Finding a One-Stop Solution to your E-Commerce Business Needs

Online businesses of any size need to have an efficient payment system to retain customers. In this tough economy, online stores have to make huge sales to run a sustainable business. But the security threats that plagued the retail business landscape have made the situation worse for business owners. Since the payment platform is a sensitive area and is susceptible to attacks, online retailers have to think about having an efficient and reliable solution in place to protect c

Amazing Benefits of Wearing Rudraksha for Devotees

Puja is an important thing for devotees to increase spirituality in Hinduism. Priest advice people to perform rituals in accordance to problems faced in daily life for quick resolution. In fact, it is an ideal way of attaining higher spirituality and leads a good life. In Vedic Astrology, there is solution for every kind of problem faced by the devotees. The obstacles and problems arise due to malignant positions of planets in the horoscope. To mitigate the problems, people can perform numerous

Importance of Sturdy Cases for Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have become integral part of life now. The electronic devices are being used for numerous purposes like internet surfing, communication, entertainment, gaming, and even in navigation to find out direction. This is why mobiles have become the favorite hand held devices for performing numerous works effectively in daily life. Further, it has become a fashion statement for the users to use advanced phone to get unique experience and impress onlookers. But, the devices need protection

Customer Trends & Expectations in Ecommerce World

If you are an owner of the Ecommerce website, then you need to take customer trends and their expectations into consideration for the evolving world of online stores. Unless customers are given a comfortable and profitable shopping experience, there won’t be much traffic on your ecommerce website. Some of the latest trends from customer side are discussed. Customized Customer Deals: Web analytics and customer tracking can be helping in managing online store. Through dat

Sturdy and Fitting Cases to Protect Phones

Phones have become integral part of life now. There are numerous brands of mobile phones that can be used by users according to requirement and budget. But, it is true that every consumer loves to use advanced mobile phones to get high end using experience in life. In advanced mobile phones, there are high end applications and features that are useful in getting unique using experience. But, irrespective of device advancements, the device is bound to get some problems due to accidents. It is ess

Role of Back links for Ecommerce Websites

Back-links are the links that are directed towards any website or more specifically to your ecommerce websites. There are two ways of receiving backlinks towards any site. First, is “Black Hat” links category coming from sites that have nothing to do with your website or online webstore, but are simply created for reciprocal link exchange. And next a

Sell your products through the Marketing channel of Facebook

Rise of social media is burgeoning in India and massive proportion of the population is yet to join the league of it. With mobile revolution already transforming the Indian digital literacy level, the potential of social media is yet to be explored fully. And when we talk about social media, how can we not think about Facebook (FB). FB has become the most popular social media channel and is ruling in country like India where Indians are feeling good about sociali

Importance of Affiliate marketing in Ecommerce website world

What is it? Affiliate marketing mainly involves promoting and marketing products of others and earning a commission based on the sales of such products. Affiliate Marketing is used by companies to reach a wider audience, increase sales and their customer base. It is a fantastic way for companies to get a large number of people (affiliates) to advertise, promote and sell their products and services in return for a small commission. Why E-Commerce world?

A 3-Pronged Approach to Drive Ecommerce Sales

Can a mobile app company drive sales for an e-commerce business? How can the solutions offered by a technology services provider empower a business venture in increasing revenues? Read on to find out.

With global e-commerce sales projected to exceed $1.7 trillion (econsultancy), the online retail ventures a

We are Webbies

Webbies is an association of people who Eat while on the web, Pray to the Gods residing in Silicon Valley , Love the Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburgs of the world, and Sleep while continuously dreaming about what can be the next breakthrough app. The web is our home. We comprise of people who jump in excitement when they feel they have cracked the design or the algorithm they were working on, people who are deeply passionate abou

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