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Obesity is one of the serious issues among the younger generation due modern life style

Veda Cure has drawn attention towards growing incidences of obesity. Obesity is considered due to excess nutrient intake for a long time and decreased level of energy expenditure. Particularly alarming is rapid rise in its rate in teenage and adolescent population of the world, which in turn means that the incidence of obesity will further increase in a decade and its complications will put more social and financial burden. ...more

Antifungal Cream – Purchase Online and Save a lot of Time and Money

You now have a way to purchase prescription antifungal cream online in a cheap, quick, and easy way. If you are looking for this medication, you will want to purchase it from Safe Pill Pharmacy, and what better way to do it than online where you can save yourself time and money? ...more

Obesity , Weight Management &Control –Medcrave Online Publishing

Excess visceral fat deposition in the abdominal cavity is a high risk factor for cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. The prevalence of obesity has been increasing alarmingly and it has now become a global concern causing severe burden on health care systems, with readily available effective therapies or preventive measures in demand. The ...more

How to establish botanical slimming and Supplements For quick Weight Loss

The problems of avoirdupois and maintenance of healthy weight has long been a big concern for many people ...more

Sugar, Leptin and Overweight: The Vicious Love Triangle.

Leptin was found in 1994. It rose a huge excitement in the over weighted people community worldwide. Finally there was a hormone that explains why we feel hungry or full. Leptin is produced in the fat cells, and it tells the brain weather there is a lack in energy or just enough. Each individual has a Leptin threshold. When the Leptin is below it, the brain will get the signal of lack of energy and them you will become hungry. ...more

Sleep and weight loss – how are they related?

Health is indeed the most precious wealth anybody can possess and aspire to attain. However,every creature is bound to suffer from some health issue or another in this imperfect world. Still one would be much better served pursuing health over wealth. ...more

Weight Loss – Choose the Appropriate Meal Plan

Embarking on your journey of fitness starts with selecting a suitable meal plan for weight loss. Altering your diet is the key to intake less calories than you’re burning in order to drop the extra pounds. ...more

To scrap oil and eliminate edema, follow to eat like this

Edema for women, almost everywhere, specifically the main reason causing the female edema is usually the insufficient female body digestive system operation, making too much salt residue and affecting water discharge in the body, so that fat accumulation, with detoxification poor, resulting in different degrees of disorder of decreased immunity and metabolism of the body and the emergence of circular. ...more

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