Prepare for the Summer Travel Season – Give Your Website a Spring Cleanup!

As I sit thinking about "spring cleaning" my house, I realize that it is that time again for e-marketers to start thinking about a "spring cleaning" their websites for the coming high travel season.

Believe it or not the first quarter of 2006 is almost over. Many hoteliers I spoke to had high ambitions for increasing their online reservations this year and have now found themselves at the same place they were at the start of the year. It's time to take a hard look at your website and

The Google Analytics Beta: Improving Profits through Web Site Analytics

Web site analytics, for those who might not be familiar with the term, is the tracking of various performance metrics for a given web site. The metrics themselves can range from the simple (and relatively useless) count of " hits", i.e. requests for a given resource such as a single web page, image file, etc., to the measure of far more complex interactions. These complicated interactions can be totally arbitrary; for example, you might want to know the number of orders from visitors

Google Algorithm Problems

Have you noticed anything different with Google lately? The Webmaster community certainly has, and if recent talk on several search engine optimization (SEO) forums is an indicator, Webmasters are very frustrated. For approximately two years Google has introduced a series of algorithm and filter changes that have led to unpredictable search engine results, and many clean (non-spam) websites have been dropped from the rankings. Google updates used to be monthly, and then quarterly. Now wit

Why Comply? The Movement to W3C Compliance

The Internet: a powerful tool with endless possibilities to advance business, connect people and share information. We believe that with those opportunities comes a real responsibility to understand its complexity and provide universal solutions to its issues.

For Web developers, in particular, the onus falls on creating sites aimed at maximizing client contact through well-rounded, functional vehicles that drive traffic and generate sales. And in today's global economy, it also means u

Tips and Tricks for Traffic & Sales to Your Site!

When Designing a Website that will be successful there are a number of important tips and tricks you should take into account if you want to Capture Sales and build a list of trusted clients.

1)Content amd more content, relevant to your site and constantly updated. Content that supports what it is your selling and industry related.

2)That it Loads Quickly and Easily, many people click off after 10 seconds so you need to capture there attention quickly.


Beginners Guide to Starting Websites

If you are relatively new to the idea of using the internet to sell your business it can be a little intimidating as there are many new things to learn however it is definitely learning about a few basic pointers before beginning, as it can save a lot of time in the long term.

1. Most traffic on the internet comes through Search Engines. The big three are Yahoo, MSN and Google, but Google is by far the most popular search engine. When building a website it is important to always keep in

Making Your Web Site Usable

Almost everybody has ever heard of usability, but not everybody knows what it really is or why it is important for web sites.


First of all, usability is not exclusive to the web. It refers to the relationship between tools and their users, so it is applicable to practically any field.

Usability is usually defined as the measure of the ease with which particular people can employ a particular tool. With

Adding Content to your Web Site

Users visit (or should visit) your site for a given reason, and that reason has a name: content. Though the are mutiple types of web content (graphics, multimedia, downloads...) we will focus on the predominant one: textual content. In any case, the following definitions are also applicable to any other kind.


Good content can be defined as that which attracts users and keeps them coming back to your

Planning Your Web Site

While it seems pretty obvious that planning a web site is vital to its future development, I'm positive that a lot of web designers, programmers, etc. miss this step or don't give it the importance it deserves.


Prevention is better than cure: There are few things more annoying than changing plans in the middle of a process. Of course you will always be exposed to mischances, but by planning ahead

Creating a Marketing Focused Website that Sells

Online business owners often look at a website as development expense rather than a marketing expense. This is unfortunate and is often the reason why many online businesses under-perform. The Internet is still new and very much in its infancy and our view of how the web should operate, especially in the business realm, is still developing. It's been a slow process, but many business owners' attitudes towards website development and marketing has slowly begun to evolve.

Unfortunately, f

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