Tunneling Robots for Combat; Design Concepts

When fighting in urban situations often the enemy can hiding behind walls or behind landscape making it very difficult to get him and giving the advantage to the enemy if you try to advance on their position. Therefore it makes sense to use unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs to fly over the enemy and perhaps draw a hand grenade on them; that makes sense right? But what if the enemy is inside of a house and using civilians as a shield, which is a common occurrence for insurgents and internation

Designer Hurricanes Spinning The Wrong Direction; Owning the Weather by 2006

Is it possible to start a hurricane, which spans the opposite direction in order to stop a hurricane from forming? Or would the energy being created merely disrupt the hurricane formation only to allow it to join forces later and cause an even bigger hurricane?

Now, before all the scientists and weather meteorologists jump all over my scenario; I would like to point out that with high-energy lasers and large directional sound beams we may be able to start a circular rotation of wind su

Dropping Humans Inside Precision Bomb Pods Into The Battlespace

As radar systems get better it will become harder to insert special teams or Navy Seals into enemy territory. Generally, during wartime nothing gets in and nothing gets out without being detected. The United States of America military and the United States Air Force have the answer in stealth technologies.

Our stealth technologies are superior to all other such technologies in the world and we can get aircraft into the battle space without detection. Perhaps we can use this stealth t

Combat Tunneling Robot Considerations

The United States military needs combat tunneling robots for urban warfare settings such as Iraq. International terrorists, Iranian Insurgents and Enemy Combatants will often hide in homes or buildings. And the United States military cannot just go around blowing up buildings in homes because there might be innocent civilians inside.

One trick of international terrorists used to hide within civilian populations and use them as human shields. Also there are issues when special operati

Possible Sensors for Tunneling Robots

No one has built the small and reliable tunneling robot that works good however, it makes sense that research and development dollars are spent these I need such a system. In order to make sure the tunneling robot works properly it will need to be loaded with the number of sensors and the choices will determine how well it works.

Recently this subject came up in an online think tank when a member asked the following questions; "Other applications, if provided enough of a connectivity, w

Tunneling Robotic Design and Phase I Concept Considerations

The U.S. military needs tunneling robots, NASA needs tunneling robots, public works departments need tunneling robots, FEMA needs tunneling robots and so does law enforcement, FBI, Border Patrol, DEA, DHS and The ATF. But, how come no one has ever made a good, reliable, self-contained and state-of-the-art tunneling robot?

It seems with all the robotics competitions going on that someone would have designed and built a good tunneling robot by now. This subject recently came up in an onli

Tunneling Robot Control and Computer Brain Options

Tunneling robots have many applications, as they would be used to total underneath something to fix the problem, rescue a survivor, aid in a hostage situation or attacked an enemy such as an international terrorist, insurgents or enemy combatants hiding in a house or other locations.

A tunneling device or bot might be asked to go through earthquake debris and therefore it might be hard to keep a signal to wirelessly control the robot or in a battlefield situation of urban warfare it mig

Power Options for Tunneling Robots

Tunneling robots have many applications for instance laying underground cable, finding damaged pipelines, rescuing people from natural disasters, saving people from hostage situations or military applications in hunting down international terrorists at a time and place of our choosing. It is for this reason that the subject of tunneling robots came up recently in an online think tank. Which power option would you use so that the tunneling robot was powerful enough to complete its operations o

Tunneling Robots; Applications and Logistics

Is it possible to use tunneling robots to attack the enemy and protect our troops while in combat in urban settings? That is to say to tunnel under an insurgent, an enemy or an international terrorist's location and then attack. Sure one would suppose that anything is indeed possible right? But can we design such a unit? It would have more than just military applications for instance; it would be great for looking for survivors of a flood, a major earthquake or a huge severe weather event lik

Cleaning Water and Generating Power in Third World Villages

Environmental concerns in Third World countries are very important to the health and welfare of the human beings that live there. Let's take for instance in Indonesia where the Tsunami destroyed villages and homes and washed debris, animal wastes, sewage and pollution into drinking water supplies, rivers, reservoirs and wells. In places like this it is important that they have some sort of way to treat sewage water and wastewater. But there are no sewer treatment plants and there's often a

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