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136 Words That Will Reinvigorate Your Website

"It takes 136 Words to reinvigorate your website, and maybe your business.

136 Words to build an image and to establish a signature corporate personality.

136 Words to create name recognition and to imbed your identity in your audience's mind.

136 words to make you more than just a pitchman, more than just another interchangeable supplier.

136 words to turn commercial annoyance into memorable, meaningful, business conversation. ...more

Real Estate Websites – Avoiding the Embarrassment of Broken Links

Your real estate website should be the epitome of professionalism.

Why? Because websites reflect their owners. So if a real estate website is sloppy and full of errors, readers will think the same of the agent behind the site. And who wants an error-prone agent helping them with something as important as buying or selling a home?

Take hyperlinks, for example. A website with broken links does not inspire confidence. It does not convey attention to detail, which is what people look ...more

Your Blue Print For A Successful Web Site

Many businesses today simply put up a web site with the same old mentality "build it and they will come." These business owners soon become entangled, confused, overmatched and ultimately fail. The web sites that are successful and make the most money are not the ones with the most glitz or glamour rather they are the ones with the best content.

To put together a successful web site you first have to make a business plan for your web site. Your plan should start with the content of your ...more

Simple Coding Tips To Make Life Easier

If you are a PHP coder, HTML hawker or a ASP junkie, then you have most likely experienced to frustration of having a poorly organized work area. Then, to make matters worse you have trouble deciphering your code, not to mention problems you have debugging.

There are a few simple steps that you can take to ensure that your coding experience will be as rewarding as it should be.

Firstly, your work space. Having a clean workspace doesn't mean that you have to break out the dustp ...more

Top 10 Things to Check Before Launching Your Website

Congratulations! You're ready for launch! But before you make your site known to the world, it's important to check it carefully through fresh eyes. Yes, you've been living and breathing every link, dissecting each and every page, and slaving over your content. But, your site's credibility can easily get shot the second a visitor hits a broken link or spots a typo. After all, your site is a reflection on your business, your product and,

Make ...more

Franchisee Websites and the Main Franchisor Website and Potential Conflicts

Franchisors must have a strategic plan to extend their brand image. In doing this they must also be careful that individual franchisee's websites do not conflict with the message that the franchisee company wishes to convey to its customers. All too often a franchisee will set up the website and all that website will have information that is contrary to the image that the franchisor or wishes to promote it all regions and markets. This can be bad and dilute the franchisors brand-name, mark ...more

How to Create a Family Website

When it comes to creating a website for your family, there are many paths you can take. The direction you take really depends on what you want to achieve with your family website. It also depends on the amount of time and money you are willing to spend creating and maintaining your website. Let's focus on the top two ways to create a family website; Build it or Buy it.

Building your own family website:

Many people choose to roll back their sleeves and create the ...more

Website Conflict: Design vs. Marketing, Part 2

Let's continue with the start-up, Scenario 1, which we were covering in Part 1 of this series. The web designer supplies no sales copy at all, so you have no content for your website or for the products that are at the wholesale warehouse. Also, you don't need to submit your site every month - for a multitude of reasons, and you don't need to have your site listed in 2,500 search engines.

If you have your site respectably listed with Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Netscape, and Alta Vista - ...more

Website Conflict: Design vs. Marketing, Part 1

What is the primary purpose of your website? What is more important - your design or your sales? Who should you listen to - the copywriter or the web designer?

Hopefully, you are already clear on which is more important, but let's look at a few points to get through this impasse. Your website is either related to a business, hobby, or a charity. This classification will help you decide if sales, or design, should have the final say.

If you have a hobby, and want an interactive ...more

Translating Web Sites – Considerations for Multilingual Online Businesses

I recently talked to someone who was in the process of translating their current web site (which is now in English) into several additional languages so he could appeal to more potential customers worldwide. By using the existing domain name and simply "adding pages to the site" in other languages, he thought he could save some money by not having to purchase additional domain names. I proceeded to explain to my friend that his idea of translating the site into different languages was a good ...more

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