Backyard Landscaping

When most people think of landscaping, they think of a beautifully decorated front yard. But what about the back? There are many reasons why you should consider backyard landscaping, if you have not already. Some of them include:

- To enjoy for yourself. Wouldn't it be great to sit out on your sun deck and have a magnificent view? It is a stress reliever like no other because of its relaxing qualities. Plus, when your yard looks good, you feel good!

- To enjoy with your company. N

Working with Landscape Contractors

Having a beautiful and functional landscape is every homeowners dream. Hi, My name is John C Wilkes III and I have worked in the landscaping industry for over a decade. I achieved my degree in Landscape Architecture and went straight into the design and build sector. I have worked around all kinds of contractors and have worked as a contractor myself. Now I'm ready to share my knowledge. My intention is to help all those interested in improving their landscape so they might avoid some serious

Perfume Your Garden and Home with Gardenias

One of my favorite plants is the large white-flowered Mystery Gardenia (gardenia jasminoides) that grows to about 5' tall and wide. The perfume-like scent adds an exotic feeling to gardens. Plus, the large white flowers show up well in moonlight when many people more likely get a chance to take pleasure in their garden.

If you want to enjoy gardenias, plant them where they get sun. Most people plant gardenias in the shade because these plants love the same soil as shade-loving camellias

The Flower Garden in August

Our flower garden in August can be brimming with activities we can do at this time of year, as we can for most of the year. We have some flower gardening tips to give you and some experiments to try. Feel free to send us your own flower gardening tips for any time of the year.

If it is much too hot for you this August to work in your flower garden during the day, make the most of the early morning hours before it gets too warm. Watching the world wake up can be quite exhilirating. C

A Garden Pond in Your Landscape – Want Water in Your Yard?

A Garden Pond in your Landscape - Want Water in your Yard?

Thought about adding a garden pond? Should you? Here are the pros and cons to consider:

On the pro side:

A garden pond adds an entirely new dimension to your garden! Where before the living things were limited to plant life, the pond will have fish (must does not need to).

The water will attract birds and other animals which make for wonderful watching and viewing. This aspect of the water feature can be

Suet Facts and Tips

If you are like many people, backyard birding is a hobby for you whether you actively encourage visits from birds or not. One way to attract birds is to put out suet -- beef fat -- and watch the crowds stop by and devour the treat. Suet is an inexpensive food source and should become part of your bird feeding program if you desire to attract a steady flow of birds.

Exactly what is suet? In short, it is beef fat. Yes, birds enjoy eating other a point. Most suet sold in store

How to Attract Birds to Your Backyard Paradise For Less Than $100

Like many Americans, you may find bird watching to be a fascinating hobby. At the same time, perhaps you wonder how you can attract regular visitors to your yard without busting the bank by purchasing expensive foliage, feeders, and food. Here are some tips toward helping you establish a backyard paradise that is certain to welcome birds without draining your wallet.

1. Purchase a Birdbath. Prices for birdbaths can run anywhere from 10 dollars for the plastic model to well into t

International Flower Delivery

As our global community continues to expand we often find ourselves with friends and families who live in countries outside of the U.S. In the past this caused somewhat of a dilemma if a person wanted to send a gift of flowers internationally. It was not as simple as calling the local florist; it was almost impossible to find a florist who could wire transfer the order to another florist in a different country. This has changed, however, because of the availability of resources via the Intern

Low Maintenance Teak Furniture

In all likelihood you have heard of teak furniture and have wanted to know why it's such a big deal. This article contains some simple info regarding the building material that seems a little mysterious, even has a weird sound to it, but dominates the market of outdoor furniture.

Teakwood furniture is especially suited to use outside the home because of its super high oil content and resistance to insects and warping. Teak is a hardwood tree indigenous to the east and south of Souther

You Say Tomato I Say Mosquito

Gathering tomatoes or other fruits of the garden might not sound like a dangerous occupation, but with terrorism running rampant these days, even a walk thru the garden can require pre-emptive measures. In fact if you left the screen door open for a minute or so and heard a whiny frequency accompanied by a slight tickle it may already be too late, if that slight tickle was the allergic reaction of your skin cells to the Culex, Aedes or Anopheles mosquito, one of the several species that pr

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