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Sustainable Business: Solar Power, Biodiesel, and Ethanol… etc

Imagine what life would be like in the U.S. if we weren't so dependent on foreign oil, or any oil for that matter. (The supply going to run out, after all.) There are existing alternatives such as biodiesel and ethanol that are renewable fuels.

Most autos in Brazil run on ethanol. Funny, we don't hear much about that in the news, do we. Their government has a mandate requiring that their fuels contain 25% alcohol. They make their ethanol from corn, which they grow anew each season, and ...more

Recycling Space Junk and Debris

Well here we are in the year 2006 and what do we have? We have humans polluting space? That's right we have space junk. We have old debris floating around out there and it is a dangerous thing. We need to get this stuff out of the way and also collect some of this debris to recycle? Why not, why waste it? It costs $100s of dollars to send up a single ounce and we have tons of debris floating up there now you see.

While we are on this most interesting subject, it maybe possible to tow th ...more

Magnetic Space Debris and Junk Robotic Orbiting Collectors Needed

Well as always mankind has not necessarily been such a good steward of the planet. Only this time he has taken it a bit too far. We are polluting space with junk, small bits and pieces of man-made debris orbiting the planet at extremely high rates of speed. It is a danger to space flight and the new space tourism industry.

We must therefore consider building magnetic space debris and robotic junk collection craft to pick it up and properly dispose of it. Makes sense to use magnets to co ...more

Look Out; Space Junk 10 O Clock

The future of Space is now upon us as the fledgling space industry gets started. But are humans being smart about what is out there? You see, we have one hell of a lot of Space Junk floating around out there and it is moving very fast as it orbits the Planet.

We must design Space Junk Collectors, which can clean up this mess and protect our space tourists, space workers and astronauts from potentially fatal accidents from space debris. A few ideas have been floated around in an online t ...more

Testing Insect Swarm Sound Wave Devices in Your Garage

Is it possible to stop a swarm of locusts or bees using sound waves? Could this be tested in your garage? Does your garage have enough power outlet to do it? How could you test to see if you could stop a swarm of insects using basic tools for your experiment and doing it in your garage?

Well perhaps in such a minor experiment you could set up a confined area like a child's crawl tube, the kind you buy at Toys R Us or Wal-Mart? On a larger scale you could try this in a bigger confined ar ...more

Bee Colonies and Scouts

Everyone in a Bee Colony has a specific job, which they are physically made for. When bees swarm they work together as a team and these little creatures can take down huge animals. How do they do it and who decides? Well the Scouts seem to be on the look out and when they see a threat they alert the hive to be on stand by or even attack.

Recently this point was brought up in an online think tank when a member asked; "There is a signal given by a scout that triggers a defense mechanism, ...more

Bees Swarms and Sound

When Bees Swarm they make a Buzzing Sound as we all know. Why do they do this; does it help them in other ways? Does it help them fly; help them attack their targets in a group? Warn those animals near by to get lost like right now, we are coming thru? Or is this sound uses to help in group-flight characteristics to benefit the entire Swarm.

Recently this topic came up in an online think tank and one member asked the question; "Is there a group flight characteristic based on 'dynamic so ...more

Bee Swarms and Team Work to Accomplish Tasks

Bees are small creatures individually, but together in a swarm they can take down a very large animal. When bees swarm they go into a frenzy and buzz a lot as we know? But really why do they do that? One online think tank member recently asked;

"Does the combined sound they make trigger a bee adrenaline reaction, which intensifies as they group closer together?"

Yes I guess there are chemical release issues, which are triggered by the swarming frenzy and the sound could be part of ...more

Why Do Bees Swarm?

We know from nature that small creatures working together can accomplish more when they get together and work as a team. Swarming is one of the ways that nature's tiniest creatures can do this. Many insects swarm for instance; wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, bees and even those tremendous Locust Plagues.

When Bees swarm they Buzz and make sounds, but why? One member of a think tank asked this question with regards to tightness of swarming formation; "Are they are communicating with soun ...more

Killer Bee Swarms; How to Stop Them from Killing You

We all know that the Killer Bees have already invaded the United States of America and have killed people, pets and animals by swarming them and stinging them to death. Bummer indeed and it is quite serious for many towns in many South Western Regions in the US. But can we stop these ferocious killer bee swarms?

Is there a way to prevent them from swarming? One researcher Mr. Warren Powers believes so and he stated his theory to stop them using high-powered sound waves. In an online thi ...more

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