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Abandoned Ballast Action Plans and Strategies

Ships have ballast tanks, which take on water in far away ports and then dump the ballast in other ports. Makes a lot of sense right? Sure unless you consider what is in that water, such as non-native species which might screw up the food chain and eco-systems of where ever it is that the ballast is dumped.

What if the ships have designated ballast dump areas and in those areas AUVs would swim around and collect any species, which were not from the area. Additionally nets could be used ...more

Abandoned Atmosphere and Biosphere II Program

The Biosphere II project was abandoned when the green house gases became too high and forced those inside to get out. In the future human colonies will have to worry about such things on other planets as well. Enclosed human habitats will need to replenish the oxygen and be sure to use the CO2 for something else or separate it out again.

If CO2 levels rise too high too fast then some of the gas may need to be abandoned or discharged to re-acclimate the suitable artificial environment to ...more

Absorption of Atmospheric Pollution

Is there a way to remove the CO2 from the atmosphere? Can we collect it using extremely low-frequency waves to make an ionic charge and then capture it in cloud formations with huge man-made dirigibles? If so, what might we do with it all? I mean where can be put it? Can we compress it?

Turn it into rock and bury it somewhere? But how can you turn it into rock? Well you could super heat it by sending it in tubes into the Earth's mantel and when you brought it back up it would be more li ...more

Abandoning Artificial Intelligent Old Robotic Models

What on Earth are we to do with the old android artificial intelligent robots in the future as new models come into existence? We are already worrying about used cell phones, computers and other electronics. Soon when HD TV becomes the standard all the old TVs will also hit the junkyards and landfills. Landfills and dumps, which are already filled. Just imagine as each new rendition and model of android household helpers is upgraded and the old ones are turned off and discarded?

Folks w ...more

UUV RFID Tagging of Sunken Ships

As we label and track all the space debris orbiting our planet, we too need to tag and track all the human debris scattered on the ocean floors. Why you ask? Well to prevent our underwater salvagers from wasting their time and to help us patrol what is down there and why. If something is out of place off our coast lines and it is picked up by one of our unmanned underwater robotic surveillance vehicles, the unit needs to know if it needs to further investigate or simply move on as the object ...more

3D Simulations in the Virtual Real World

Virtual Real Worlds can be created to provide realistic 3D simulations for education, work, and entertainment. This article aims to show the scope, principles, advantages, and benefits of using 3D simulations in a Virtual Real World environment to meet your own requirements.

Virtual Real Worlds shall be rich in content and accuracy (texture, ambience, models, etc.) containing real 3D simulations; these have proven to be an ideal environment for collaboration and fast learning. ...more

Lunar Runway and Arresting Hooks

Why can't we build a runway on the Moon to land the space shuttle? Some say; oh it would have to be too long? Well why not put in arresting hooks like on the aircraft carriers and just hook the thing when it lands? Some people say that it might rip the craft apart? So build it stronger? Have it connected to the main structure like on a Navy Fighter Plane? Some say, why bother? Well so we can take bigger loads to the Moon and get busy building our Lunar Colony now rather than screwing around a ...more

Locust Plagues Over Lake Victoria

In Africa one of the biggest problems, which threatens humankind and its ability to feed the ever-growing populations is the Locust Plagues, which are so common. One of the most common locust swarming routes is over Lake Victoria. Add to this issue droughts, wild fires and climate change and the African Continent is in dire straights.

Can we stop these huge locust swarms? Well first we need to know a little more about how and where they operate. There are some interesting research proje ...more

Theories in Understanding the Locusts

There have been many theories floated as to how to stop the devastation caused by locust swarms. But to fully implement any such theory or plan we need to study the highly evolved locusts to understand how best to deal with them. We can no longer sit idle, we must stop the devastation to crops or we risk not having enough food to feed the growing human populations.

Indeed understood and well said. Now then, perhaps why Locusts Swarm is relevant in that if they swarm due to an internal h ...more

Theories on Using Sound to Defeat Locust Plague Devastation

At least one researcher of the locust plague devastation in our world believes the answer to stopping the locust swarms may be quite simple indeed. In fact much of his theories appear to be sound. That is right sound; as in harmonics, acoustics and directional sound waves to disrupt locust plagues and swarms in mid-flight. Mr. Warren Powers believes with the proper induced harmonic resonance that we can cause the insects to crash during their swarming.

Warren states; "I suspect insects ...more

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