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Why Website Templates Make Being a Webmaster More Efficient

The acceptance of website templates as an alternative to website designing can be attributed to the ability of templates in improving the work efficiency of the webmaster. Of course, they also reduce the costs involved in setting up a website.

Website templates have evolved over the years from simple HTML web page templates to the Flash template designs that allow for dynamic and customized websites. Getting a website designed from scratch is an expensive and time-consuming process. Mor ...more

5 Tips To Keep Visitors Glued To Your Website

One of the most important and often forgotten website statistics is visitor length.

Average visitor length doesn't refer to how tall a person visiting your site is (but wouldn't it be cool if browsers did capture that sort of info - the clothing stores would have a field day!), it refers to how long people stay when they visit your website. Sadly many webmasters find that their visitors usually hang around for about 30 seconds and then click away never to be seen again. ...more

Wealth of Knowledge in Creating a Great Website

Microsoft windows opened up a new world for me. From a Computer Layman to an expert in most things www. took me about 10 years. Not bad for someone who works long hours in an offline business with little time on the computer. I have tried most things such as marketing affiliate programs, mlm,list management and have had some success selling on e-bay. One thing that has always eluded me was to be able to create a Great website using the right tools and knowledge.

I created a webs ...more

8 Good Reasons Every Business Needs a Web Site!

1) A study by American Business Journals revealed that "companies with a web presence grow 46% faster than those without!"

2) To begin with, an Internet web site for your company has some rather critical values built into it. At the least, they are instantly flexible, and, very measurable, a marketers delight.

3) They are also a very economical vehicle from which to supply a lot of your latest catalog, technical or marketing information. There ...more

Ideas For Adding Content To Your Site

By now, you know that "Content is King" and that you should therefore add content to your site. You know that it helps your chances on the search engines. Ideally, it helps your visitors as well.

So what exactly do we mean by content? What are some examples? Let's list a few ideas...

1. ARTICLES: As mentioned last week, an article that uses a target search phrase in the title and several times in the text is probably an ideal page of content. These articles should have 300- ...more

How to Build a Search Engine-Friendly Web Site: Understanding Critical Touch Points

As a seasoned search engine marketing professional, I've optimized hundreds of Web sites over the years. A vast majority of the time, I'm brought into the Web development process late in the game. Rarely am I brought in at the ideal time: during the planning phases of a site design or redesign. This oversight typically means higher costs and delays in the development process.

Due to this fact, my team of search engine optimization (SEO) professionals has adapted to engagement during any ...more

Getting The Most From Your Web Site

In today's business environment, the online business has begun to play a major role and having a website for your business has become an issue of paramount importance. Not only having a website, but online business needs a marketing plan, a plan for the website itself and involves a lot of thought process. The very first thing a business needs is a website. The website should have its own business objectives and a clear cut long term goal. Website strategy should always be long term and not s ...more

Selling Artworks Online – Attract Targeted Viewers to Your Art Gallery

Attract More Visitors To Your Artworks.

Web traffic matters a lot in online artwork selling, but not completely. What matters is a combination of targeted good traffic looking for artworks. For an example, if a person is willing to buy a digital camera, then what are the chances of his buying an oil painting? Of course very less! But, in the case of a visitor looking for home decoration items is more likely to buy that oil painting. There are lots of methods to attract more targeted tra ...more

Short Visit Syndrome: Does Your Company Suffer From It?

Imagine if half the people that called your sales team hung up within 10 seconds. Not people they were cold-calling but interested people calling them. Heads would roll. At the very least, you'd want to know why so many people were disengaging. Chances are it's happening to you right now, every day. Your sales team isn't the problem; it's your most visible and active company representative‚ÄĒthe website.

There's an easy to measure, but often overlooked number that can tell you a gre ...more

Four Strategies On Finding Out What Visitors Think Of Your Website Information?

The Internet is what I consider one of the most awesome things every created. I am of that generation that grew up with computers and the Internet has really been a god send for me as it allows me access to places and people I would never have had the opportunity to meet. It is also the source of some of the best information you could ever wish to garner. But! It is also the source of some of the worst information as well.

Website owners, just like you and me really need to carefully l ...more

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