Kids Obesity: What Governments are Doing Wrong?

Walk into any school in the US, UK or Australia and you will notice a large percentage of children who are overweight or obese. Kids obesity is a real problem and is costing tax payers billions of dollars each y

Finest robotic surgeries by professional and well qualified surgeons

Nowadays many things are changing in medical profession and one such is robotic surgery. This surgery allows surgeon to perform most crucial operation on patients. The best benefits for patients is how efficient is robotic surgery and minimal damage is on patients body. Robotic surgery has positive effects on all kind of patients. Robotic surgery in India has seen tremendous impact and is one of the advance surgeries. This is specially designed surgery performed in specially des

HCG triumph 40 day diet full kit

HCG triumph 40 day kit is a product  which sells fast among weight losers and are produced by official hcg diet store. This is a wonderful product which aids in weight loss along with instructions that will guide you in each and every phase.  

HCG diet common mistakes that you make and tips to avoid them

HCG diet is a strict dieting regime that requires one to have a strong will to go through all the hardships for a specified time as prescribed which usually lasts for 45 days. During this period it is very common to commit mistakes which may affect the dieting program so let us discuss those areas where you may get things done in the wrong way and how to avoid it.

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Can obesity lead to erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability of men to achieve a firm erection of the penis. Studies have indicated that one in ten men suffer from erectile dysfunction. Often erectile dysfunction is linked with erectile dysfunction. But is that true? If yes then what is the solution? Let’s have an in depth look about the correlation between erectile dysfunction and also at the possibility of using Cialis d

Can Alcohol Prevent Weight Loss? – How To Drink Without Gaining Weight

Weight loss have always been a topic of discussion. Everyone wants to eat as much as they can but still look slim and toned. Well things don't work that way and we get disappointed every time we look at the mirror. There is no miracle fruit that will make you less hungry and shrink your chubby ankles in a jiffy. Sure weight loss does occur but that's just a temporary phase and once you are lean you go back to the ol' routine of eating useless junk foods. The result is predictable. So what is

Why We Need Yoga

“Yoga is not an ancient myth buried in oblivion. It is the most valuable inheritance of the present. It is the essential need of today and the culture of tomorrow.” Swami Satyanada Saraswati We see it all around us. People are not well. High rates of depression, anxiety, and sleeplessness are rampant in much of the world. Physical health conditions such as heart attacks and cancer are on the rise. Car accidents related to distracted driving are occurring on a daily basis.

Fighting Kids Obesity

What is the answer to the billion dollars kids obesity epidemic? It seems that governments and communities are failing to find an answer or solution to this lifestyle issue. Kids obesity is a complex issue and needs to be t

Kids fitness- The holistic viewpoint

Kids fitness is a term that is often misunderstood or implemented incorrectly. To some, kids fitness means a heavy fitness routine that involves running long distances, push-ups and crunches. Where as others, believe that kids fitness should be linked to kids sports and the training should correspond with this. It is my belief that Kids fitness is both of these things but is also much more. Kids fitness is a holistic term that involves both exercise routines but also nutrition, mental health and

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