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How to Tell if You Have Mesothelioma from Asbestos Exposure

Mesothelioma - Symptoms and Solutions

Symptoms of Mesothelioma can be latent in the body for years. And even when the symptoms do become evident, the symptoms are so general that they can easily be misdiagnosed. The symptoms of this disease can even be confused with pneumonia during its early stages, making it difficult to diagnose. It is therefore important for patients to inform their doctor if they have been exposed to asbestos at any point

Types of Mesoth ...more

Finding a New Appreciation For Life After Cancer

I have just spent a delightful two weeks with my sister, Joy. Joy is the strong, energetic type who enjoyed a daily run before starting her teaching job. She had recovered well from a total mastectomy due to breast cancer twenty three years ago, and for the last two years had been having regular check ups for polyps in the bowel.

While running early one morning, she noted her foot was hurting. It was still troubling her several days later, so she decided to make an appointment with her ...more

Finding the Spirit – Identifying the Enemy

In the daily fight for survival our vision is blurred because our health is compromised. This is when the enemy attacks- we lose focus and become vulnerable. We doubt our inner strength and become discouraged and depressed.

Sometimes it seems like the fates are against us. However, life's obstacles should not deter us from our personal triumphs. We must forge upward and onward to meet our goals; not necessarily our destiny.

Be vigilant; protect the spirit. Remember the enemy is sn ...more

Mammograms Are No Joke – They Can Save Lives!

There are so many jokes about mammograms! Have you heard the one about the fridge door …or the bookends …or the garage floor? Thanks to all the jokes, "Mammogram" has become a household word, and it's not that I don't have a sense of humor, but as a mammography technologist, I've heard the jokes many times. I think the jokes are embarrassing for women and demeaning with regard to their physical bodies. Many women say, "If men had to do this, there would be a better solution" - this may or ...more

NanoTube Cancer Weapons

Nano Technology may in fact hold the keys to fighting many different types of cancer in the human bio-system. The technologies are so promising we may see survival rates skyrocket, thus everyone can live strong in the upcoming decade. Nano Tubes use in fighting cancer is indeed, a unique process; it works by inserting tiny microscopic carbon synthetic rods into the body to deliver the cancer treatment to the exact spot needed. By directly aiming the rods into the cancer cells, the healthy tis ...more

Cancer Smart Bomb Research

Do you remember the Smart Bomb footage of the Gulf Wars on CNN, where the bomb was launched and you watched on full video as the smart munitions flew thru someone's window and exploded? Well, some really brilliant folks at MIT had an idea. A cancer drug which could go to a cancer cell and penetrate it like a sponge and then seal-a-meal itself in the cancerous region. Then go off and attack the cancerous region without hurting nearby cells. Wow. How did they do it? Using nano-articles, that's ...more

Lung Cancer Discoveries

There is a new way to treat lung cancer with four-dimensional protons. Sounds way out and kind of science fiction like, but there is some validity to the theory and on-going research. The 4D Proton treatment is different than that of the x-rays traditionally used in radiation type therapies. Protons can potentially obliterate lung tumors without damaging as much localized healthy tissue. There is currently lots of discussion of putting this new technology to work and it has been brought up at ...more

How to Pray Your Way Through Cancer, Part I

When cancer strikes, we may turn to prayer. By "prayer," I simply mean connecting with the sacred. Prayers are often directed to a higher power, but they don't have to be. Often, prayers involving cancer ask for a particular outcome. We might pray for a cure, or for the results of our next test to be favorable, or for freedom from unwanted side-effects of treatment. Such prayers offer a release for intense emotions and connect us with our Source of meaning, power, ...more

How to Avoid Weight Gain During Chemotherapy

For Patsy M., the cancer was bad enough.

Then came the chemo and her energy level took a dramatic tumble while her once trim figure ballooned.

She tried watching what she ate. Cut down on portions. Nothing helped. The weight kept climbing.

When she asked her doctor she was told to exercise. It was the best answer to chemo weight-gain.

This wasn't what she wanted to hear. She didn't feel like exercising. Some days it was all she could do to move from bed to couch.


Breath Therapy and Cancer Patients

Cancer Patients

Over the last couple of years I have worked with adult cancer patients in Israel. Omri Citron, an enthusiastic supporter of our work, and well respected psychologist and leader of two Cancer Support groups, has organized several workshops for cancer patients and their families. I have been invited to speak to several of his group meetings and he sends his clients and group members to workshops, individual sessions and the trainings. We even did a day for the Cancer Su ...more

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