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Noble Capital To Sponsor Michael Johnson’s Car At The Lone Star Le Mans at Circuit Of The Americas on Friday, September 19

1888PressRelease - Noble Capital will be sponsoring Michael Johnson's #94 car at the Le Mans Continental Tire Sportscar Challenge in the Street Tuner Class, which races on Friday, September 29. ...more

Muay Thai and Gymnastics in Mixed Martial Arts

As for gymnastics Brooklyn has centers that train everyone from toddlers to adults in this sport. We all know what gymnastics is because it is part of most school sports, a part of the American sporting tradition and an Olympic sport so no definitions required here. ...more

Difference between Men & Women Lacrosse

Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in America. Perhaps it is because everyone can play with rules being modifiable according to gender to enhance the game and provide better competition. As such, there is development of brands like Warrior lacrosse offering everything from women’s lacrosse sticks to men’s shoulder pads and arm protection. ...more

Different martial art forms for practice

Martial arts are various types of both defensive and offensive techniques like Muay Thai Brooklyn. Today it is practice for both personal protection issues such as physical health, self-confidence or their benefits on mental and psychological discipline. ...more

Staten Island Birthday Parties and Summer Camps are Entertaining and Memorable

Staten Island promotes different themes for birthday celebrations and summer camps enhancing the kid’s physical abilities and mental growth. ...more

Martial Arts Equipment – Development in Martial Arts

The first and final thing you need to remember about martial arts is it is an area of discipline that is supposed to get ready you for combat. It's not alone some movements that look good to spectators. ...more

Know about your favorite sport- lacrosse

The Lacrosse is a field sport consists of two teams of 10 players or 12 players depending on whether male or female, respectively Maverik Lacrosse. Make the team that scores more goals in a game. Players use sticks with a network to carry, throw or hit the ball in the field. ...more

Are you getting insanely fit training Kung Fu?

Kung Fu helps to develop lifelong mental, physical, spiritual and emotional skills. Kung Fu training takes you beyond your physical limit where you’ll find the discipline, mental focus, growth and skill acquisition. Kung Fu forms contain internal energy work (Chi Kung), dynamic tension exercises, breath training and also strength, cardio and endurance training. ...more

Understanding Chi And how to use it in your Kung Fu training

All my life I searched for Chi which means energy or life force. Chi is an integral part of Kung Fu. Taoist philosophies and Taoist Martial arts are intertwined with Chi and it’s impossible to practice one without the other. With the help of Kung Fu practice you can learn to channel and feel your Chi. ...more

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