5 tips on how to stop emotional eating

Emotional eating is a major problem and most people are not even aware of the perils of it. The concept of emotional eating is simple – if and when you find that eating helps you manifest any emotion, it means you have this addiction. Whenever you eat without being hungry can be categorized as emotional eating. If you are tapping for weight loss, this is one activity that will never let you succeed. So, you should find out how to stop emotional eating if you want to lead a healthier life.

Food addiction and how to avoid it

Do you remember when you developed the habit of emotional eating? Many of my friends remembered how they were a skinny and active child till the age of 9 or 10 and then suddenly were stuffing themselves with an entire bar of chocolate or a large packet of potato chips or two to three cupcakes, one after another. This is almost always the beginning of out-of-control emotional eating stories. If you are desperate to know how to stop emotional eating you must introspect and find out if you are suffering from food addiction.

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Obesity impacts the ability to get pregnant in women

Obesity or extra fats in the body of women lowers the chances of getting pregnant. Obesity impacts the fertility of women because it damages the inhibiting normal ovulation. Obesity also impacts outcome of in vitro fertilization (IVF) negatively in females. The more the woman's BMI increases, the more the chances of unsuccessful in vitro fertilization.

Obesity and Over-Weight in Old Age can be very risky and harmful

A recent research by Vedas Cure reveals that Obesity or Body weight gain can be very harmful for the old aged people. The fact is more shocking for India which ranks 3rd in the world in term of percentage of obese people. Due to obesity, the old aged people experience early arrival of morbidity and injuries related to body functions which might cause premature death.

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Tips in creating your own Weight Management plan

Obesity rates have grown highly and it has become a great health issue all over the world. With junk food consumption in rise from children to adults, people are not able to isolate eating unhygienic fast foods. Today, people have become aware of these things and looking for dietician who will guide them in having proper healthy lifestyle. If you are one who is looking for stabilizing your health and weight, just look at the tips below which will help you in making your weight management program.

Technological Advances for Non-Surgical Fat reduction

Losing the accumulated fat is not easy. Busy schedule at work place, increase in sedentary lifestyle, stress etc has developed unhealthy eating habits among most of them. Consumption of fast food and junk has increased as they are easily accessible and better taste wise. Obesity is a constant disease recently qualified by the World Health Organization as an epidemic of this century.

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