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Robotic Wal-Mart Shelf Stockers Coming Soon

Since all Wal-Mart stores are set up like a giant warehouse it makes sense that soon there will be robotic Wal-Mart stockers loading shelves. Don't worry your young children are safe inside the cage of the steel or plastic webbing shopping cart. And even if not the robotic shelf loader will indeed sense human presence by way of infrared and body heat, motion detectors and optical flow sensors.

Why is Wal-Mart going to be the first to use robotic shelf stockers? Well with unemployment so ...more

Power for Locust Plague Sound Device Considered

A gentleman and researcher Mr. Warren Powers has come up with a brilliant way to take out an entire Locust Plague while in transit, while in mid-flight. His concept appears to be sound. That's right sound. Using harmonic and acoustic waves of directed sound to defeat the locusts as they swarm.

But how can we power up the Warren Powers concept? Well, if we use the sound from the Locust Plague, which is said to be nothing short of the sound of a freight train, like a Tornado, then we can ...more

Stopping Locust Swarms; Warren Powers Technology and Concept

Can we stop the Locust Plagues in Africa, which continually threaten crop production in and around the Lake Victorian region? Can we use sound waves to disrupt these swarms? Is it possible to either get these locusts to stop or defeat them in flight?

Well one researcher and gentleman believes it is and his concept appears to be sound. Sound indeed is exactly what Warren Powers is suggesting. Using specially designed harmonic and acoustic systems to direct sound waves into the Locust Pla ...more

High Energy Military Weapons to Take Out Locust Plagues

Locust Plagues are always serious and they cause extreme damage to crops, as they devastate the land. Can we use the United State's Militaries new high-energy laser weapons against swarms of locusts? Literally frying them? Yes indeed that would be possible or even the Israeli THEL system, a mobile ground based laser missile interceptor system could do that? But would it be as easy as that?

Wouldn't the laser weapon start fires too? Yes, but remember many people use fires to stop the loc ...more

Controlling Insects With Sound Waves

Can we control insects with sound waves? Can we stop or control Locust Plagues and swarms? How about using high-frequency emitters to prevent them from doing destruction? Has anything like this ever been done before? There are currently some projects being done in Washington State in Apple Tree Orchards near Yakima, which had prompted me to write this article:

Indeed I did read in Mid Weste ...more

Vibrational Energy and Aerodynamics of Flight

Can we build a Micro-Air Vehicle or MAV, which uses vibrational energy from directed sound waves to create advantages in flying characteristics? Did you know that NASA built a little MAV powered by a laser, but it could have easily been powered by sound or vibrational energy the way the design looked from the picture?

There could be something to that and it would seem when designing smart dust flying communication MEMS using nodes and motes that it should be able to use this same method ...more

What Causes Locusts to Swarm?

Many religions tell us that locusts swarm because the gods or god is angry. In the world of Islam it is explained that locust plagues are sent by god to punish. Perhaps this maybe true or perhaps it is a misinterpretation of religious literature from ancient times or poor translations along the way.

Indeed, my theories go with locusts feeling S and P waves in the Earth or low rumblings of magma flows causing tiny Earthquakes, which incite them to move in mass and go from solitary to ber ...more

MAV Micro Air Vehicle Propulsion Discussion

Can we build a dragonfly size robotic little doo hickey, which can fly around using vibrational technologies to increase its efficiency in flight? Meaning less fuel expended and/or less battery usage? What if we could do all this with acoustic transducers, new thin taunt materials and induced sound waves? Could such theory actually fly?

It is possible that the resonance generated by the insect could assist in the airflows over the wings and increase efficiency and the rates of flapping ...more

Stopping Locust Plagues; Is It Possible?

Can mankind stop locust plagues and swarms using a sound wall? Should we try? Well we have a lot to gain if it works do we not? Sure we do, think of the devastation these Locust Plagues cause our species? Can we build a sound wall that the insects will not wish to cross? Or is the sound they make so intense that we cannot create sound at such volumes as they produce as they thunder across the lands like a freight train?

But if we could stop them by making sound walls they would stop fly ...more

Killing Locust Plagues With High Energy, High Frequency Sound Waves

Can we disrupt insect flight with sound waves? Can we stop a locust plague from devastating crops using sound? Is there anything we can do to stop this problem of mankind, as ancient writing, religious text and folklore tells of these locust plagues from as far back as 5,000 years of recorded history.

So, do we now have the technology to stop them now in the present period? Or can we do this using sound to steer them away from crops and human civilizations? Which is along my previous li ...more

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