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Mirage Healthcare our focus is on tailoring our medical retreat packages to the specific needs of our clients. We pride ourselves on ensuring a rewarding outcome through a unique service model: providing high-quality, affordable medical servi

Best in Class Hospitals for Best Cancer Treatment in India

Cancer is the most dreadful disease that causes physical as well as mental distraction of patient and their family. No doubt it is the leading cause of death worldwide. Initially it used to scare patients and death was inevitable for them. But now with the ongoing research on cancer and its treatment, scenario has changed and this motivates cancer patients with a hope of life. But now too, the major factor remains early detection (in Stage I or Stage II) and treatment for better quality of life

Recognizing the Causes and Symptoms of Bladder Cancer in Women

Although a lot of people mistakenly believe that cancer in the bladder only occurs in middle aged men; it actually affects a lot of women. Ladies are at risk for complex tumors that are often diagnosed in the later stages making treatment difficult. This brings down the numbers of survivors a great deal, which is something that can be easily avoided with awareness. Lately, the number of patients falling prey to Transitional cell carcinoma are on the increase. This prompts a need f

Understanding the Causes, Symptoms and Treatments for Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer is one of the common forms of cancer and it occurs mainly in aged people. Men are affected more by this tumor than women.

Weaving Magic with Ultherapy Treatment

Every woman goes through the troublesome phase of menopause and it can really leave you feeling down in the dumps if you do not take the necessary precautions to deal with this phase.

Advantages of Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery

The thought of prostate cancer can be unsettling for patients, as can be prostate cancer treatment. The symptoms of prostate cancer can be varied.

What You Ought To Know About Natural Antibodies, the Complement System& Effector Functions in the Field of Antibody Immunotherapy.

If you’re looking for more information that will help you understand the science of antibody immunotherapy better, then this article will help you understand more about how antibodies function within the immune system when they’re naturally present and when the complement system is activated along with antibodies and the activation of effector cells.

An Insight into Prostrate Cancer

The word cancer itself brings so much fear to our minds that we dread the disease and wish that none of us fall victim to it. Prostate cancer is one of the most widespread cancers that affect only men particularly over the age of 50 years.

Learn the Foundations of Immunotherapy through the Understanding of Immunology’s Basics

If you’re new to the field of immunotherapy and you don’t have a lot of information when it comes to how it works, then you should know that it’s all about overriding the natural immune system responses by design to produce certain effects against pathogens, and thus if you don’t understand how the immune system works then how could you understand how it’s overridden, thus in this article we’re going to explore the immune system’s basics.

Things You Need to Know About Cancer of the Kidney

The pair of kidneys in your body has a very important function of purification in your system and if there happens to be an issue in its tissues, it can result in cancer of the kidney.

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