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Teak Furniture – The Proper Way to Care For & Clean It

Teak furniture is tropical hardwood that has a rich, golden honey color when new. However, as teak begins to age and is exposed to the elements, the natural, beautiful color changes to a silvery gray patina. In fact, this is how you can distinguish finely aged outdoor teak furniture! The key with teak is that if you were to leave this silvery gray color on the teak furniture without being treated, you would never be able to get the lustrous honey, caramel back.

Although the color cha ...more

Why Patio Benches are a Great Place to Relax and Enjoy

Having an outdoor patio offers the opportunity and place to sit outdoors where you can relax alone on a lazy Saturday morning or enjoy a barbecue with family and friends. To enhance a patio while providing additional seating, more and more people are turning to patio benches. Although traditional patio furniture is still nice, patio benches do not take up as much room, they can easily be moved from the patio to the lawn, and many designs on the market feature compartments underneath a padde ...more

Lawn Edging

How do you make those flowers bloom where they are planted and not go overboard and how do you make your turf stick to its own turf and not edge into your flower beds, borders, and garden spaces? Lawn edging is the answer!

Edging bricks, lawn timbers, and treated wood edging , molded plastic edging and heavy duty plastic strips are all ways to wall in your flowers and keep weeds out of your garden and the other landscaped areas of your yard. In addition to curbing your weed problem, law ...more

Teak Outdoor Furniture – Where Function Meets Beauty

The wonderful thing about choosing teak outdoor furniture is that you have such diversity. From chairs to benches to tables and more, teak is the perfect wood for outside entertaining.

Grown in tropical rainforests, teak is naturally saturated with oil, making this an extremely durable wood. In addition, teak is strong so you have the confidence of using this as your outdoor furniture week after week. Although you will usually spend a little more for teak outdoor furniture, knowing e ...more

Teak Garden Furniture: A Natural Extension of the Home

In the past, the garden has traditionally been a separate entity, with wrought iron or plastic furniture dotting the landscape in no particular design pattern. Seen as simply a place to have a picnic or, perhaps, read a book on a nice day, attention wasn't given to the fact that the garden is a natural extension of the home.

Today, things have changed, and homeowners are now considering their garden area as simply another room that happens to flow into the outdoors. In fact, great care ...more

Park Benches – Making the Right Choice

When most people hear the words, "park bench", they envision one of two things - someone sitting at the local park feeding the pigeons or Forest Gump. No matter what your mind conjures up, park benches have been popular for a long time and will continue to be a place where people can sit down and relax while visiting the park or zoo.

Typically, park benches are made from wood or concrete simply because they are sturdy, durable, and look nice. However, manufacturers are coming up with ...more

Garden Swings Create an Enchanted Garden Setting

Nothing invites one to sit and enjoy a lovingly created and tended garden quite the way that a garden swing does. Only from the perch of a gently swaying garden swing can one fully appreciate the bounty of nature complete with the subtle flowery and earthy smells of the garden. From this vantage point, one could relax for hours while meditating, reading or simply enjoying the antics of the wildlife.

Strategically placed garden swings draw people to them as if by magic. It seems that eve ...more

An Outdoor Swing is A Great Way to Relax

There is simply no better vantage point from which to view the beauty of nature, the occasional passerby and the antics of wildlife than an outdoor swing. Outdoor swings do more than provide a beautiful addition to your outdoor décor; they provide a relaxation spot, gathering place and a comfortable outdoor perch that will be greatly appreciated by everyone in the family.

Whether you are reading a captivating novel, napping or just enjoying the scenery, an outdoor swing is the perfect ...more

Durable Wooden Swing – Decorate Your Outdoors with One

There is nothing better to do on a hot, lazy afternoon than to lounge in your favorite outdoor swing while reading, napping or just watching the world pass by. And when evening approaches and the breeze gets cooler, an outdoor swing is also the perfect place to sit and unwind after a hard day while you watch the fireflies light up the ever darkening sky.

The truth is that an outdoor wooden swing offers more than just a place to sit and relax. Seating areas created with wooden swings bec ...more

Patio Swings Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space with Comfort and Style

Are you looking for a way to spruce up your patio while providing additional seating at the same time? Are you tired and bored of the same old stationary patio seating that can be purchased in most stores? If so, maybe you should consider furnishing your patio with a unique patio swing.

In addition to creating additional seating, patio swings provide a place of relaxation and meditation that will be appreciated by the whole family and guests as well.

Whether you are reading, nappi ...more

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