Optimize Websites Without Changing a Thing

If you are satisfied with your website, look again. Chances are there are several things that will help optimize your website while keeping the overall look and functionality the same. In particular, one of the biggest trends is a Content Management System which makes updating your site as easy as filling out a few form fields and typing some text into the form. Unfortunately, most tools that make it 'easier' lack when it comes to making it 'better'.

This is no big surprise as the same

So You Need to Have a Website

You may have (or work for) a small business, run a youth club or other organisation and have decided to (or been asked to) build a website to bring it into the information age. Where do you start?

Well, you don't start by commissioning expensive web consultants to do to the job for you! Consider doing it yourself – or at least part of the work. What you need to do can be divided into three stages.

1. Designing your website 2. Build your website using computer software 3. Pu

Flashing Text, Music and Annoying Website Elements: The Carnies of the Web

I love web sites. I loved them before I designed them. I like using them, reading them, watching videos on them, almost everything.

I also like carnivals. Cotton candy, fried products of all kinds. But I hate carnies. Always yelling at passer-bys who are just trying to enjoy the carnival. What jerks.

Unfortunately, there are carnies on the web as well. They are website elements that distract from a great web experience. I'm talking about things like scrolling marquees, flashing ba

Website Content for Foreign Audience: Writing for Translation

The Internet has made the world much smaller. Language and cultural barriers remain, though. People are still very different, and you should keep it in mind when you are writing anything for people who live in other countries.

Surprisingly many people think that creating, say, a website in other language means just to translate the existing English version into Chinese, Arabic, Russian, or some other language. Good translation by all means is very important – a professional translato

Importance of Web Application Development-J2EE

Because of growing importance of Internet in world wide economic, many investors are interested in its development. So surprising method is how will continuation to play a vital role to communicate world wide. "Web Application Developments" are only the keywords who guide you. There are many companies that require business-to-business interaction via web-services. Outsource projects transfer process is becoming most popular.

A web application developed in 3 tiers stage: User services, b

Web Site Absenteeism

An overwhelming number of businesses still don't have websites, and some of those who do aren't using their sites to generate income or provide any value to the people who visit them. I've heard many excuses. Some valid, most not. My apologies in advance for being frank, but I have to say that there's something wrong when you think it's ok to sit back and watch your competition advance into the 21st century as they steal away your customers, overflow their wallets, and do so 24 hours a day wh

Writing Your Website Copy Well

This may seem like an obvious statement to some, but to others it isn't. Spelling correctly on your website is a must, as is punctuation and capitalization.

Too often, I run into words spelled incorrectly on websites. No one is immune to this. I've been guilty of it a couple of times myself, but I've gone back and corrected it. Some things that are often spelled wrong include words with two vowels in a row, leaving out vowels, words with two identical consonants in a row and infrequentl

Why You Should Create a Webpage of Your Own

The Internet is big and getting bigger with each passing month and year. It is estimated that "in less than four years there will be over 250 million people on the web and in less than eight years they will be over one billion." The worldwide web is expected to be found in every household across the globe by that time. Giants in the Internet, cable and television industries are anticipating mergers in the future that will make it more and more accessible as well as affordable for everyone. In

Maintaining Your Website

Contrary to what some believe, a web site should definitely not be set up and then forgotten. Over time, information about your company can and will change. If your website remains unchanged, the world will pass it by. A website is not a one-time investment, but something to be cultivated and maintained.

Whether you do the maintenance on your site yourself or have someone else do it for you, you still need to personally review the write-ups on your website every month or two to ensure t

Quality Real Estate Web Sites – 5 Tips to Improve Your Site

As the real estate industry relies more heavily on generating leads through technology, it is crucial for real estate professionals to create a presence for themselves on the Internet. However, creating a presence just by having a Web page is not enough. Professionals must be prepared and committed to creating a quality Web site if they want to maximize the number of lead captures available through consumer Internet searches.

Options are endless when it comes to possibilities for profes

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