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Can We Use Sound Waves to Make Locusts Crash When Swarming?

Is there a way to cause all the locusts in a locust plague or swarm to crash? Can we cause structural failure in their wings using directed sound waves or sound energy? This subject was recently brought up in an online think tank while brain storming ways to stop locusts from devastating the countryside.

Can we use sound waves to steer locusts around crops or can we use sound to break their wings while in flight? Perhaps, and in like an old Comet Airliner and down it goes from harmonic ...more

Stopping Locust Plague With Truck Mounted Acoustic Weapons

Is it possible to stop a locust plague with an acoustic weapon or sound device mounted in a giant semi-truck? How could this be done? One recent member of an online think tank, thinking ahead of spring and summer when locusts maybe likely to swarm thinks this may all be possible. The think tanker states:

"This is a job for a sound engineering corporation like"

Indeed the idea of stopping a locust swarm with a giant sound weapon is a job for those who study sou ...more

Harmonic and Acoustic Transference to Stop Locust Swarms

Is it possible to stop a locust plague thru use of sound waves, harmonics and acoustic directional sound technologies? First we know that Locust Swarms are intense with as many as 20 million insects ripping thru the countryside eating everything in sight. Indeed these swaths of devastation can be five to twenty square miles wide.

How could we build a directional sound machine capable of stopping locust plagues on our neighbors? Or even within the United States? Perhaps we could use one ...more

Locust Plagues Devastate the Lands

One of the most ominous problems which plagues humankind is huge swarms of locusts devastating the land as they eat their way thru human civilizations. But at least one online think tank member believes he just might have the answer to put an end to this disastrous challenge, which threatens mankind. Mr. Warren Power's believes the answer is simple and sound. In fact the method he wants to use is harmonic, acoustic and sound wave technologies to stop the locust swarms in their tracks.

B ...more

Do Locusts Use Harmonic Resonance to Increase Endurance in Swarms?

At least one brilliant theorist believes that there maybe a lot more to the way that Bees and Locusts fly than what we think. In fact Mr. Warren Powers has a theory that they create their own resonance, which helps them stay aloft and do so using far less energy than every considered policy. But how would they be able to deny aerodynamic theory? Well explains Mr. Powers; they are using some additional strategies as he explains in an online think tank.

Warren writes; "Locusts during a sw ...more

Giant Acoustic Arrays to Arrest Locust Plagues

One concept, which is being floated in the scientific community to stop locust plagues from devastating the landscape is to use directional sound beams to stop them as they fly and eat their way across the countryside? But is it really possible? The brilliant thinker behind this concept believes it is and has announced his concept in an online think tank. Mr. Warren Powers wishes to use large acoustic arrays to send directional sound waves into the Locust Swarms to disrupt their ability to fl ...more

Man versus Locusts

Locust Plagues are so serious to humankind's civilization that it makes sense to do more research in order to stop them. One online think tank member and brilliant mind believes he may just have the answer. Mr. Warren Powers wants to use directional sound waves to stop locust storms in their tracks and prevent them from devastating crops and causing human starvation.

Warren states; "I suspect the sound energy to disrupt the flight of a swarm of locusts would be significant; I can't even ...more

Serious Plans Under Way to Stop Locust Plagues via Directional Sound Waves

An online think tank member and concept designer has been studying the aerodynamics of insect flight; specifically bees and locusts and now he believes has figured out the puzzle which has literally plagued mankind since ancient times. How to stop locust swarms from devastating human civilizations. How so you ask?

Mr. Warren Powers has drawn out plans to test a concept of using directional sound waves to control and stop locust storms. In his announcement of the concept Mr. Warren state ...more

Franchise the Palestinian Territory for Peace

There is quite a lot of tension between Israel and the Palestinian people and with the electing of Hamas into power things just got worse, as Hamas is an admitted International Terrorist Organization.

Most people agree that Israel has a right to protect their people from Hamas. Some are for clearing out the cancer, Hamas and everyone, which supports it. Theses folks say that they must leave, if they choose not to, then eliminate them.

How can this issue be solved? Some have said p ...more

Why Use Biomass for Our Energy Needs

The last five years has seen a revolution in how governments, people and industry view energy. The positive aspects of biomass energy have come to the forefront in this discussion.

Why Use Biomass for Our Energy Needs: The Pros

The primary positive aspect of biomass is it is part of the biocycle of life. This means it isn't toxic to the environment because it is more or less the environment. An additional benefit is the fact biomass almost always breaks down relatively quickly to ...more

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