s wrist and pulsates with the sisterly love and the deep motions that she has for her Brother. Rakshabandhan is termed as the bond of protection which signifies that a Brother will be protecting his sister against all the odds and the sister religiously prays for his Br

Buy Magnetic Titanium Bracelets Online For Healing Your Ailments

Bracelets are surely the best fashion accessories and when this comes with both a purpose and visual appeal then there is no looking back for you to buy the magnetic titanium bracelets.

Should You Add Paint to Your Gun Barrel?

If you’ve owned your gun for very long, you are probably aware that you should protect with some type of coating. You’re probably pretty well versed in the different methods of achieving that protection; finishes such as the blued method, chrome plating, and powder coating are effective and leave your gun looking very attractive. However, some people want to take the finish a little bit beyond the ordinary. To this end, they may choose gun paint in a variety of colors to get exactly the look

Changing lifestyles of the muslim converts

  • Posted July 26, 2015
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Ever since the evolution of human life, human beings have been divided into certain prominent groups which were socially called to be their religion. The facet of religion has made groups of persons having certain faiths and beliefs in common. To be a little more specific, different religions have different gods along with different ways and means of worshipping the same. Based on the religion of individuals, there are certain other activities and procedures that have to be maintained by every r

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