Sigmoid Colon Spasms and Ovarian Pain

Adhesions around the sigmoid colon may be the origin of the irritating bowel syndrome. Some of the symptoms in the patients are the pelvic pain. The adhesions are the fibrous joining or the filamentous that joins the sigmoid colon to the sidewall of pelvic and sufficiently stretches to correct the colon course. It may very rarely create a slight narrow down or kink that makes the bottleneck outcome. In one of the observational studies, it is presented that around 146 women took the lapar

Complex Ovarian Cyst Causing Vaginal Pain

Generally, the cyst in the ovary will not create symptoms and are seen during the usual physical examination or the same may be seen by option on an ultrasound test taken for various reasons. However, some of the following symptoms may be available. They are pain in the lower abdomen or pelvic pain that may commence and stop. It may be very severe, sharp and also sudden. The menstrual periods will be irregular. There may be a feeling of pressure in the lower abdomen or in the pelvic or fullness.

Ovarian Pain after Miscarriage

Miscarriage is the instant finish of the pregnancy by the loss of the infant prior to the 24th week of the pregnancy. There is lot of possibility for this to happen in the women who have PCOS called polycystic ovarian syndrome than those women without this disorder. The first symptom for this may be the bleeding in the vagina or discharge. Sometimes the same may accompany with backache or pain in the abdomen. The bleeding that happens in the vagina during the early pregnancy is termed as thr

Complex Ovarian Cyst and Pelvic Pain

Ovary is the very famous site of the pelvic mass. The doctors will be in a position to judge correctly about the seriousness of the ovarian cyst based on the woman’s age. It may be very alarming to find out the cyst in the young girl before she attains her menstruation and the same may be wicked 50% of the time. Same is the case with the post menopausal woman with the ovarian cyst. In both these women, investigative surgery to arrive at the complete identification is required. This may be done

Symptoms of Complex Ovarian Cyst

Symptoms of complex ovarian cyst occur in only women as it is a gynecological problem and happens during the child bearing age of women. The symptoms and the complex ovarian cysts can disappear all by themselves sometimes without any problem or pain. But in some they can be really painful and even lead to death of the sufferer when left unattended or untreated. Three kinds of complex ovarian cysts are present and each of them shows various symptoms in women. The same way the treatment also

Important Facts about Complex Ovarian Cyst with Septation

Complex ovarian cyst with septation is normally made up of both liquid and solid matter. They can become malignant tumors that they should be treated immediately and should not be ignored or treated lightly. They are asymptomatic in the early stages that the women affected by it might not feel any change in their body. The time of occurrence cannot be predicted or known as it differs from person to person. Certain women might even have this type of ovarian cyst during their infancy due to ab

Diagnosis of Complex Ovarian Cyst with Ultrasound

Complex ovarian cyst ultrasound is considered as a common yet excellent diagnostic procedure for women. It is so because, it does not produce any discomfort or pain except for making the bladder full for women. The doctor too gets a clear picture of the reason for the abdominal or pelvic pain. When the doctor has asked the patient to go for complex ovarian cyst ultrasound, there is no reason to delay the procedure as it is not good to take chances when dealing with the reproductive system of

Abortion: What are the costs?

The Supreme Court of the US ruled 1979 that abortions may be conducted up until the time that a baby can live outside its mother’s womb, which is estimated to be the twenty eighth week of a pregnancy. This is the same ruling that gave “Jane Roe” the right to abortion. Since then, different states have tried to restrict abortions in various ways, but at this time, it cannot be banned. When a woman is considering having an abortion, there are several factors and costs that she must tak

The Abortion Debate

The debate over abortion is one of the most controversial topics in the US today. What are the issues? In this debate, the rights of the mother are pitted against the rights of the fetus.  The issue has broadly combined two conflicting stances, the “pro-choice”  and the “pro-life” positions.  These vastly differing viewpoints revolve round legal as well as moral considerations.  There is another more pragmatist view, more blended, that says abortions should be prohibited, with

Rapid weight loss with burnitupandshapeup

Nowadays weight loss is a new trend that is followed by everyone including women over 40 and teenagers from 15 years old. People are following various weight loss plans to get into shape and looking attractive. When people were less money- minded, they used to go for various exercises to stay fit. Today, they are more into their businesses and because of this, they are gaining weight. They are too preoccupied with various meetings and conferences that have resulted in obesity. Now, there is a gr

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