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Making Money Online: What are you doing?

Copyright 2006 David Lumsden If you are doing something that is a lot better than most!!! Let me put it to you plainly, it is/has been your intention to make money online, by means of a business venture, an affiliate program, by an online retail outlet or possibly by selling some information of which you are an expert(?). Let us say you started doing this last week, you have good excuses for not having put the fatted calf on the table. Last month, you are still ok in my book, a year ago? Oh d ...more

Universal Web Design Catering to All of Your Visitors

Copyright 2006 Mark Nenadic The world wide web is an extremely unique place that allows everybody to have access to the same information from all around the world. This truly is an ability never experienced before by humankind. Just as exciting is the fact that this resource is always growing, expanding, and improving, so that a web user is limited only by his or her own imagination. As the world wide web continues to grow, so will the needs of its different users. For this reason, universal ...more

Choosing a Merchant Account Provider

Everyone that runs an online business has to answer the question: which merchant account provider should I choose? There are literally thousands of providers out there that offer similar services. The purpose of this article is to clue you in on what you should be looking for in a merchant account provider. Price When it comes down to it, money is the most important consideration. Providers have a wide array of fees that they access. Most providers require a setup fee for the service and then ...more

Are You PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Prejudiced?

Copyright 2006 Bonnie Kotch I was reading an article one day, that ironically I found while searching through Google for subject matter to write about. I wish I had bookmarked the page, but I didn't. I do remember the content of the article: Pay-Per-Click Fraud. Now, being in and out of PPC advertising off and on as the mood strikes me, the title of the article hit me in the forehead like the snap of a strategically aimed wet towel. I believe I still sport the welt. The article led you to b ...more

Issues with Wholesale Dropship International and How to drop ship outside the United States

Step-by-Step Drop Ship -WWW.Dropshipping-Prod ucts.Com I get this question all the time from non-US citizens..."How do I wholesale dropship oversees or sell to US based customers while not being a US based business?" and this one "I'm really mad, some of the dropshippers in the drop ship directory I subscribed to won't dropship internationally..." -Folks, there are ways of running a drop ship business while not being a US citizen. First, if you're a Canadien, German, Russian, Madagasc ...more

Online Business.

Once you start an online business the benefits are multiple. Imagine being able to work whenever you want; however you want, and with whomever you please. What if I tell you that you can be your own boss, you choose your own schedule and still make a lot of money? For most people this is just a dream, but the truth is that it may be easier than you can imagine. Bellow I have enumerated and briefly explained the many benefits of starting your own online business. Also you will learn how to eas ...more

Make Money Fast.

One of the easiest ways you can make money fast with your online business is to create your own products and sell those products to other people over the Internet. The set up process may take you a few weeks, but once the products are ready they work almost entirely by themselves. This is a very profitable and satisfying experience. Imagine having sale ‘agents' that work tirelessly for you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week the whole year. Moreover, these ‘agents' produce money con ...more

Make money on the Internet

If you read my other articles, you know already that there are many ways to make money on the Internet. I personally can't understand why people don't do it more often when it is so easy. "Variety is the spice of life." That's a fact. This subject is precisely huge because there is not one, two or three ways to make money online, but many. In fact this is what I would do if I were you. Instead of focusing on one specific business only, I would set up different ones at least to try and find out ...more

Content Ever be Profitable?


1. Content Suppliers

The Ethos of Free Content

Content Suppliers is the underprivileged sector of the Internet. They all lose money (even sites which offer basic, standardized goods - books, CDs), with the exception of sites profering sex or tourism. No user seems to be grateful for the effort and resources invested in creating and distributing content. The recent breakdown of traditional roles (between publisher and author, record company and singer, etc ...more

Don’t Get Ripped Off Getting A Merchant Account

Far too many people get ripped off when setting up a merchant account for their online business. The biggest reason is that they don't understand their options and are intimidated by the whole process. Now, armed with the proper knowledge, you don't need to become a victim of this process.

You may be like me when I first decided my online business had grown big enough to justify a merchant account. Maybe you have enough sales where getting your own account makes a lot more sense ...more

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