Alternative Energies; Coating Needed to Help Create Static Electricity

We need to design a coating to help us create static electricity which will adhere to Carbon Nano-Tube materials so that in the future we can use this static electricity to run systems in buildings, ships, aircraft, vehicles, trains, over passes and well just about anything. How so you ask? Well let us consider that when the wind; either relative wind airflows caused from a moving object or just normal airflows across a surface of an object which is stationary; it creates static electricity a

Contouring the Landfill Landscapes to Increase Wind Flow Speeds

Currently most landfill when completed are big ugly flat areas and generally many very smart government agencies and/or contract partnerships will build parks on top or something useful. We even find many of them collecting the methane gas and re-using it, as it makes a very good fuel for perhaps city vehicles, ground landscaping equipment or powering up stadium lights for the park. Smart thinking and it makes sense.

I would like to propose yet another concept. Lets contour the landscap

Multi-Wave Modulation for Encryption for Military and NSA Applications; Theory

In the new paradigm of the modern battles space the United States Military realizes that the need for communication and safe transmission of encrypted data is paramount to the modern future force war fighter. Unfortunately with the advance of quantum computing it may be more difficult to encrypt one's and zeros in data transmissions than in previous periods. I believe I have figured out an answer to the problem of safe data encryption at high rates of speed you seen multiple waves.


Space Radiation to Power Up Space Station and Long Term Exploration Capsules

Is there a way to solve the space radiation problem, which is of concern for human life and Long space station stays or long-term space flight while also allowing for the production of energy for the space station or space capsule? I believe there is and would suggest the use of carbon nano tube, layered construction.

Where each carbon nano tube was configured in a cylinder, honeycomb geometric shape, with H20 water molecules inside. The water would prevent the space radiation problem,

Iridology Training

While we may be seeking an alternative health education, an iridology training program may be the unique option of choice. Iridology schools, distance learning classes and online education programs teach individuals how to read and analyze the iris of the eye.

Iridology training courses vary in length and cost, but often provide a curriculum that introduces the tools and techniques regarding iridology. Iridology training begins by teaching interested individuals how to work with an ir

The Future of Biological Fuel Cells

President Bush along with his other top advisers in science have been promising a technological breakthrough in science long alternative energies in since the president has made this part of his speeches in the last three months do you realize that the research and development community, has been pushing themselves to compete with each other to find that breakthrough?

Indeed you know since the president has made his speech and made it known that we are very close to breakthrough that th

Conserving Energy Using Alternative Energy Technologies for High Use Infrastructure

Did you know that commercial and government wastewater treatment facilities in the United States of America use between five and six percent of America's energy resources? What if there was a way to have these sewage treatment plants and wastewater treatment facilities, operated by the government, generate their old electricity to power of the systems. In other words they would not need any energy from the grid. Sure, they would still be connected to the grid, but only in an emergency would

Cleaning Water and Generating Power in Third World Villages

Environmental concerns in Third World countries are very important to the health and welfare of the human beings that live there. Let's take for instance in Indonesia where the Tsunami destroyed villages and homes and washed debris, animal wastes, sewage and pollution into drinking water supplies, rivers, reservoirs and wells. In places like this it is important that they have some sort of way to treat sewage water and wastewater. But there are no sewer treatment plants and there's often a

Designer Hurricanes Spinning The Wrong Direction; Owning the Weather by 2006

Is it possible to start a hurricane, which spans the opposite direction in order to stop a hurricane from forming? Or would the energy being created merely disrupt the hurricane formation only to allow it to join forces later and cause an even bigger hurricane?

Now, before all the scientists and weather meteorologists jump all over my scenario; I would like to point out that with high-energy lasers and large directional sound beams we may be able to start a circular rotation of wind su

Dropping Humans Inside Precision Bomb Pods Into The Battlespace

As radar systems get better it will become harder to insert special teams or Navy Seals into enemy territory. Generally, during wartime nothing gets in and nothing gets out without being detected. The United States of America military and the United States Air Force have the answer in stealth technologies.

Our stealth technologies are superior to all other such technologies in the world and we can get aircraft into the battle space without detection. Perhaps we can use this stealth t

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