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Home Business Website Essentials

Do you have a home based business, or small business, with no web presence? Are you operating a successful business but not a successful website? Here are some suggestions to make your business site a profit center, instead of a cost center.

Free Hosting: A Smart Move for You?

There are many ISP's offering free hosting services today. Many of them are first class and offer upgrades to a more substantial range of services for really affordable monthly fees when you are ready ...more

Where to Find Copy of Value to Your Visitor

Of all the things I've discovered on making a living from my online work, knowing that my visitors will only stop if I have something they want, has to be the biggest money maker - by far. Yes, ad placement and colors have their place, but content of value is the most important asset you can have.

Like you, I've Google'd and found many sites that offer content. Then, researching a little more, I've found many people already using the same text. Duplication of copy offers little t ...more

Why have a Website?

Many companies throughout the world today are operating their business with no website. When the internet keeps moving forward and advancing, your business needs to advance as well. If companies do not own or operate an online business as well as a physical business, they will lose out on sales and additional profits.

There are so many valid reasons why owning and operating a website is important. Reaching your target market in your own area is one thing, but having a website allows ...more

Developing Web Presence for Regional Auto Detailing Companies

Successful auto detail shops and regional mobile car detailing companies know that they must have a strong web presence to maintain credibility with their customer base. There are many relatively inexpensive things an Automotive Detailing Firm can do to insure that their websites are interactive, informative and user friendly. Additionally it makes sense for these companies to sell things on their websites to enhance sales.

For instance it makes sense to put together a simple online cat ...more

Get on the Web

If you have a business, you must have a website. It is the way business is done. It's as important as the sign on the front of your building. Sales of online services and goods have climbed well into the billions and this is only the beginning.

What will a well designed and Internet ready website do for you? The question is what won't it do? It will drive new revenue, slash expenses and build customer loyalty while saving you time and making your work life easier.

Many think a ...more

Service Company Intranet Scheduling Systems; Case Study

Real time service company scheduling systems are important during the heat of battle. You are racing against the clock to fit in all your customers both regular customers and call ins, while trying to squeeze in the emergency calls. Yes, I know exactly how it is. I founded the Car Wash Guys Franchise. Car Wash

What we learned over the coarse of many years was that on the routes our crews would schedule work, then we would have 1-800 call ins thru an outsourced call center and l ...more

Website Design & Development Firms Take More Critical Look at Content

Website design and development firms are finally taking a more serious look at website copy than ever before. With the growing realization that content is the key, more firms are beginning to put a greater emphasis on website content.

Website owners and operators are beginning to take a more critical look at the content of their websites. Gone are the days of content that is solely geared towards search engine rankings. It is now important that website content be both optimized for s ...more

How To Select Outsource Web Content Writing Services In India

A study funded by the World Bank, in the United States, has revealed that vendors rated India as their first choice when it came to outsourcing services. Therefore, it's not really surprising that across the United States, Europe and Japan, more and more companies are looking to India for outsourcing services. However, India is not just a source for the services of brilliant software engineers. India is full of brilliant web content writers as well.

More and more companies from across t ...more

Help Your Site Pass Inspection With Web Visitors

It's a proven fact simple and user friendly websites generate more sales. To improve your sales, look for ways to simplify and make it easier for your visitors. Test your ordering process. Remove the clutter, broken links and anything that distracts or confuses. Here's a quick checklist to help your site pass inspection with your visitors and convert more of them to customers:

1. Sizzle Your Headlines.

Headlines are the most important marketing element of your websit ...more

5 Powerful Reasons Why Niche Content Sites Are Being Considered The Way To Go In 2006

"Content Is King"... and will remain 'King' for as long as the Internet exists and is for this very reason WHY you'd be smart to build a network of these sites for yourself to profit from for years to come.

Let me ask you this... "What do most people go online for?"

If you said "INFORMATION" - then you are absolutely right.

And besides, that IS and always will be the Internet's primary purpose and will always be one of the main reasons why people come online to search for. ...more

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