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First Ironman Doubts and Fears

For the most part, training for your first Ironman is done and you're in the taper mode.

Your attempt at Ironman immortality is possibly just a week or two away. All the demons are beginning to surface and self-doubt is leading the way. Followed closely by that inevitable question........"What on earth have I gotten myself into?"

Fear not. Its quite possible that pretty well every ironman hopeful has had exactly those same feelings as the big day grows ever closer.

There see ...more

Hurricanes and Triathlon Training

For those to compete in amateur triathlon events they know that they must train every day in order to compete at the higher levels. Often severe winter storms and in the summer hurricanes and hurricane remnants prevent tri-athletes from getting the training they must get in order to stay at the top of their events.

Tri-athletes must stay in shape and increase their endurance if they are to win. They must pound the miles, battle the surf and peddle to extreme. There is no easy way to s ...more

Should The Top Online Article Submission Website Entrepreneur do Triathlons?

It has recently come to my attention that one of the top online article submission website entrepreneurs is now doing triathlons. Now then having done many foot races in my life and several Biathlons and many Triathlons, I know this can be a very strenuous activity. In fact it can be over whelming for some. Can we afford to have the top online article submission website entrepreneur of all times hurt or injured in such an event?

Who would run the show if the fearless leader gets eaten b ...more

Ironman Burnout – How to Avoid It

For many, reaching the Ironman finish line just once is their main objective. Certainly its a worthy goal, because it makes you a member of a very special family. More and more novice ironmen are taking up the challenge, but still, it is a very small segment of the world population that will ever experience an Ironman finish line.

However, there are some who return year after year to yet another Ironman and it becomes a constant cycle of training, dieting, racing and sacrificing all el ...more

Choosing Your Ironman Accommodations

Picking the right accommodations for your race can have a positive impact on your ironman experience. Here are five important tips to consider when choosing that all important place to stay.

(1)Be sure to book early. The longer you wait to book the less options you leave yourself. Often rooms are booked a year ahead of time. Athletes who know there is a good chance they may return to the same race the next year, will re-reserve a room before they leave town. Even if you're not entirely ...more

Accelerating Athletic Workout Recovery

For those who work out to their peak at the gym, in sports training or getting ready to run a marathon, they know that the biggest key to becoming better is to accelerate their athletic workout recovery time. It is a fine line, in that if you work out hard every day and even when you are very sore your body does not have time to rebuild and you continually tear down your muscles.

Quick recovery times are a matter of smart workouts, limberness, blood flow, proper diet and attitude, but s ...more

Ironwill: The Ironman Challenge

Somehow, in their wisdom, or by a twist of fate, the friends who first envisioned the ironman came up with the perfect combination.

Its perfect because to complete the course requires a combination of ability, desire, self-confidence and courage. Yet at the same time it is within the grasp of so many people around the world who are willing to accept the challenge when they are seduced by the call of the Ironman. Or, "Ironstruck".

It just never ceases to amaze me when you hear stor ...more

The Ironman Triathlon – In a League of its Own

The Ironman was born back in the 1970's when a few acquaintances were having a friendly discussion about who was the fittest athlete--a biker, a runner or a swimmer. They created a race that would include all three disciplines and the winner would be declared the "Ironman."

At the time they were not comparing the race to any other event. There simply was no event in the world like it and it has gone on to become the ultimate endurance race in the world.

It spawned events like the ...more

Ironman Hazards to be Aware of

It seems that every year there are more and more novice Ironmen taking up the challenge of this great event.

I believe the biggest draw of the Ironman is that its within reach of anyone who is willing to put in the required effort to reach the finish line.

As a result it draws people from all walks of life as well a broad range of athletic ability.

I certainly would never want to deter anyone from striving for their Ironman goal, but it seems that little is ever written abou ...more

The Ironman Triathlon… On a Glass of Water

If I could take one thing back from all the ironman training I did over the years, it would be the thousands of laps I did in the pool with the hopes of thrashing out a faster swim time.

If you are an age grouper or a novice Ironman, there is really no point in spending hours and hours in the pool if you are already at the point where you can easily handle the distance. To devote your valuable training time to enable you to complete the swim 4 or 5 minutes faster is a very poor return o ...more

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