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Stop Losing Sales – Build Your Own Website

If you are in Direct Sales, you may not realize how many sales you are missing by not having a website of your own. Rep websites aren't usually indexed in the search engines, and most can't be personalized completely.

Let me give you an example of why it's so important to have your own website. I searched for "Watkins Vanilla" on Yahoo, Google, and MSN.

- On Yahoo, Watkin's company page was #7 in the listings. Ranked before them were reps with their own website.

- On Google, ...more

Components of a Great Web Site

So you've finally decided it's time to create your own Web Site. After all, your friends and business associates have one and you don't want to be left behind on the Information Super Highway.

Great Web Sites all have a few common elements about them, and that's what I'll be discussing here. It's usually a good idea to plan the site out on paper before even touching your PC. It can be difficult to come up with content when staring at a blank computer screen, so get out an old ...more

Your Company’s Website – Design, Development & Marketing Aspects

This is the last part of a three part series dealing with guidelines in how to plan, present and develop your company's website. In part one we explored the importance of having a professional website to represent your company online. In part two, we identified the quality approach of planning your company's website.

Now in our last part of these series we will take a quick look into the website design, development & marketing aspects and your company's image.

Company Bran ...more

Your Company’s Web Site – Quality Approach

This is the second segment of a three-part series that addresses the guidelines on how to plan, present and develop your company's website. In part one; we explored the importance of having a professional website that represents your company online. In part two; we will identify the quality approach of planning your company's website.

Designing and developing a quality website. When you hire a team to create or redesign your company's website, keep in mind that the basic concepts of qua ...more

Your Company’s Website – Professional Online Presence

A website image should match a company's quality objectives to build your company's online presence. Does yours? The truth is a poorly designed website can damage a company's online presence. More so, your website is your online presence. Internet users expect a reputable company to have a high-quality online presence reflected in a quality and professional website. Think about it as an electronic business card or brochure; a first-class website shows that a company is serious and professiona ...more

Getting Back to the Basics – The Foundations of a Well-Built Website

You want to know how to turn your web site into a successful sales tool. You hunt for articles much like the one you're reading right now that will give you the secret recipe for success. Well I'm here to burst your bubble. There is no secret ingredient for instant success… but there is for instant failure.

Here are three points to keep in mind when creating the content of your website. They apply to every website in every industry.

Avoid Clichés ...more

Freelance Writers – Five Reasons Why You Need A Website

These days, if you're starting a career as a freelance writer, it's no longer enough to ring up a few editors and distribute a few business cards. Most of the people who want to hire you will ask if you have a website. If the answer is 'no', you could lose out on some valuable sources of income. Here are five reasons why you should have a web presence.

1. Developing the brand of you As a writer, your name is your brand. People will like or hate your stuff, trust or di ...more

Web Accessibility Facts: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

So here is the top 10 accessible tips:

1.With the deadline for website accessibility is October 2004 when all points of the DDA become part of British law.

2.The Disabled Rights Commission (DRC) is a government-funded body empowered by the Disability Rights Commission Act 1999 to instigate formal investigations aimed at eliminating discrimination and encouraging good practice in the treatment of disabled people.

3.The DRC conducted accessibility testing on over 1,000 UK publ ...more

The Characteristics of Flash Professional 8

Flash Professional 8 is a great animation program, that has many features to it's name. Some of the parts of this program are the filters, blend modes, bitmap catching and custom easing control.

The filters help in creating more compelling designs with the help of built-in filter effects like drop shadow, blur, gradient level, glow, level and color adjust. Filters are actually visual effects that are applied in MovieClips and in text fields, being at the same time natively supported and ...more

The One Big “Secret” You MUST Know to Make Money Online!

So you want a profitable website. You do a search on Google and find 56,293,580 websites that will tell you how to go about creating your business. Everyone promises the moon. You start clicking on links and what do you find?

Everyone wants to sell you something!

Their special ebook that will tell you all the answers. Or, if you buy their software, you will be making money tomorrow. Join their membership website for X amount of dollars per month and you will have all the informati ...more

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