Spray on Dirt Research and Development

For protecting military assets in the modern battlefield is paramount and therefore spray on dirt may be a concept worth research and development dollars. Coming up with simple solutions such as new ways to camouflage large numbers of vehicles very quickly in the battle space makes sense. Having an arsenal of concepts cost little or nothing compared to a new high-tech army tank. In the new high-tech army tank is a little value if you're enemy sees it first and shoots to kill it. Well, ther

Changing Color of Robotic Insect Swarms In-Flight

In the future the military will have new secret weapons into one of these weapons might be robotic insect swarms to attack the enemy. We all know in warfare that the element of surprise is preferred even over the size of the force. You see the element of surprise has a huge advantage for the offensive team. If your enemy is not expecting robotic insect swarms to swoop upon their troop movements within it makes sense to use them. If your enemy may suspect that you might use robotic insect

Rapid Re-Camouflaging of Military Convoys

The future of warfare is changing rapidly in the modern battlefield. The logistical military convoys are also changing and soon they will be robotic with no people. But for now we have valuable human life within those convoys and they must be protected at all costs. The best way to protect a military convoy is with camouflaging, however we must also realize that when we go from one area to another such as a desert and then thru a forest the color of the convoy needs to change with the surr

Chemical Fog Bank Applications to Shoot Down Robotic Insect Swarms

In the future warfare will be much different. There will be new types of weapons and many of them much more deadly than before. One new weapon we are seeing in the near future will be robotic insect swarms, which operate much like the swarms, locust plagues or Hornets as the attack their prey. Sounds pretty science-fiction doesn't? Indeed, but the future is nearly upon us. Such robotic insect swarms will be very difficult to combat against. But there is away. How so you ask? Well, how a

World Bank Helps Developing Nations With Clean Energy

The World Bank is working very hard to help emerging nations with their energy needs and they are working very hard to make sure that these emerging nations do not make the same mistake that the first world nations have made, in that they wish to help loan monies to these nations so they can build clean energy.

In many emerging nations they derive energy, heat and power by burning animal crap and wood. However, there is not quite enough animal crap to go around and this is dangerous in

Guarding Against the Future of War with China

China's build up for war in the billions they are investing in their military has many countries in Asia quite worried. Taiwan, the Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and others are all worried that China is growing its military so in the future it will dominate the entire part of that region and one-forth of the world.

In fact with all the Middle Eastern problems and Machiavellian tactics of switching sides it appears that China is hoping no one is noticing its quick

Searching for The Most Efficient Launch For Private Space Ships

The commercialization of space is here and now in the present period. We saw space ship one win the X-Prize and take home the check for $10 million. Indeed Burt Rutan, Paul Allen and Sir Richard Branson were the first to send a private spacecraft into space. Yes they were the first, but they are not the only company working on this.

There are many other companies working on private spacecraft, which will be used to take space tourists into orbit and eventually to the moon. As a matter

Hydrofoil Sail Craft Advance As Technology Develops Momentum

We all know how fast world-class sailboats are but did you know that hydrofoil Sail craft now exist. So what is hydrofoil technology anyway? Well, hydrofoil technology is like the fin below a sailboat, but all the fin are little wings called strakes and as the sailboat goes faster and faster the boat lifts up out of the water completely into water no longer touches the hull.

The boat looks as if it is flying, but it is really resting on the little wings underwater. How could do that?

The Japanese Newest Bullet Train

Perhaps you have not heard the Japanese now have a bullet train that exceeds 250 mph. The only problem is that takes a long time to slow down, so it doesn't reach Top Speed on every trip or stay at those Top Speed for very long. But its speed is what you need then this bullet train is best of breed.

The previous fastest bullet trains ran at 125 miles an hour in Japan between our Osaka and Tokyo. But the French with their TGV bullet train has run at a top speed of 218 mph. But this new

Aerodynamic Discussion of Wind Flows in Urban Settings

Due to the way that human civilizations have developed in urban downtown metro areas we find that the wind severely increases between the buildings. With increased wind speeds between buildings we can take advantage of the Bernoulli Principal and install wind generators between the buildings. How so you ask?

By placing semi-rigid and somewhat flexible cables spanning between the buildings, which work off special sensors, which gauge the direction and speed of the wind and to move accord

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