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Sydney to Brisbane Road-trip: Don’t Put a Brick on the Accelerator

There are loads of road trips people take in Australia that look like a snap when looking at the map, but surprisingly translate into many hours when actually on the road.

Sydney to Brisbane is one of those road trips. You could do it quickly – as long as you don't mind strapping a brick on to your accelerator and spending the next 12 hours trying to avoid running into the other, more sedate drivers on the road.

The other, more road-safe option, is to meander your way up the Pac ...more

Magic Kingdom – What Makes It So Magical

A day at the Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World can bring out the inner child in anyone – whether you are three years old or 90. You can spend an entire day at the Magic Kingdom Park and still not experience all the attractions the park has to offer.

Divided into several "lands" the park immerses you in the total Disney experience. From the nostalgia of Main Street, with its old fashioned cinema, city hall and ice cream parlor – to the ever-popular Fantasyland, where Dumbo ta ...more

What Constitutes Zambia Safari

The Zambezi River with its world class waterfall, the unique gorges it has cut and the associated adventure safaris. The Zambezi covers the largest part of Zambia from the northwest through southern to the southeastern Zambia.

Found on its course is one of Africa’s largest man-made lake. Lake Kariba is 280 kms long and 40kms at its widest. Alone this river says a lot about Zambia, Africa’s best kept secret.…And Zambia as the hub of African travel, adventu ...more

Budget Travel Tips

Everyone loves to travel (almost everyone). I certainly do. Believe it or not, doing it right and doing it on a budget takes a little skill, knowledge and practice. But the required skills are not difficult, the knowledge required is easy to obtain, and the fun is in the practice!

This past spring my wife and I were lucky enough to be able to spend 10 days in Italy. We didn't spend a fortune, we scrimped on a few things and spent on others, and the net result was a very pleasing tr ...more

Mtori: Banana Soup from Tanzania

In Northern Tanzania the Green Banana or Plantain is eaten more than any other starch food and is, interestingly, the only staple food in the world that is not grain or a root vegetable. There are many variety of banana – a plantation close to us has over thirty varieties. Many if my neighbors grow banana or plantain – usually growing more than one variety. I love the yellow soft Ugandan variety called Matoki. Unfortunately for me this is not preferred by the Chagga tribe, who are dom ...more

Renting a Car

There are many horror stories out there about people who have returned vehicles to a car rental location only to hear later that they are being accused of damage that they are not aware of. While many people think that the "car rental company is out to get them" when this happens, it is usually an unfortunate clerical error rather then any maliciousness. However, at times, many renters returned vehicles that have been damaged while they were on rent even though they did not know it occurred. ...more

Swimming with the Dolphins

I have always felt an intense pull toward marine mammals. This is a weird sensation for someone from Iowa with no substantial bodies of water nearby. Swimming with the dolphins has always been a goal. Two years ago, I got that chance. I was planning a trip to Florida with my son and some friends. At the beginning of the trip, we participated in several boat rides where we had the chance to view dolphins in the wild. I had seen whales on whale watching trips in California but they were al ...more

Tips for Choosing a Hotel

Whether you stay at a hotel occasionally for vacation or you are a road warrior business person who feels like you spend half of your life in hotels, here are 6 ways to make your stay at a hotel more enjoyable.

1. Before you go to sleep on the first night, make sure that the alarm clock is set for the time you want and that the television does not have an auto-on feature. People will sometimes set these for the middle of the night as a prank on the next person in the room, since the cle ...more

When Diplomacy Fails with Tobacco Beetles

Tobacco beetles (Lasioderma serricorne) are nasty little buggers; left to their own devices, they will eat tobacco, lay eggs in cigars, and make cocoons, completely destroying your cigars in the process. Because their eggs hatch quickly, 5 to 10 days, and tobacco beetles can lay up to 100 eggs at a time, it is important to act at the first sign of an outbreak: a pin-sized hole on the wrapper of one your cigars. Once you have discovered an infestation, you have two options: y ...more

It’s Fall Festival Time In Ohio

Ohio Fall Festivals

With the approach of fall, there are many fairs and festivals around the state of Ohio. Please find a listing of some of the most popular events around the state that take place in September or October.

This list is only a sample of the hundreds of events that take place each month in Ohio.

With the high cost of gas these days, many people are staying close to home and taking a "one tank trip". Hopefully this will help you have a pleasa ...more

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