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E-Book Or Printed Book: What Do You Think?

Having an e-Book replace my favorite dog-eared paperback is not something I want to think about. There is a certain sense of familiarity and comfort while reading a good paperback, sort of like hanging out with a good friend.

My trusty paperback can be carried in my purse and pulled out when waiting in the doctor's office, and I can highlight favorite passages or doodle in the margins.

In addition, the paperback is both affordable and recyclable. The multimedia, portable, content ...more

10 Tips to Sell More Books with a Sales Letter, Part 2

First things first; words sell not graphics or flashy websites. Pretty pictures and web design have never sold anyone anything; only words can do that. You must write to convince people to take action. Most prospects will never pull out their wallets because they like your web design; they do so only when your words convince them to. Here are some tips and a template to create compelling sales letters that sell your book:

6) Gather testimonials.

Strategically sprinkle them in you ...more

Hurricane Book Marketing Group

Greetings Fellow Authors and Writers; I believe we need a new method to market books, which are either self-published, eBooks or published with major publishers. I believe that in may past entrepreneurial efforts I learned a thing or two about grass roots marketing which can be applied to book marketing as well to literally zoom in on your target market.

Now my plan is not completed yet, however enough is in place that I can briefly describe it to you. Each city in the United States wou ...more

Everyday Embellishments

Recently, I finished reading the book, "A Million Little Pieces". The controversy surrounding this book was over the author, James Frey, who later admitted he embellished the story or made part of it up. The question that's begging to be asked is why does this bother people so much?

I was having this conversation with an acquaintance and he agreed. He pointed out that the media slants and embellishes the news. People continue to pay attention to it. We don't hear too many people po ...more

Authors and Bad Reviews

Let's say you just got your first bad review. Man, it was a doozy. As a matter of fact, it was horrid. What can you do about it? You'd like to defend your title against the person ripping it, right? Well, hope isn't all lost. I'll tell you how to turn a bad review into your favor.

I know that some reviewers can be harsh with reviews. They have the right to do so as honest reviewers. First you'll have to accept that. If you didn't want a bad review, you shouldn't have put yo ...more

Do’s and Don’ts of Self-Publishing

It used to be where people who self-published were considered neophytes who weren't good enough to be published by more traditional publishers. They clung like barnacles to the edges of the book world, trying but not gaining access to the inner sanctum -- a place on the shelves of Barnes & Noble and a trip to Oprah's couch.

These days, however, self-published authors can make themselves lots of money, build platforms for the launch of further projects, and even sell their books at Barn ...more

Representation: Pros and Cons

As an editor, I've heard it said so many times. "Can you help me get an agent?" my clients ask, breathlessly, as if an agent is the only thing standing between them and life itself.

Agents are certainly very helpful, if you are trying to publish a book. And maybe it's the influence of the movies or other media. But agents are not there to give you a leg up, help you flesh out a half-finished book proposal, or even assist in the development of your career.

This may sound overly ...more

Fiction Writing Is Obsolete

Are you a fiction writer and never been published? Do you write fiction and self publish your own books? Have you found that fiction is not what the books stores are stocking on their shelves now? If the answer is yes, read on.

I am the author of a children's fiction book and I have been trying to market my book. The easy part was writing my book. The hard part is the marketing.

Since my book is an adventure, mystery that is geared for children's imagination and enjoyment of readi ...more

How to Find More Readers for Your Book Online

If you are writing a book, you are sure to like the topic about you write. It is substantial for a writer to identify or to be able to define his future audience. After you have psychologically and socially located your target audience, ask yourself:

- What kind of web sites are they likely to visit?

- If they are supposed to visit discussion boards and forums frequently, which and where are they?

- What social and professional groups do they belong to?

- What kind of ...more

How to Write and Publish a Book

To publish a book is to become immortal. Why? Because your name and most importantly, your ideas will live on even when you are no longer physically here on earth. For as long as there are people who read (for information and for pleasure), accept, or even oppose (for the sake of argumentation and critical analysis) your ideas, your person is alive through that book.

For many—at least for those who have the passion for reading and writing—to be able to publish a book in their lifeti ...more

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