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Analyze This: Web Analytics

So, you think you're off to a good start because you finally got your new Web site up and running. You even have one of those counters at the bottom of your homepage so you know exactly how many people visit your site. Done patting yourself on the back yet? When you are, it's time to move your site to the next level. It's time for Web Analytics.

Web Analytics may sound like some sort of complex configuration for your web site, but for amateur Web page developer and internet retailers, W ...more

A Simple but Misused Tactic Charged My Lead Capturing Minisite to Pull in 30% More Leads

Here's a simple secret. Infact there is no secret, it is so simple that many sites fail to utilize this tactic to boost up their sales, profits and conversion rate.

I made this same mistake but fortunately discovered it and ended up using this simple trick to increase my subscriber and customer list.

You might have the best quality product on the earth, a mind blowing customer service and you might be the most honest person on the web, your visitor will experience all these benefi ...more

Your Internet Business Power System – Combining Minisites & Content Sites

There's a whole lot of discussion going on these days where gurus are promoting the minisite system.

There are few that recommend creating content sites with valuable information to promote your own products or affiliate products.

Such sort of discussion confuses a newbie as to how to get started. With such confusion they quit even before starting their internet business.

I was at the same place completely confused as to what to do ? Get started creating minisites or a conte ...more

Minisites Sells Like Crazy, Your Simple 12 Block Formula

A well constructed minisite with proven psychological formula turns into a red-hot cash machine.

Simple one page minisite sells thousands of dollars worth of products on autopilot, this is not a secret anymore.

But there is a particular process you need to follow.

It is just like a recipe, where you need to mix all required ingredients to make a delicious dish. Miss one and you will end up with something tasteless.

Similarly, apply all the required blocks to create a m ...more

How To Build A Web Site & Develop It’s Full Potential – Part One

In a previous set of Articles published here at EzineArticles I discussed the implementation of RSS and how you could create an RSS feed for yourself.

These next few articles are going to be devoted to something a bit different. We will categorize it as Web Development and I will try and go through a case-scenario of building a web-site and everything you may need to know about doing it.

If you think that building a web-site is something simple and you can do it in one day, ...more

Real Estate Marketing Online – Can Prospects Use Your Website?

Ever visit a website with a specific goal in mind (like buying something), only to leave the site in frustration? If so, you've witnessed how usability can affect a website's ROI -- for better or for worse.

The same is true in real estate marketing. A website that lacks usability will lose potential clients. This applies to franchise sites as well as the personal marketing websites of individual agents. It doesn't matter how much traffic your website gets. If it's hard to use, it will t ...more

Computer Packages for Website Development

In contemporary western society, due to its inherent capitalistic system, there are many suppliers of website building packages that enable consumers to develop their own websites. Although there are different functions embedded into each software package, there are a few popular website building packages that are available on the market to ensure efficient websites for beginners.


The software package "Dreamweaver" produced by Adobe is very easy to use, and is effecti ...more

Business and E-Commerce: From the Past to the Future

What do increasingly more owners of small and medium businesses know about having a Web presence? Enough to know that they need one.

According to a 2000 survey, only 55 percent of small business owners found having a website to be cost-effective. Their optimism showed, however -- 65 percent considered the Internet important to the future of their business.

Those 65 percent were right. In a 2005 survey, almost 86 percent of respondents said that their websites were cost-effective. ...more

What Are the Things You Need to Know Before Setting Up Your Website?

The first step is to follow a marketing plan. Creating a website should follow the same blueprint as creating an offline business. If you can't sell your website idea to an investment banker, why would you proceed? The rules are the same. Far too often, people create sites without a business plan and a marketing plan. Start off with an executive statement that describes what your company will look like when it grows up then follow it with a business plan. If you are new to it, MS Office has a ...more

Internet Merchant Accounts – Facts You Should Know

Why is it important to your online business that you use an internet merchant account? I am told that if I do business online, then I must have an internet merchant account. The truth is that they are right. If my customers can't pay for my services or merchandise with their credit cards or their own merchant accounts, then I am unlikely to be successful. Online business and shopping are prevalent, but only if credit cards can be used to make purchases. So what exactly is an internet ...more

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