Cervical Cancer Risk Reduction

Of all the common cancer that affect woman, cervical cancer is among the top list. Sexually transmitted HPV (human papillomavirus) is the culprit in most cases of cervical cancers. Over half of the cervical cancer reported cases occur in women between 40 and 55 although it is not uncommon for women of 35 to be amongst the risk group. The body's immune system works to keep the HPV from doing damage, yet the HPV virus can last for years and over time it takes some cells on the surface and turns

Ovarian Cancer Prevention

Ovarian cancer risks can be reduced. It might be wise to look into some of the research to develop the strategy, which is right for you. Here are a few ideas and thoughts on some of the things you might wish to add to your lifestyle or subtract in order to reduce your risks of ovarian cancer.

One way to reduce your risk of ovarian cancer is the use of oral contraceptives or birth control pills. This has been found to reduce the risks of ovarian cancer by up to 50% by those women who use

Ovarian Cancer and High in Fat and Meat Diets

Many have speculated that high diets of fat and/or meat might increase the risks of getting ovarian cancer for women. Yet most dairy and meat associations defend their products and say that there is not comprehensive studies or research that can confirm this, in fact they say that the industries are unnecessarily being condemned for something that is most likely completely false and conjecture at best. Of course they have financial motivation for saying that and so one has to question their s

Staying Active Helps Reduce Risk of Prostate Cancer

Those men who stay active can significantly cut down on their risk getting prostate cancer. In fact the more aerobic the exercise the better; walking, hiking, swimming and bike riding were some of the examples given in a study by Harvard Medical School on ways to stay healthy and simultaneously reduce your risk of prostate cancer. Those who went to a gym twice to three times per week and used the treadmill did best, although even those who played golf three times a week reduced their risks as

Is It True that Eating Broccoli Can Reduce Risk of Prostate Cancer?

Indeed there have been many studies and much research to determine what types of diets can prevent which types of cancers. Some of what you may have heard about which food you eat are merely folklore handed down, while others are actually based on data from actual studies. Eating lots of vegetables seems to lead one to think that there are in fact substantial benefits for all sorts of things to help us remain healthy. Eating fruits, drinking tea, proper intake of vegetables have all been amon

Sun Exposure and Prostate Cancer

Go get a tan and reduce your risk of prostate cancer. Sun exposure appears to be one way to reduce your risk of prostate cancer. A recent study by some UK Researchers show that moderate exposure to sunlight significantly reduced the chances of prostate cancer; this research seems to be confirmed by many other studies as well throughout the world. Many cancer researchers believe this is due to increase vitamin D. Does this means you should go out and join a nudist colony right away and start

Tomato Sauce Added to Your Diet Can Prevent Prostate Cancer Later

Men seldom want to talk about prostate cancer, it is a real problem and they should be getting regular yearly screening and know about those things they can do to reduce their risks. There have been many studies, which indicate overwhelmingly that eating tomatoes is a very excellent way to reduce your risks of prostate cancer. Having chips with salsa is very good, as salsa is made with tomatoes as its major ingredient. Growing tomatoes in your garden, fresh and natural is an extremely good id

Simple Ways to Prevent Prostate Cancer

We all know that prostate cancer can happen to any male and it is a very common type of cancer. There are ways you can incorporate certain foods into your diet to greatly reduce the chance of getting prostate cancer and it is good to add these types of foods in your regiment anyway. One of the easiest foods to add is fish, this is because fish oils have been found to drastically reduce your risks of getting prostate cancer by as much as eleven percent. Most cultures, which have lots of fish i

Lung Cancer-Non-Smokers at Risk!

Most of us non-smokers feel we've got little to worry about when it comes to lung cancer. After all, isn't it the disease of smokers? According to recent studies in the British Medical Journal, people who have never smoked before as well as ex-smokers, are all at risk of developing the disease. In fact, about 50,000 deaths per year can be attributed to second hand smoke and toxic fumes. Lung cancer does not limit itself to smokers.

Although rarely discussed, exposure to toxic fumes

Mesothelioma – Cancer that Strikes 40 Years Later

Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer in which malignant (cancerous) cells are found in the mesothelium, a protective sac that covers most of the body's internal organs. Most people who develop mesothelioma have worked on jobs where they inhaled asbestos particles.

In his article called Knee Deep in Asbestos, freelance writer Phil Jones relates how when he was a teenager he worked for a brief time in an asbestos mine in the Yukon. One of the features of daily life was the const

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