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Heart Rate Monitor – Six Secrets Promoting Peak Performance

A heart rate monitor is an indispensable performance partner, and aerobic ally. The device puts an end to exercise guessing games, by zoning in on exercise intensity, tracking cardio capacity, and keeping tabs on the general efficiency of your efforts. The data generated by a heart rate monitor acts as a reliable compass to enable you to reach your fitness goals.

Heart Rate Monitor Secret One - Fitness Feedback

Establishing your cardiovascular fitness level, based on factor ...more

The Treadmill – The Best Calorie Burner?

DM, I have a question. I currently do cardio 3-4X/week using either a treadmill and a cross-trainer (them ski-like things that work the arms and the legs) and I find that the calorie counter shows that I burn more calories using the cross-trainer rather than the treadmill. I hear a lot of people who say that the treadmill is the best calorie burner. My trainer says that the cross-trainer is better as it works the upper and the lower body. In your opinion, who is right? Or could my tec ...more

Monitor Your Exercise Intensity – The Talk Test

Cardio is something alot of us hate to do. Admit it. We all dread it... even I hate doing it, but at the same time, at the corner of our mind, we do realise that it is important and a must if you want to improve your fitness levels. Some of us do it to shed some pounds, and some do it to keep the fat off and the abs fully visible. However, how do we get the most out of our time on a treadmill/stepper, etc and at what intensity do we need train at?

I've touched on the topic of intensity ...more

Reap the Many Sauna Benefits

Despite popular opinion, sauna benefits extend well beyond the relaxation and de-stressing that most associate with the experience. Having an escape from today's stressful world is nothing to thumb your nose at, yet there are far more benefits of sauna that you should be aware of. Once you realize all of the potential rewards, you may just decide to go out and buy one for yourself, as more and more people around the world are doing.

Although all saunas offer a therapeutic experience, so ...more

Angina – The Pain Is In The Heart Itself

A pain originating from the heart muscle itself is called Angina. This occurs when the blood vessels taking blood to the heart (coronary arteries), become partially blocked with fatty plaques caused by atherosclerosis (heart disease). The blood flow is only sufficient when the heart is at rest, but during activity, when the heartbeat can increase from 75 to 190 beats per minute, the heart muscle cannot get sufficient blood flow in it and causes mild to severe pain. This is why angina is br ...more

The Biggest Cause Of Death In The Western World!

Drugs can control symptoms, but in severe cases or after a heart attack, surgery may be the only option. Some risk factors you can change and improve upon, but some you cannot. Therefore it is vital that you make all the possible changes to your lifestyle to reduce as many risk factors as possible.

Two of the biggest causes of death in the Western world are heart disease and atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis clogs up the hearts arteries and is then known as coronary artery disease or h ...more

Heart Attack: Causes, Risks and Prevention

Heart attack, medically known as Myocardial Infarction, is the sudden stoppage of the heart due to death or damage to a large part of the heart muscles known as myocardium. It is widely acknowledged that heart related conditions (cardiovascular diseases) are the number one cause of death and disability in the United States and most parts of the civilized world, today. And sudden death, from heart attack is by far the most common consequence of cardiovascular diseases.

We have all seen ...more

Atherosclerosis – Blocking or Narrowing of the Arteries

Atherosclerosis comes from the Greek word - athere that means porridge and skleros meaning hardening. These words conjure up an image in our minds of exactly what happens when atherosclerosis develops in the arteries. The plaque that forms and blocks up the arteries are made of atheroma. This is a mixture of cholesterol, fibrous tissue, dead muscle cells, platelets and sometimes calcium. Over the years this plaque gets bigger and bigger, reducing the blood flow and oxygen supply to the b ...more

Hurricanes Considerations for Cardio Vascular and Isometric Exercising

During the 2006 Atlantic tropical hurricane season you can expect large catastrophic and large category storms and hurricanes. If a large hurricane comes your way and you realize that evacuation is not such a good idea because all the gasoline is gone and all the hotels are filled up for a 1,000 mile radius and if you're out of the storm surge zone, perhaps you can stay at home and workout and do in cardiovascular and isometric exercises.

Perhaps you can purchase some gym equipment for ...more

Top Aerobic Exercises

We all need a little exercise in our lives, should it be for weight or for overall health. Here are the best types of aerobic activity for fat loss:

Running/jogging outdoors - running or jogging is a fantastic cardiovascular exercise and one of the best when it comes to fat loss. One of the advantages is that you don't need any machines when doing this aerobic exercise. Most beginners would be better off by starting with only jogging, because when your body is not used to high intens ...more

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