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Hydrogen Creating Barges or Platforms in the Ocean to Make Truck Fuel

A very smart gentleman and futurist ask today if we could build barges to make hydrogen fuel for cars? Put them in the ocean and let them make hydrogen near transfer terminals to put into the distribution system so we could deliver it to gas stations to put in cars and trucks. Could it really be that easy? Indeed, sure that works, have Desalination system prior to hydrogen separation collection system and merely release the oxygen there?

Meanwhile we could put it on barges or even empty ...more

How Can We Generate Hydrogen for Auto Fuel?

Is there a way to take Hydrogen from pure air? Can we some how take the hydrogen out of the air and use it for our cars? How so you ask?

Well, what if we used a few physics ideas? Let's say we increase airspeed from wind into a venturi, as it starts to form into water droplets due to the wind chill factor, we then use those water drops to separate out the hydrogen. H20 from air and two parts hydrogen and allow the oxygen to escape? Hydrogen, which is lighter than air can be caught as t ...more

Thinking to Innovate

How does one super charge their brain and learn to really think? Well here is a clue and what I did today. I picked several interrelated topics and then wrote out a few titles of each thought and brief half sentence qualifier. Then I took those ideas and put the titles at the top of 6 pages and wrote a paragraph of introduction and five question to each thought. So what were the six items for the six pages?

Well they are nothing you might think about, but sometimes it helps to think on ...more

Engineering and Toy Making

Dear Parents, have you noticed all the cool toys lately on the shelves at Wal-Mart? Isn't amazing the level of sophistication and engineering? I means some of these toys are very high-tech, especially the remote control, flying toys; which hover, have rocket engines or fly with such ease? It almost appears if a whole bunch of engineers got fed up with the boom and bust cycles of the aerospace industry and chucked it all to do something totally fun; make toys.

Why is this so intriguing? ...more

Wind Turbine Generators Kill Birds; Can It Be Prevented?

One problematic feature with wind power is that birds often fly into the wind turbine blades and get struck and then break their wings and die. In fact it is so common that now some environmental activists, which have always been very pro-wind generation due to the environmental aspect of it, are having second thoughts.

Some laugh it off and say well maybe the wind generators will prevent the migratory birds from spreading bird flu to local regional bird species? But really that is not ...more

Micro MAV Swarms and Sound Wave Evading Measures

In the future our Military will use robotics in warfare. And the sizes of these robots will surprise you. They will be big and small and some will fly and others will be on the ground, still others under the sea. But the most deadly of all may be the ones you can barely see. Indeed we may send in very small micro-mechanical devices in huge swarms, mechanical insects if you will to disrupt the enemy?

Perhaps we will use micro-mechanical insects to interact and lead other insect swarms to ...more

Illegal Immigration; What Can We Do About It?

Some say that the people coming over our border are just trying to build a better life? Well not all of them, some come to join gangs, sell drugs or steal cars. Did you know that currently if you are caught three times you are barred for life from even visiting currently, in AZ over 35% of the Prison population is illegal aliens, that is a huge cost indeed.

One man stated; "How about creating Immigration posts along the border with Mexico and as the US deports the illegals, tell them t ...more

Weather Satellite Data Needed if We Are to Ever Control The Weather

Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to control the Earth Weather systems to prevent flooding and adequate rainfall for crops? What if we could lessen the Typhoon and Hurricane Seasons? Can you imagine what a gift that would be for mankind? Imagine it all; imagine that and then consider the lack of data and knowledge we have? There is an issue of concern with weather satellites; GAO Report Foresees Gap In Weather Satellite Coverage ...more

Looking Back From 2057


Well, its been an exciting century for me starting with the launch of the Russian satellite, Sputnik in 1957 and ending with the first space elevator on my 100th birthday in 2057. Its also been a sad and depressing time too with various wars and conflicts but it all worked out for us all in the end.

The really frustrating thing is we could have done much of this years ago and saved our selves so much grief, but we didn't partly because we didn't know how but mo ...more

Multiple Beam Ultrasound Locust Swarm Control

Can we stop a locust swarm with ultrasound or some directional sound wave? If we can stop the swarms we stand to save millions of acres of farmland and crops. If we can steer the locust swarms around to their final destination then perhaps we can save much of our crop yield. Losing an entire years crops in already starving Africa is not a pretty picture and it is for this reason that we must find a way to stop these locust plagues.

One researcher Warren Powers states; "The practical del ...more

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