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Yahoo! Store – A Complete Online Store Solution with Yahoo! Store Developer (

If you want to build an online store quickly then Yahoo! Store is the most established storefront system for nowadays. Yahoo Store is a complete Online Store Solution for businesses of any size. For the various reasons, Including: * Create your store quickly and start selling. * Flat monthly fee. * Yahoo Store can easily be built, updated and modified as needed - it is very flexible. * Option to Participate in Yahoo! Shopping. * 24 hour toll-free customer support * Easy-to ...more

Applying Niche Marketing principles to Your Business

Copyright 2006 Mark Nenadic A single industry of any type is far to large for any individual business to tackle all on its own. Even the largest corporations cannot cover a whole market by themselves. This is where niche marketing becomes a businessperson's best friend for making potential much more manageable. If you develop your own niche marketing strategy, then your business will offer specialized goods and services, and you will be able to target specific niche groups of prospective clien ...more

Matt Gagnon’s E-currency Exchange Program

Copyright 2006 Timothy Rohrer I have been searching for a way to make money online for 5 years, and let me be the first to say that most of the programs out there are out right scams. Throughout my research and after I had invested more than $10,000 in worthless programs that promised the world I eventually stumbled across the e-currency exchange program. Like anyone else, I was very skeptical and decided to do my due diligence on the program. I phoned Matt Gagnon and spoke to him personally ...more

Get Paid to Surf – The Next Big Thing

Copyright 2006 Ron LeBlanc The latest concept for the internet entrepreneur is pay to surf. Do I mean you get paid to sit on your butt and surf web pages? Yes, absolutely! I know many people would think it impossible to get double digit returns on their money daily, but that is in fact what is promised by these sites. How do they work? The concept is very simple. You establish an account with them and then start surfing. They display pages that others want advertised on a timer of anywhere fr ...more

The Importance of Setting Up Your Own Website Online

Copyright 2006 Mal Keenan The importance of a website for any online endeavour cannot be understated. There are some who claim that you can make money online even without a website. This is true. It is possible to earn some income without the benefit of your own site. I would say that for the little money that it takes to set up your own domain name and hosting you are putting yourself at an disadvantage by not setting up your own storefront online. Even if you register your own name(ie http: ...more

Is Your Ordering Process Clear and Easy?

How many customers could you be losing with confusing forms and difficult ordering processes? You may not realize it's confusing, difficult, or even full of errors until one potential customer makes a complaint. While one may complain, others won't even bother to seek out the answer to the problem and move on to another website. Different people like to purchase in different ways. Some like personal contact and will email you orders or have no problems filling out a form to be contacted for p ...more

People are Making Money Out of Thin Air

People are Making Money Out of Thin Air It is no secret that there are extraordinary opportunities for making money on the Internet. The Internet is like a global shopping mall that never sleeps. You can now purchase every type of product and service imaginable online and people are shopping 24 hours a day 365 days a year. As more people become comfortable with shopping online Internet sales will only continue to increase. The Internet is not only giving people greater access to buy goods an ...more

Starting a drop shipping business in the computer industry

Creating a drop shipping business is not that difficult. If you understand the basics of running a business, drop shipping is only a hop, skip & a jump away. However, the computer industry can be very competitive. Thats why its good to offer a lot of value added type accessories, such as "computer cables". There isn't a lot of mark up in computers, but typically there is a little extra margin in the accessories. Printers, peripherals, cables, etc. The first step to drop shipping, is to establ ...more

Sales From Your Site – Make It Simple For Prospects

Building a web site often can lead to interesting deviations caused by practicalities and changes in perspective. This is okay so long as you keep things simple for prospects. Many business owners unintentionally erect barriers between themselves and their customers when it comes to the site sales process. Simple mechanisms can be put in place to remove these barriers. A business owner that is always looking for new ways to connect with potential customers often finds his or her efforts payin ...more

ASP (hosted) Shopping cart software ‘versus’ Shop in a box

Many small and medium sized businesses have found that working through an Application Service Provider or ASP (hosted and managed shopping cart software), removes the hassles that are standard in managing an online store or shopping cart. Furthermore, it is now accepted that outsourcing this function will not only benefit a businesses bottom line, but also enables merchants to spend less time sorting out technology problems, leaving them more time to concentrate on the important matters of runn ...more

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