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Experts will help you in your business with direct & E-mail marketing Macromark a trusted name in the business

Today if you don’t market your product or service effectively there are almost no chances of your business running for a long term. You need to get noticed in the market by the consumers. You have to make your presence felt 24*7*365days. ...more

Importance of Army Rank and Insignia for United States

Ever country has the defense mechanism and army base for the safety and protection of the country. Every day thousand of army officials and soldiers sacrifice their lives so that we can live our lives peacefully and happily. ...more

Become independent with Bitcoin

Maybe you have thought what's the most important and substantial require in these modern times? The obvious answer is, “Money”. ...more

Guides To Buying Vintage Clothing

In these times, like antik jeans, classic womens fashion online might be one of life’s biggest pleasures. Every lady appears to have a number of marvelous vintage clothing in her attire. Here are a few tips about how exactly to get classic clothing such as a master for beginne ...more

Creating or Buying the Right Mailing List

Direct mailing is a way of direct marketing and it can be beneficial to you only when your content of the e-mail is crisp and strong. Remember, there is a flip side to direct mail marketing, viz., it is click friendly, which doesn’t take much time for the end user to move the mail to the trash folder. ...more

New age businesses rely on IMAP. Are you still with POP3?

Like other new age enterprises, your business must be using emails as the primary mode of communication. But the business communication can be affected hugely by your choice of email connection protocol. ...more

What Makes POP3 Email Service Obsolete?

A constant increase is noted in the number of users switching from conventional Post Office Protocol, version 3 (POP3) email service. The email connection allows users to download messages from the remote mail server. So a user can download his messages to the local drives of his computer, and access the messages in offline mode. ...more

Is it high time to switch to IMAP Email?

As a modern and robust email connection protocol, Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) comes with the features of some of the widely used protocols like Microsoft Exchange and POP3. A gradual increase is also noted in the number of users changing from these conventional protocols to IMAP to avail several benefits. ...more

Are you still living in POP3 era? See what you are missing out on.

A constant increase is noted in the number of users switching from conventional Post Office Protocol, version 3 (POP3) email accounts to more effective Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) emails. ...more

Email encryption – what it is and how it works

Technology has changed our lives many folds in the past few decades. One of the best inventions of all time, one that encompasses all and affects every facet of every person’s life on this planet, is of course the internet. ...more

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