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NanoTube Cancer Weapons

Nano Technology may in fact hold the keys to fighting many different types of cancer in the human bio-system. The technologies are so promising we may see survival rates skyrocket, thus everyone can live strong in the upcoming decade. Nano Tubes use in fighting cancer is indeed, a unique process; it works by inserting tiny microscopic carbon synthetic rods into the body to deliver the cancer treatment to the exact spot needed. By directly aiming the rods into the cancer cells, the healthy tis ...more

Cancer Smart Bomb Research

Do you remember the Smart Bomb footage of the Gulf Wars on CNN, where the bomb was launched and you watched on full video as the smart munitions flew thru someone's window and exploded? Well, some really brilliant folks at MIT had an idea. A cancer drug which could go to a cancer cell and penetrate it like a sponge and then seal-a-meal itself in the cancerous region. Then go off and attack the cancerous region without hurting nearby cells. Wow. How did they do it? Using nano-articles, that's ...more

Lung Cancer Discoveries

There is a new way to treat lung cancer with four-dimensional protons. Sounds way out and kind of science fiction like, but there is some validity to the theory and on-going research. The 4D Proton treatment is different than that of the x-rays traditionally used in radiation type therapies. Protons can potentially obliterate lung tumors without damaging as much localized healthy tissue. There is currently lots of discussion of putting this new technology to work and it has been brought up at ...more

How to Pray Your Way Through Cancer, Part I

When cancer strikes, we may turn to prayer. By "prayer," I simply mean connecting with the sacred. Prayers are often directed to a higher power, but they don't have to be. Often, prayers involving cancer ask for a particular outcome. We might pray for a cure, or for the results of our next test to be favorable, or for freedom from unwanted side-effects of treatment. Such prayers offer a release for intense emotions and connect us with our Source of meaning, power, ...more

How to Avoid Weight Gain During Chemotherapy

For Patsy M., the cancer was bad enough.

Then came the chemo and her energy level took a dramatic tumble while her once trim figure ballooned.

She tried watching what she ate. Cut down on portions. Nothing helped. The weight kept climbing.

When she asked her doctor she was told to exercise. It was the best answer to chemo weight-gain.

This wasn't what she wanted to hear. She didn't feel like exercising. Some days it was all she could do to move from bed to couch.


Breath Therapy and Cancer Patients

Cancer Patients

Over the last couple of years I have worked with adult cancer patients in Israel. Omri Citron, an enthusiastic supporter of our work, and well respected psychologist and leader of two Cancer Support groups, has organized several workshops for cancer patients and their families. I have been invited to speak to several of his group meetings and he sends his clients and group members to workshops, individual sessions and the trainings. We even did a day for the Cancer Su ...more

Alternative Cancer Treatments That Work!

We all know someone that either has cancer now or has died from it. Cancer is the Bubonic Plague of our times and despite billions of dollars in research, chemotherapy remains one of the most popular forms of treatment within the established medical community.

With all of their shiny new buildings and fancy equipment, doctors still resort to this "shotgun" approach and others that are equally ineffective. This is probably why an astounding 96% of cancer patients die of complications r ...more

Testosterone and Prostate Cancer

Everyone should know that when testosterone is metabolized, it produces DHT as one of the by-products, which is what allows your muscles and erections to grow. That is a good thing! However, DHT that doesn't get burned up during sex or working out is also what is at the root of your prostate problems to begin with.

The fact of the matter is that DHT is always being produced, and a lot of us simply cannot burn it off fast enough--no matter how much we work out in the gym or how much sex ...more

Cancer, Positive Attitudes, Affirmations & Actions to Help Survive YOUR Cancer Experience

Atlanta, GA, July 24, 2005: Cancer is a battle that requires all the tools of heaven and earth to fight.

These positive techniques are alternative medicine and atlernative healing for the mind.

Beginning your healing journey: 1. Separate YOUR identity from the Cancer's identity. 2. You are a person, who is having a Cancer "experience." 3. Recognize that an "experience" comes and goes! 4. Your Cancer "experience" is your life's reset button! Learn from it. 5. ...more

Hibernation Concept Until a Cure is Found

Occasionally a loved one dies of a disease, which is currently non-curable, yet science is on the verge of a break thru. Of course these people with such illnesses do not wish to die either, in fact most likely they would like to see their future grandchildren graduate college. Such unfortunate events happen all the time and many would say this is merely part of life, however there is another interesting new discovery, which could change all that. Mark Roth and his associates have discovered ...more

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