The Advantages of Group Travel to Peru

Group travel can be a great way of exploring Peru, in particular when it comes to interest-specific trips involving adventurous travel that will probably take you off the beaten track.

Indeed, many great travel experiences in Peru are unfeasible without group travel, both for safety reasons and economic costs. Some examples include birdwatching in the Manu National Park, trekking in the Cordillera Huayhuash, and, of course, whitewater rafting.

Cost reduction, fun potential among g

Stay in Antigua – A Guide to Eating Out

When looking to eat out in Antigua, you'll find menus and choices to suit all tastes and desires. You'll also find something to suit all budgets.

This is Stay-in-Antigua's mini-guide to our favourite restaurants and eateries on this beautiful Caribbean island.


Restaurants and eateries in Antigua offer a wide range of cuisine to suit most palates. Those located in tourist areas or hotels offer mainly European, American and fusion opt

Spiegel Grove, the Largest Florida Key’s Shipwreck for Scuba Divers

The latest shipwreck dive site in the Florida Keys for scuba divers is the USS Spiegel Grove. This is a former US Navy Landing Ship Dock that was sunk in 2002 to create an artificial reef in Key Largo, much like the Duane and Bibb ships were in the same general area. The Spiegel Grove is 510 feet in length and 84 feet wide making it the largest of the shipwrecks accessible to scuba divers in the Florida Keys. This wreck sits at a depth of 134 feet near Dixie Shoals and the depth at the hig

Hanalei Colony Resort in Haena, Kauai

This is paradise. We kept on repeating this every day of our stay here. There were moments when we did not want to go home. Kauai's North Shore is definitely one of the most beautiful places on Earth. I have travelled the globe and I have rarely encountered such natural splendor. It is still quite unspoiled by urban sprawl and mega corporate malls ....

On our initial arrival, we drove from the airport in Lihue. It was night time and after an hour or so we were worried that we missed our

Which Shui is the Right Shui? Use Travel Feng Shui to Make Your Trip a Success

When traveling, whether for business or for pleasure, you can still enjoy the benefits of feng shui. You might have even noticed that you enjoy your travel more (or less) when you travel to certain places that are in one direction. Maybe you find that you enjoy travel equally well, but more so to some places than others. For some, Asia might hold greater attraction, and for others, it might be Europe. Here are some ideas to enhance your travel feng shui -- including how to tell which is t

Day Trip to the Frick Museum in New York

Last Thursday brought a quite unexpected treat. Business activity was polarised by an 8am conference call and a 5pm meeting and I suddenly realised that I had the perfect opportunity to wander around a museum at my leisure and, simultaneously, find sanctuary from the stifling city. New York was literally a city in heat, sweating profusely as the lank humidity enveloped it.

The subway was a revelation, however. That the station was clean and the train punctual was satisfying enough but,

Mexican Steet Walking

I cannot say whether walking the streets of all Mexican cities is the same. However, I can say to walk the streets of Guanajuato, my adopted town, one immediately becomes aware of two things. One, the reason the Spanish pitched fits trying to plan the layout of this town and two, why Guanajuanteses (citizens of Guanajuato) walk fast but get nowhere on time.

The Spanish, being the good, anal-retentive Europeans we've all grown to know and love, were accustomed to building their cities in

China Culture: Beijing Hutong

Entering the modernized Beijing, what interest people the most often are not those row upon row of sky rises, nor are the wide streets extending in all directions. What really attract travelers are the deep and quiet winding Hutongs full of warm, beautiful Siheyuan, or quadrangles. Therefore, the ancient capital culture has been named as "Hutong culture" and "Siheyuan culture", this indeed is not over said.

In the past, Beijing was largely formed by tens of thousands of Siheyuan that we

Swimming with Dolphins

Over the course of the last decade, swimming with the dolphins has become an exciting, somewhat expensive pasttime.

As just about anything having to do with dolphins these days, swimming with dolphins have come under fire of animal activist groups and dolphin lovers alike. Most of the critics of this pasttime believe that swimming with dolphins are simply exploiting these beautiful creatures for profit while others believe that the dolphins are enjoying the visits as much as their human

Coming to Manhattan for the Thanksgiving Day Parade? Where Can You Park Your Car?

Street parking on Thanksgiving Day can be more assessable than you might think. Many people don't realize that on major national holidays (including Thanksgiving Day), not only alternate side of the street regulations but almost all street parking regulations and all parking meters are suspended. This means that not only can you park at meters for free, but you can basically park anywhere without a problem unless it is a place where street parking is never allowed (i.e., if

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