Web Server Features and Its Role in Web Hosting

Web servers are a remote computers or computer programs that delivers web content (like web pages, etc.) to the end user over the internet upon request through a web browser. It comprises a computer and a server program. Every web server will have an internet protocol(IP) address and domain name through which it is identified over the internet. Many web servers run on high speed internet connection. The basic function of a web server is to host websites and to deliver web content from its hos

Cynet Hosting – The Finest Malaysia Domain Hosting Service

Cynet Hosting is a Malaysian hosting company that offers a wide range of web hosting solutions. From cheap domain registration to high performance business hosting, they are the most comprehensive hosting destination for thousands of customers. Their two year mega saving plan makes them the most affordable and quality service around.

Web Hosting Choices Made Simple And Hassle Free

Web Hosting Choices Made Simple And Hassle Free

Things to Know About Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated web hosting provides the capabilities and resources of an entire server to only one user and is not shared with anyone else. When a whole server is completely dedicated to one user, they have enough memory to handle expanding amounts of traffic and bandwidth. In dedicated web hosting, users will have full access and control over the server which ensures high level security. Dedicated web hosting offers highly reliable and stable hosting services as the server is dedicated to only on

Website Monitoring: Is There Any Such Thing as a Free Ride?

It seems that there are an abundance of website monitoring services offering “free” website monitoring on the Web. Of course, this brings to light the question, why should you pay for something you can get for free? Before you decide to fore-go a website monitoring company that is up front with its pricing and opt for one of these free website monitoring services, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Is It Really Free? There are two types of people i

Comparison of Dedicated Hosting and Collocation Hosting

Dedicated hosting: Dedicated hosting is a configuration in which a server is adherent to a single user/organization serving a single purpose. Dedicated hosting service guarantees increased uptime, maximum optimization to the contents and better online application monitoring capabilities to the user. Collocation hosting: Collocation (also known as co-location) hosting is a service where the user's physical server is located at a third party data center. Colloc

Hire Domain Name Registration Service from a Reputed Hosting Provider

Giving your business a name is the primary thing to do when you start a new venture.

Why Not to Opt for a Free Web Hosting Service?

To survive with your competitors in today's business market, you need to create and establish a strong web presence online. This is possible only when you opt for a good web hosting service provider that enables your site to be online 24/7. But, many business owners when looking for hosting services go for free web hosting providers to save on cost without considering the deficiencies and in turn may find themselves in a muddle. There are numerous free web hosting services available where mon

Key Points to be Considered while Selecting a Right Data Center

Data center (virtual or physical) is a rationalized repository for the management, storage, and distribution of the information and data organized pertaining to a particular business. Most of the data centers are “in-house” and located within the organization’s premises. If they are outsourced i.e., located in a third-party company's site and managed there, then they are often regarded as collocation/co-location centers. These co-location centers are associated with collocation hosting

Comparison of VPS Hosting and Cloud Hosting Features

Introduction to VPS Hosting and Cloud Hosting Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting is the hosting service provided by a server which is not a physical server but a server type environment created through virtualization software. Technically, it is the combination of shared hosting and dedicated hosting. In this hosting service, each user website will be hosted in a private server to store their website data. Cloud Hosting services are offered by a group of multiple servers

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