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Choosing a Merchant Account Provider

Everyone that runs an online business has to answer the question: which merchant account provider should I choose? There are literally thousands of providers out there that offer similar services. The purpose of this article is to clue you in on what you should be looking for in a merchant account provider. Price When it comes down to it, money is the most important consideration. Providers have a wide array of fees that they access. Most providers require a setup fee for the service and then ...more

Dxinone E-currency Trading Reviewed

Copyright 2006 Timothy Rohrer By now you may or may not have heard of the e-currency exchange program that is run by Dxinone. Dxinone has been around for the past 4 years and is still going strong making many people wealthy who take advantage of their e-currency exchange program. The e-currency exchange program is an elaborate system that enables users to act as a Dxgold merchant who is able to process transactions for other users who wish to move money from one online currency to another. Wh ...more

Podcasting Monetization Strategies for Publishers

Copyright 2006 Rok Hrastnik With the growing popularity of podcasting, publishers and marketers around the world are asking themselves how to monetize this content channel and make delivering audio content via RSS profitable. Today, let's take a look at how publishers can expect to generate podcasting revenues both directly and indirectly - by combining monetization through ad sales and content sales with using podcasting as a marketing vehicle itself. 1. STARTING WITH AD SALES AND CONTENT S ...more

Fast and Easy Translation of a 3-Dimension Experience into an Online 2-D Format

What do you get when you cross a reasonable price and market-leading 3d technologies? Right now, the answer is Anything 3D software, which is a kind of supreme being when it comes to software for creation 3d virtual panoramas and images that meet your most demanding needs. Our digitally networked society creates an ever increasing demand for accurate information. We regard it as an important challenge for the e-commerce to aid the user in close understanding of the information about the product ...more

Which e-Currency Should You Use?

by Matthew Glanfield, DXTrainers With the recent problems that we have been seeing with IntGold and other online currencies I have decided to address the issue of which e-Currencies are good to use. The main difficulty in talking about this is that working with e-Currencies is not easy as they are constantly changing in many ways. We can easily see this with PayPal. As they grew they had to adopt new rules and regulations to protect themselves and also those using their service ...more

Top 10 Ways to Market Your Website Offline

Copyright 2006 Donna Gunter If you have a website, you are constantly bombarded with information about how to promote it, from pay-per-click search engines to submitting articles to exchanging links with other sites. The sheer volume of information that one encounters when embarking on Internet marketing is just overwhelming. As I was talking to a potential client the other day, the topic of promoting her company's website came up, and I knew that my telling her about all of the ways to condu ...more

Warning: EBay Scams To Watch Out For

There are many eBay scams out there to keep an eye out for when you are buying or selling on eBay. This article will cover some of the known and not so well known scams to be aware of. Whether you're a causal buyer or seller, or a professional on eBay, you need to know about these scams so that you can take measures to prevent or recognize if it's happening to you. Bid Shielding This scam is something you need to watch out for as a seller on eBay. Basically the scam is run using two separate e ...more

Making Money Online: What are you doing?

Copyright 2006 David Lumsden If you are doing something that is a lot better than most!!! Let me put it to you plainly, it is/has been your intention to make money online, by means of a business venture, an affiliate program, by an online retail outlet or possibly by selling some information of which you are an expert(?). Let us say you started doing this last week, you have good excuses for not having put the fatted calf on the table. Last month, you are still ok in my book, a year ago? Oh d ...more

Universal Web Design Catering to All of Your Visitors

Copyright 2006 Mark Nenadic The world wide web is an extremely unique place that allows everybody to have access to the same information from all around the world. This truly is an ability never experienced before by humankind. Just as exciting is the fact that this resource is always growing, expanding, and improving, so that a web user is limited only by his or her own imagination. As the world wide web continues to grow, so will the needs of its different users. For this reason, universal ...more

Link Swapping Is Unnatural

Copyright 2006 John Jantsch While there are lots of little things that add up to getting a web site to rank high for search terms, high quality, keyword rich content and incoming links are the two most important variables. Every search engine has a page of some sort that allows you to submit your website to be indexed, but using them is probably a waste of time. Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and Ask Jeeves all prefer to find website by following links. This strategy theoretically gives a site more ...more

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