Biorefinery Initiative and Growing Our Fuel

Well, Brazil has been doing it for years; growing their own fuel. But can the United States of America grow enough ethanol to power are up all of our automobiles? That is no easy task considering the enormity of our demand; nevertheless that is the plan. Currently unit 5 to 8 percent of their total gasoline usage that would serve our nation very well and possibly prevent the horrific price spikes which so often hurt American families and small businesses. What is The Biorefinery Initiative?

Future Alternative to Powering Homes and Businesses

United States of America is developing a strategic plan and looking at future alternatives to powering homes and businesses. With natural gas spikes and the ever-increasing demand we need to change the way we power our homes and businesses.

In California each summer they have power outages due to the incredible demand in the inability to deliver that much power through the power lines. But this is not the only place in America we are problems on our grid. This is a serious issue, whi

Will Technology Save Us From Our Addiction to Foreign Oil?

The President of the United States of America has stated and it cannot be denied; America is addicted to foreign oil. The question is; can United States technology save us from our addiction to foreign oil? Many believe it can and all I personally believe it will.

You see, it has been noted that our colleges and universities, as well as many private research and development companies in the United States are all the verge of breakthroughs in such technologies, which will help us break

Breaking the Addiction to Foreign Oil

Can America break the addiction to foreign oil? Breaking any addiction is difficult; but that first step in admitting you have a problem is the key. The President of the United States of America has told the people; we are addicted to foreign oil. In the people have stood up and agreed; Hello we are the people and we are addicted to foreign oil. "Hello People!"

It will not be easy to get America off of her addiction to Middle Eastern oil and it may take a decade or to, but it is some

Spray on Dirt for Military Convoys; Worth the Investment?

In the new modern battlefield it is important to conceal your convoys and troop movements from your enemy at all costs. Once your enemy knows your position, they can stand in a strike force, unmanned aerial attack vehicles or a swarm of missiles. All of which could potentially kill your soldiers and equipment.

One-way to protect military convoys used to use spray on dirt camouflage. However, many dismiss this idea because it would take research and development dollars away from other

Camouflage Applications for Convoys in the Field

Spray on Dirt is a great idea indeed to quickly repaint, temporarily vehicles in military convoys. When moving large convoys through the battlefield it is necessary to conceal his best possible your troops movements.

Today with satellites in space and unmanned aerial vehicles in the sky; there are all eyes everywhere. It is therefore very important to conceal your location as long as possible and hopefully see your enemy before they see you and fire upon them before they know what happe

Changing Military Convoy Colors on the Fly

In the future of modern battlefield will change in the supply chain convoys will move much faster. As these convoys move faster they will also move through different regions where the terrain is different color. To counteract this problem camouflage needs to be easy to apply and color will need to be changed on the fly. Therefore, some type of spray on dirt will be necessary.

Another comment I would like to mention is the potential to make dust storms to conceal the convoy or stop th

Spray on Dirt Research and Development

For protecting military assets in the modern battlefield is paramount and therefore spray on dirt may be a concept worth research and development dollars. Coming up with simple solutions such as new ways to camouflage large numbers of vehicles very quickly in the battle space makes sense. Having an arsenal of concepts cost little or nothing compared to a new high-tech army tank. In the new high-tech army tank is a little value if you're enemy sees it first and shoots to kill it. Well, ther

Changing Color of Robotic Insect Swarms In-Flight

In the future the military will have new secret weapons into one of these weapons might be robotic insect swarms to attack the enemy. We all know in warfare that the element of surprise is preferred even over the size of the force. You see the element of surprise has a huge advantage for the offensive team. If your enemy is not expecting robotic insect swarms to swoop upon their troop movements within it makes sense to use them. If your enemy may suspect that you might use robotic insect

Rapid Re-Camouflaging of Military Convoys

The future of warfare is changing rapidly in the modern battlefield. The logistical military convoys are also changing and soon they will be robotic with no people. But for now we have valuable human life within those convoys and they must be protected at all costs. The best way to protect a military convoy is with camouflaging, however we must also realize that when we go from one area to another such as a desert and then thru a forest the color of the convoy needs to change with the surr

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