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Hurricanes and Home Security; Protect Your Family

Well the 2006 Atlantic tropical hurricane season is here and it is time to think about home security. For some people it may be too late but it is time to think about buying storm shutters and cleaning up the yard of any debris, which may become flying missiles from the hurricane winds.

Even a small category hurricane winds and gusts of up to 100 mph can send dangerous debris around. If you have ever been hit by a baseball, by a very fast pitch that may have been around 80 or 90 mph. ...more

Unwanted Telephone Calls – Cut Them Off Now

Unwanted telephone sales calls are regarded by many as one of the inevitable inconveniences of modern life. These calls can be especially annoying, the phone always seems to ring just as you're about to sit down to a family meal or step into a nice relaxing bath.

Although most people find these calls irksome, a significant number – such as the elderly, people who live alone, people separating after an abusive relationship etc. - can also find them intimidating. This is especially so ...more

Fire Safety Tips for Your Family

Nobody wants to think about having a fire in your own home but the fact of the matter is, the more prepared you are in the event of a fire, the safer your family will be. Fire safety starts with you and there are a number of things that you can do to be prepared.

The first thing you should do is to equip your home with fire safety equipment. For optimum smoke detection, smoke detectors should be installed in all the bedrooms, hallways, the basement, kitchen and the attic. They should ...more

Is CCTV Video Equipment useful?

CCTV Video Equipment (other wise known as Closed Circuit Television) has been used for the purpose of security surveillance for many years. CCTV Video Equipment differs from broadcast TV equipment as that every part is linked by cables or other direct means. Closed Circuit Television is used by security teams most often where there is a high need for extra security measures. Most all banks, airports and many apartment complexes incorporate CCTV Video Equipment into their security programs. ...more

Abatement of Crime in the City

We must take a bigger bite out of crime in our cities. Many people decry illegal immigration and illegal aliens because so many of these individuals end up in our prisons. In fact some 38% of all prisoners in the State of Arizona are illegal aliens who are not even suppose to be here.

There are more cars stolen and driven across the border to Mexico in the bordering states than the rest of the country combined. The Federal Prison System has 33% illegal aliens in it, most for violent cri ...more

Shower Screens – Which One For You?

Nowadays, there are plenty of shower screens out there to be had for pocket change. At the same time, at the top end of the market, you can pay hundreds for something truly luxurious. So what, exactly, is the difference?

Let's look first at the very cheapest shower screens available. They are nearly all made in China with low-quality parts, and they can have all sorts of problems. The glass will often be flimsy and easy to break, and the frame may quickly start to have trouble sliding. ...more

Abatement of Weeds at Your Log Cabin

If you have a secluded getaway like a log cabin in the woods you need to insure that you very carefully remove the weeds, underbrush and debris around to insure that you are safe from wildfires. So often people lose their homes who are near forests or wilderness because they fail to take precautions and protect their residents.

A barrier of 50 to 100 feet makes sense and 50 yards is best. But many folks will not do this, as they like a certain amount of vegetation around them? Indeed, t ...more

Abatement Programs for Fire Season

Fire Season is approaching along with Hurricane Season and what we see now is a whole lot of last minute nervous tension and preparation and questioning; Did we do enough to protect our civilization from the 2006 Atlantic Tropical Hurricane Season?

We are reassured that our government, FEMA and private sector is indeed ready to live through another pounding by Mother Nature. Of course this is no regular enemy and no one is saying; "Bring it On to Mother Nature" for she is five times any ...more

CCTV Video Equipment Surveillance

When you find yourself in need of a reliable, compact, affordable and dependable surveillance system, a DVR surveillance security system should be at the top of your list of products to check out. This type of surveillance equipment is easy to operate, simple to install, and can be utilized for a variety of purposes. Most of these systems are also economically priced. Many of the DVR surveillance security systems on the market today offer many of the same universal features. Some of ...more

Abatement of Contagious Bird Flu

A human strain of bird flu passing from person to person in a super contagious format like influenza is not a pretty thing to think of especially considering the previous flues, plagues and viruses, which have killed millions in the past. Indeed as we watch and wait and monitor the situation we see that it could happen tomorrow or it could take decades yet inevitably it will happen and we need to be ready for it.

The larger the population bases the more problems it will cause. Yet for a ...more

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