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Open-Air Cinema’s in Greece – A Film Fan’s Dream

In the summer, the majority of indoor cinemas close and the open-air cinemas take over. Other cities occasionally dabble in open-air cinemas – temporary ones are occasionally set up in London parks, for example – but in Greece they are a well-established feature in the evening entertainment scene and a must-try experience during any visit.

The set-up is usually very simple and apart from the technology, nothing much has changed since the opening of the first open-air cinema, "The B ...more

One Year In An Amazing Continent

On Sunday December 15th 2002, I set off on a journey. It would become my first real journey in my life. I was leaving my home, my town, my country, my continent, crossing a sea and embarking on another continent: Africa.

A bit less than six months before I had finished my secondary school. While closing the school gate behind me I had a great plan in mind: I would go to Africa, and no one or nothing would stop me. Differently from most students, I wasn't planning to join any high school ...more

Etiquette on a Plane

I've noticed lately a lot of people don't know the unspoken rules of flying in planes. They apparently haven't taken the latest course on Plane Etiquette that I teach on a regular basis.

I'm just joking. I don't think there is such a course. But you know me, I'll coach on it if you feel you need some help. Better yet, just read this article!

But I do see the need. So lets start with people who are waiting to check in to the ticket counter.

First of all, please have your tick ...more

Norway in a Nutshell

Hello! Welcome to Norway Crow

A small country on top of Europe. Its a peninsula where 2/3's of the land is surrounded by water.

Norway boarders to Russia,Finland and Sweden. In the south, across the water is Denmark and Germany.

Norway is a very long and narrow country with approximately 4.6 million people. It is basically a mountain chain which goes down into the water so there is very little farmland. Norways main industries are fishing, crude oil, hydro electric and gas ...more

Taj Mahal — the Monument of Eternal Love

The visit to incredible India cannot be complete without experiencing its most spectacular piece of architecture -- the Taj Mahal, literally ‘the Crown Palace'. Its curving, gently swelling dome and the square base upon which its rests so lightly, surrounded by four lofty minarets, is a familiar image in hundreds of travel brochures and travelogues on India. This picture postcard image of the Taj, as it is lovingly called, does little justice to the legend, the poetry and the romance woven ...more

Travel Money Belts And Travel Security

Travel money belts are still a good way to carry cash. They're common, and thieves know of them, but it isn't easy to tell if your belt has a hidden compartment, and it isn't easy for a robber to get at it quickly. It is a good way to carry SOME of your cash when you travel. Here are some more ways.

Losing Money In An Ecuadorian Disco

Travel gets me thinking of ways to hide money. I had the idea that a hundred dollars, wrapped up in an ace bandage on my leg, would be safer ...more

Visit Glendale California

Glendale, California is a bedroom comunity of approximetly 200,000 residents, situated between the San Fernando Valley and the San Gabriel Valley. In and of itself it is not a popular tourist destination. There are no amusement parks, beaches, camping areas or famous museums in the city. There are only a couple of hotels, the best one is a Hilton, but there are several high end motels and all of the hotels and motels are very reasonably priced. There are several hundred restaurants, and altho ...more

Dolphins In My Backyard

Living on the water definitely has its perks, like the daily morning ritual of dolphins swimming in groups chasing their breakfast near the sea wall. I never get tired of seeing that. These mammals have been a source of inspiration and the object of our fascination and affection throughout history. Who doesn't like dolphins?

When you go to Sea World, you wouldn't think of missing the dolphin show. After all, most people don't live on or near the ocean so when presented with the oppo ...more

Travel Connections – Staying In Touch

Travel connections with home are easier than ever. New calling cards, cell-phones, e-mail, satelite phones, and better phone lines everywhere are making it a smaller world. Here are some suggestions on how you can stay in touch - when you want to.

E-Mail: The Travel Connections Champ

Most libraries in the United States now have internet access. When traveling the country, we often stop in small towns to use this free service. We check e-mail and even check our bank accounts ...more

The Best of Both Worlds in Vancouver, British Columbia

Are you torn between taking a luxurious, pampered holiday versus an outdoor, sporty vacation? If you and your holiday partner can't agree (or even if you're not sure yourself) there's no need to compromise when you visit the city of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada.

An Urban Oasis - Stanley Park

Vancouver is one of the few cities (including New York with the famous Central Park) that can boast a sizable park as one of its features. Stanley Park is 1000 acres and is one of the ...more

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