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Random Swarm Deformation and Re-Alignment Strategies

When using swarming tactics in military operations and you come up against a barrage of fire, there are ways to minimize losses in the swarm to continue the mission. Why is this important? Well, in the future swarm tactics will be used more often especially as UAV unmanned aerial vehicles and robotic fighting units are at work. Since no humans are involved you can sacrifice a few units as decoys to draw fire or to take hits to protect the integrity of the "killer bee" type swarm formation as ...more

Fighting a Swarm With Swarming Techniques in the Battlespace

New methods are being developed to mimic the evolutionary tactics of insect swarms in warfare. This makes sense because we know for instance a killer bee swarm can take down a large animal in a short amount of time. Such tactics are nearly guaranteed success to propel an intruder or predator from their hive or territory. In defending a location, swarming tactics make a lot of sense.

In attacking a target swarming maneuvers also make sense. The insects generally are defensive in nature a ...more

Locust Plague Defense; Hanging Zap Net from Cargo Plane

For those who have sat and watched in horror as a Locust Plague came over head in a dark cloud of solid insects thundering across the landscape; they know the devastation that takes place as an entire seasons crop can be gone in a matter of minutes. As temperature increases so to will the balance between insects and their food chain, meaning more locust plagues and other insect swarming events.

What can mankind do to stop these locust plagues? Well I propose we use a hanging zap net or ...more

Swarm Warfare Battle Tactics Discussed

As the new tactics of the battlespace change many war planners and tacticians are moving toward swarm tactics for offensive maneuvers. But what can you do to defend your position, fleet or team against the onslaught of a swarming maneuver onto your location? Well actually there are a number of things you can do.

First you need to narrow the tip of the sword or the front of the swarm. The best way to do this is to section the swarm into a diamond grid pattern and defend accordingly. Now ...more

Taking Out a Swarm With a Directional Sound Wave

Can we take out a swarm of insects with a directional sound wave? Can we cause the wings to shatter like a wine glass with powerful sound waves? Well this is one idea which has been shot down now in an online think tank. The concept was sent to a professional engineer who confirmed that it probably is not feasible.

Previously I had thought that the wings on insects bend a lot and probably wound not be able to be latterly ripped by a sound wave. However one researchers contacted a profes ...more

Human Powered Space Craft? No Way!

Well the nut cases are out in full force I thought when I read someone on an online think tank state that we should put stationary bicycles in space craft and use the energy to charge the batteries or at least keep them topped off?

Whoooaa, I thought now we have plans to build our own human powered spacecraft? Yet as I got to think about it and followed the thread it actually makes sense in a way. There are numerous examples of human powered contraptions, from the Gossamer Albatross air ...more

Discussions on Killing Killer Bee Swarms in Flight

To diminish or kill a killer bee swarm in-flight as it is trying to attack a human you have to be careful not to kill the human. And you must understand how insect swarms fly. And so an online think tank began discussing this topic at length. How do these swarms stay aloft? And what types of airflows and aerodynamics does the group use?

One think tank member states; "You brought up the notion again about the nature of the swarm as a function of air motion or air flow relative to the cen ...more

The Key to Stopping Killer Bee and Locust Swarms is Understanding How They Work

Have you ever wondered how an insect swarm works? How it maintains flight or how for instance a Locust Plague can be so devastating in such short periods of time and even travel 1000 miles in less than a week? Well one group in an online think tank recently asked these questions. One member stated;

"If air velocity increases, as I suspect it does, would it not stand to reason that each bee would have to expend MORE energy to maintain flight, not less? It would be like flying into a head ...more

Contest Needed to Control Insect Swarms

There are many insect type swarms, which threaten mankind. For instance killer bees or the very devastating Locust Plagues, which can wipe out a seasons crops in minutes. It appears that we maybe able to control insect swarms in various ways; for instance sound waves, which are directed into the heart of the swarm.

And so this discussion came up recently in an online think tank when one member Warren states; "The experiments to make that determination are expensive by their very nature. ...more

Killer Bee Swarming Signals and Directional Sound Devices

Can we stop a killer bee swarm by disrupting their swarming signal with a directional sound beam? One think tank member in an online think tank believes so. In fact if it can be done, which appears to be a good possibility we can save our citizens from unnecessary deaths from killer bees.

One think tank member stated; "The American Technology Corporation device is imperative to even consider doing field or lab experiments on disrupting a bee's flight characteristics or disrupting the sw ...more

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