What to do when you’re Bored

Sports such as hockey, basketball, baseball and soccer are the most popular sports in Canada including Ontario. Lots of people can and do attend sporting events because they enjoy watching competitions. Hockey is Canada's favorite passtime and many Ontarians can get inolved with local games or even pick up games that take place all around Ontario. Variations of popular games such as street hockey and blacktop soccer can also be played.

What to do this Weekend

While it is true that Canadian winters can be cold and downright brutal; that does not mean that it will stop the fun and excitement. Ontario is a city that is made for the winter and cold. During this time of the year people can go ice-skating, sledding and skiing. They can also play lots of hockey which is Canada’s favorite sport. Winter festivals such as the Niagara Falls Winter Festival Lights, is guaranteed to awe children and adults alike.

Things To Do For Fun In Ontario

Adventure Village: The activities at this park include: Mini Golf, Batting Cages, Krazy Kars, Rocky Mountain, Outdoor Laser Tag, Bungee Trampoline, Gemstone Mining and even Birthday Parties. There also fun shipwreck activities that are family orientated. Not only are there numerous fun things to do at this park but there are also fish ponds, waterfalls, and rapids.

Things To Do In The Summer

Every city within Ontario (especially Toronto) offer residents plenty of activities and events to keep them busy during the summer months. This is especially true for the millions of children who are out of school during the summer time. Children can attend daily story times at public libraries and a few of these facilities even offer free lunches. Sometimes the libraries will invite in special guests such as magicians, popular public figures and local entertainers.

Things to do in Toronto on a Rainy Day

Share a heaping plate of Greek calamari, explores a mountain of handmade pasta and cooked by a mama who still speaks Italian or venture with "new" ethnic territories throughout the city.

Things to Do on A Sunday in Northern Ontario, Canada

Things to do on a Sunday in Northern Ontario, Canada are many and you will never experience one boring moment. Many travelers who come to visit never want to leave and they often return again and again. Customize your accommodations just to suit you and your party. You may choose to lodge at hotels that range from the most elegant and finest to the one that offer budget deals and economy packages. Parks, trails, beaches and gardens are plentiful in the area. A coastal area is nearby where white whales and polar bears can be seen.

Things to do while visiting Niagara Falls

Nothing makes vacation memorable like shopping. This way, you get to by souvenirs that are unique. Niagara Falls has amazing curio shops. The beauty of these shops is that they sell things that are of native design. You will not find this stuff in stores back home. In fact, some of them are handmade. This assures you of their unique nature. In addition to this, buying new stuff just makes you remember that place forever. This is because you will have a souvenir that will remind you of Niagara Falls forever. Depending on what you decide to buy, it can end up being a family souvenir passed on from one generation to the next.

Things to do with Friends

Events and Concerts Parties, public events and concerts are a great way for friends to socialize and to connect with one another. People have barbecues and private parties as well as social gatherings. Friends can definitely hook up with one another and attend this these events. Concerts are a great way for people to listen to their favorite bands and artists and to have fun dancing to their favorite songs.

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You and your guests can plan your trip easy by viewing the event calendar that is packed with listings of exciting events that are taking place right now. This directory of events can show you and your guests to art galleries, wineries, museums, parks, beaches, gardens and much more. If you are on a tight budget and are looking for cheap weekend getaways, then you have come to the right place for discounts and savings on your trip. Free fishing day events are taking place too and this will not cost you a dime because it is free.

Summer Fun In Ottawa

ByWard Market - For a great downtown cultural experience on a warm summer night, this public market has it all from artisans to craft merchants, including an extensive selection of fresh produce from the outdoor farmer's market. The downtown Ottawa scene is also home to some great cafes and restaurants. All of this combines to create a special atmosphere on a summer evening.

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