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How to Define Web Site Success

Different web sites will have different success criteria. Even within a company, different departments might attribute success differently.

For the marketing department, driving more traffic to the site might count as success, even if sales don't increase. For the copywriter, success will come if the content is easy to understand and helps the customer find out more about the company and its products.

For the sales department, increasing the sales conversion per site visitor cou ...more

How to Quality Review your Website

Once your website is up and running, it is important to review and update the web site from time to time. This will ensure that you keep the content fresh and relevant, and of course can also make changes to improve the content in the light of feedback and experience gleamed through running the site.

A professional review will run through various aspects of your site - here is a brief outline of the areas that should be examined during a web site review:

Usability Thi ...more

Selling Your Business – Don’t Underestimate the Value of your Company’s Web Site

Business owners often contact us requesting an introductory meeting. They are contemplating the near to intermediate term exit from their business. The meetings generally have two major themes: 1. The beauty contest – they want to interview merger and acquisition firms or business brokers to evaluate their qualifications and process in comparison with other competitors and 2. Preparation for Sale – what should we be doing in anticipation of putting our company on the market?

One of ...more

Wrtiting Less PHP Code With More Results

Most web development companies use their own or third party frameworks to improve their development process. If you want to work as a PHP developer in a company you will most probably need to agree to write your code using their framework. This article is for these developers and companies who want to build their own framework and improve their coding speed, the quality of their code and get paid more for less time. I will share with you the ideas we discovered in PIM Team Bulgaria while work ...more

Do You Need One?

Website that is! It's an old debate now, but I wanna add my 5 sense worth!

It is possible to make money through promoting affiliate programs, but you can make buckets more promoting your own products!

Apart from being able to use your own website as a portal for a variety of affiliate programs, it's also possible to promote your own products or services.

Another advantage of having your own website is that you can use your emailing list to continually drive traffic back to ...more

To People Who Want More Dollars from Their Website – A Way to Go

One of the most difficult and time consuming tasks in this internet business game is to attract more traffic. It makes perfect sense to educate yourself and try to pull and convert MORE visitors into sales.

Everything you may have heard about increasing your website sales might be true. But this article will show you some amazing, proven ways to make your website sell more of your products and services.

It hardly takes any time to apply this 5 step system on your ad copy and you'l ...more

I Don’t Need A Website

The small business owner who proudly claims he doesn't need a website, because he doesn't sell anything online and his "word of mouth" customer pipeline works just fine, is misinformed at best or ignorant, at worst. Why doesn't he just tell you to come back in a year for the court-ordered liquidation auction? Hindsight will be 20-20 then.

The truth is, everyone needs a website. It doesn't matter if you sell anything online or not, your prospects want to learn more about you before inves ...more

Add a Single Element to Your Web Site and Multiply Your Profits

We want to talk to you about why your customers' successes, triumphs, and positive results are SO important for your business.

The fact is, even if your web site is full of great sales copy and photos that illustrate all the fabulous features and benefits of your product or service, your potential customers still need to know:

What do people who have actually purchased and used your product or service think about it?

It's simple: your readers know that ...more

Website Valuation: Why Standard Pricing for Websites Will Develop

The market of buying and selling developed websites is becoming more and more liquid each day. By this I mean there are number of market participants and the variety of developed websites being bought and sold is finally coming around.Like any developing market, there is no established pricing mechanism. The common method is a "revenue multiple" something like "10 months earnings". This is simplistic, or elementary, and cannot last as the market develops. Websites are income-producing assets ...more

Pushy Pop-Ups Shown the Dumpster, er, the Door

It's an acknowledged fact that internet users, by and large, and especially those who shop online, are savvy, and becoming increasingly so with each passing day. But what is less acknowledged, mostly to the detriment of advertisers and sellers pushing their wares, is that they're also fed-up with the petty annoyances that obstruct their direct path to the information and products they seek. Whereas previously these internet devotees merely shrugged aside that which was marketed to them agains ...more

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