Changing Trends in Indian Real Estate Scenario

Real Estate as a market Real Estate sector in India is one of the most globally recognized sectors. In the country it is one of the largest employers along with agriculture, IT/ITES and is predicted to grow around 30 percent over the next decade. It comprises of four different categories- Housing, Retail, Hospitality and Commercial. In a survey conducted by ICRA, the real estate sector ranks third among the 14 major sectors. It is also expected that this sector will see a

How I Would Spend My Day in Zirakpur

I wake up in the morning, with the cool morning breeze caressing my face as I watch the sunrise from the window. I don't feel inert. The dawn is no longer slow. I wake up, put on my shoes and go out in the open. The tall trees and the cool breeze rejuvenate me and I go on walking on the straight roads. The sun has started to come up and the rays that penetrate the trees' leaves hit my face. I see plain fields on one side and the tall buildings on the other. It is so heavenly, I plug in my earpho

5 Hard-To-Crack Entrance Exams in India

Educational institutes conduct entrance exams to gauge the suitability of a student to pursue a course. The entrance exams are designed in such a way to evaluate the mental and reasoning abilities, comprehension and verbal skills, quantitative aptitude, decision making abilities and more in a student. There are entrance exams for different streams of education and levels of education. Whether you want to become a doctor, a lecturer

Recognize a Genuine Dissertation Help Service

Dissertation writing is not an easy task. It is not only a time taken process but also take a lot of efforts from the student. Dissertation writing needs complete concentration and dedication from students’ side. Dissertation writing is an integral part of a student’s life who doing their PhD or masters degree. But the majority of the students feel it as a difficult task and most of them try to get external experts help to complete their dissertation. There are several writing services ar

Prepare Perfect assignment business plan for restaurant

A business plan is such an important part of the formation and operation of your company that there are small business consultants that specialize in teaching business owners how to write business plans. The thing to remember about business idea is that they are dynamic documents that need to stay ahead of the growth of your company. Since a business planning is something that you are to refer to when you are planning corporation growth, it wants to be efficient to expect that expansion and give

Choose a Better Business plan writing services for Your Business

Assignment business plan restaurant is a set of goals the company should set and attain within a certain period of time. It includes a variety of information, like the background of the company, mission and vision, etc. It is essential to create a business plan for the potential investors to have the right information of the prospect company, since they will look for the annual income projections of the company. Business plan writing services can save your company both time and

5 mistakes that prevent your content marketing

Once considered the best techniques for content marketing, most of them have become outdated and obsolete in today’s times. It is time you keep a tab of what methods you are using. Therefore, just in order that you are not left behind, we present to you some of the top five mistakes that you could be making in content marketing. 1. Using content marketing for link building The older techniques of SEO were about link buil

How To Send Future Handwritten Letter

As we move through cultural transition of the digital age, it is not necessary that we lose the warm and loving art of letter writing.

The Hand Written Notes – Exceptional Way Of Communication

In a time when people are inundated with emails and junk mail, your handwritten note will stand out and make a lasting impression on the receiver.

Do You The Guide to Remove Your iPhone 5S Screen?

Now introduce plastic separation tool in this system. Place the separation tool between the LCD Screen and body of your phone and gently push it up a little bit so that a space is created between the LCD and body, so that you can easily slide the separation tool from bottom to top so that you unlock the phone

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