COFFEE WITH THE DEVIL — by L Jane Huff ( on

1888PressRelease - Brilliant feel to the words praisful and adventurous for ordering.

How to Direct Traffic to your Ebook Masterpiece

Even if you are a masterful writer you aren’t ever in a million zillion years going to make oodles of money off your creations unless you know how to market an ebbook. Unless of course you have celebrity status like Madonna where everything you even think about turns to gold! A Solid Marketing Plan is Essential in Sales! So for the average Jack or Jill, you’ve got to write a QUALITY book in a TOP category with BRILLIANT keywords, and top that off with a whole whack of

4 Guidelines for Writing a Book Successfully

Whether you’re looking for a steady side income or you want to take the first major step in your writing career; nothing can yield more promising results than writing a book.  Writing your first book may seem a little intimidating in the beginning, but once you’ve gone through the process you’ll find the end result to be a life altering experience.  As with embarking on anything new, knowing how and where to get started will of course be your biggest challenge.  Therefore I’ve taken t

Krampus creators wanted as early as possible prior to the publishing of a new book

Santa Claus and Krampus hardly flash into the minds before late November. However, author and artist Drake has been thinking and working on this horned counterpart of Santa for his upcoming book.

Crowdfunding Campaign for the Release of Shocking Conspiracy Thriller “The Veritas Deception”

What if the decisions people make are not entirely their own? If the shows and movies they watch were written with the intent to shape their opinions on life and death matters?

“How To Do Successful Business In Latin America, Your Own Guide To Export And Import” – The Bible On Latin American Business

Author Axel Lopez’s “How to Do Successful Business in Latin America, Your Own Guide to Export and Import” assists entrepreneurs on initiating businesses.

self publishing services in India provides smart, efficient and reliable self publishing services in India. The company takes charge of all publishing needs of aspiring authors and offers a single platform to allow self publication of manuscripts, build a reader base to facilitate book sales. Services are available for both print and eBook formats. The company has collaborated with popular book selling websites through which self published books can be easily sold.

Self Publish Your Way to Success: 5 Effective Guidelines to Consider

Self-publishing has revolutionized the book industry. Authors are now using this route for better and speedier book marketing results. However, self-publishing is not as easy as it seems. Hurdles and challenges can come your way. Here are 5 guidelines to consider for self-publishing success.

OnlySchoolBooks Sells Leading CBSE Text Books Online With Free Shipping

OnlySchoolBooks sells all popular CBSE schools books online for students based In Mumbai and all across India.

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