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Porch Swing Places: Where to Put a Porch Swing

So you've purchased a Porch Swing (or are about to) and you plan to hang it on the Porch? Not so fast!

Where you install your Porch Swing is as much a function of the need you are trying to satisfy as tradition and practicality. If nostalgia is your motivator, then the porch may well be the best place for your Patio Swing. But if you want a "Swing with a View", you might want to consider other options. And what about privacy and solitude? If these are your deciding factors, then you mig ...more

CO2 for ‘Free’

We've all heard that there is no such thing as a ‘free lunch'; well the process described in this article may be as close to one as you get. Most of us already know the benefits of CO2 enrichment for photosynthesis. To maximize indoor growing and greenhouse potential, CO2 is supplemented to maintain an approximate level of 1500 ppm, this can require frequent trips to an industrial gas supplier and/or a lot of propane or natural gas use, and related costs. It is ironic that many indoor fa ...more

Outdoor Furniture: Exploring the Benefits of Teak

Of the many types of materials that are available for the construction of outdoor furniture, teak is often overlooked. This beautiful wood – of tropical origin – adds character and elegance to your outdoor design through a blending of nature and man-made elements which provide an outstanding aesthetic presentation to any yard.

Teak (technically known as tectona grandis) has been proven to be the best wood for use in the great outdoors. As a result of its high rubber content, this ...more

How to Create a Zen Garden

When you hear the term "Zen Garden" the picture conjured up is of a dry landscape with rocks surrounded by carefully raked gravel which invites you to withdraw from the noise of the world outside and to enter into silent meditation. Some say that zen priests adopted the dry landscape style in the eleventh century as an aid to create a deeper understanding of the zen concepts, but others hold that the Japanese Zen Garden is a myth. They claim that it is a late 20th Century western creation th ...more

Vegetable Growing for Beginners

If you have never grown vegetables before the first thing that you need to decide is where to plant them in your garden. Most vegetables need 6-8 hours of sunlight a day although greens can manage with less. Choose a site in an area that will not be shaded by buildings or trees and one that is near to a water supply. You will not want to have to cart water any further than absolutely necessary. Protect the site with a fence to keep out dogs, rabbits and other animals which can damage your cro ...more

How to Win the War Against Slugs and Snails

Slugs are one of the most hated of garden pests. You may have spent time carefully planting out your seedlings into the bed, but when you return next morning, you find chewed leaves, the growing points nibbled away and a mass of slimy trails all around. All clear evidence that garden slugs, or sometimes snails, have been enjoying a nocturnal feast at your expense.

Slugs thrive in moist temperate conditions and feed at night when temperatures are greater than 50°F. They lo ...more

How to Find and Work With a Porch Swing Contractor To Install the Porch Swing of Your Dreams

You've found a great Porch Swing and you know exactly where you want to put it, and it's not on the Porch. If you're a Do-it-Yourselfer, no problem. All you have to do now is build a Porch Swing support on your chosen spot and hang the swing. But what if you don't have the first idea how to build a Porch Swing support or couldn't build one if you did. Then you'll need to hire a Porch Swing contractor.

Finding a contractor to build a Porch Swing support and install your Porch Swing is no ...more

How to Grow Bananas

If your grocer says, "Yes, we have no bananas. We have no bananas today," it isn't surprising since the banana is the world's second favorite fruit, surpassed in popularity only by the apple. Once only grown in tropical climates, the good news is that several varieties can be grown in northern areas as well as in the south.

Because it takes nine months or more to reach maturity, some northern gardeners grow the banana plant only for its spectacular ornamental foliage. However, in the ho ...more

Bird Baths in Your Yard


Has summer come in with a bang!

Heat waves everywhere.

And where is the rain?

Yolanda is at camp this week.

She gets so excited.

She can remember that camp is a fun time for her, yet she can't remember or tell you what she did during the week or her last day there.

A few miles west of Grand Rapids is "Indian Trails Camp."

Indian Trails is a special camp for special needs people of all ages.

Camp is staffed with a regi ...more

Using Bulbs in Your Landscaping

Naturalized bulbs look beautiful in a wooded setting. You can plant them and leave them to multiply. After the bulbs bloom the foliage will die down, but you can interplant bulbs with ground covers for a carefree and beautiful garden.

For a natural look you should arrange your bulbs informally. If you toss them and plant them where they land, with small adjustments for spacing, it'll look much better than if you arrange them.

Bulbs also work well in a perrenial garden. When your b ...more

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