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Life On Mars Under the Surface – But What Type Of Life?

Many believe there is life on Mars and many do not know what type; whether it be microbial life, complex life or the biggie intelligent life. Recently this thought and discussion re-emerged in an online think tank. When a fellow think tanker contemplated regarding life on Mars and stated perhaps there is and then suggest such a life form could be a; "temperature resistant armored lizards that dig their way through an extensive network of underground caves?"

Indeed this could be possible ...more

Active Camouflage and the Future

Active and re-active camouflage is an interesting concept of course like many other concepts borrowed from nature. As predators and prey conceal themselves to prevent being detected or eaten. Those who are best able to camouflage themselves stand a better chance of fulfilling their life's mission. In warfare it is the same scenario, as each side tries to hide and attack or ambush the opposing forces.

Active Camouflage is an interesting concept indeed and I completely enjoy the MIT work ...more

Can We Hide Our Sound?

It has always been a wish of military designers to hide the sound of the equipment they build to insure its survivability on or above the battlefield. In fact even animals of prey try to stay as silent as possible when hunting as to better their chances for a kill.

But can we figure out a way to cloak our selves and our equipment from making noise? I think we can and have come up with several such ideas, some military in nature and others simply to help with a better lifestyle.

ht ...more

Why Are NASA Probes Changing Speed As They Leave Our Solar System?

It seems that our space probes end up changing speeds as they leave our solar system, but why? Is space less dense there? Is the energy of our solar system creating wake in deep space as it moves? Is it because the gravity of our Sun has released it? Or is it some other phenomena?

Well, this is indeed an interesting question to ponder and I liken it to the issues in aviation with True Airspeed (TAS). You see, TAS is the speed at which you are "actually traveling over the ground" yet you ...more

Space Colonies, Outposts, Fuel Stops and Solar System Exploration

We are told by NASA and the Bush Administration that we are setting our sites on manned space missions to the moon and mars and to eventually set up human colonies on each. I agree as you probably do that this is indeed a good start. Also having such colonies set up allows for Space Exploration pit stops for missions far beyond in our own solar system and elsewhere as well.

They figure we will have a human colony on Mars by 2030 or so and the leap-frog concept makes sense indeed, but al ...more

Virtual Helpers Will Make Life Easier

I would like to bring your attention to a technological first. MellaniuM design has combined three separate 3D software applications and technologies (i.e., rendering, texturing, and importing into a 3D engine) to produce virtual realistic 3D environments and artifacts which can be explored. This method has been used to date to produce a 3D museum environment for the display of architectural concepts and models. In addition an industrially engineered furnace for the refining of zinc has been ...more

Maybe Some Day Teacher Training Will Include Powerful, Real-World Interventions Like These

If you know a student who utterly lacks motivation and interest for school, keep reading. Taken from our Quickest Kid Fixer-Uppers Books, here are novel, unexpected ways to turnaround apathetic, bored, unmotivated, disinterested, at risk, negative students. Once you've used these methods, you may find that you are finally working with motivated, hopeful, interested students who recognize the incredible

value of school.

*** If Life Were This Easy: Use this intervention wit ...more

Artificial Intelligent Space Explorers in Search of Life

In the future we will send out probes in search of life to other worlds. They will scour our Galaxy and potentially find their way to other galaxies. Of course with so many potential life forms, how will they know life when they see it; especially if our artificial intelligent space explorers are not alive themselves?

Well first we must define what life is and we can do that by categorizing the life forms on Earth and all the theoretical possibilities off those baseline forms. One onlin ...more

Associative Archiving in Artificial Intelligence

For artificial intelligence to work in many different situations and to learn from each situation which it encounters we need to consider associative archiving when similar data is encountered thru sensors. For instance a house cat has a certain body temperature and a dog has certain types of barks based on what it wants and well most similar objects like cars, chairs and humans have a basic outline.

These various things will be encountered time and time again by the artificial intellig ...more

Artificial Intelligence History and the Bill Bryson Archives

An artificially intelligent robotic android will need a little knowledge in order to become a viable part of a human grouping, whether that grouping is a family unit, team or even a catering company or a car wash if it will be working along side other humans. This is because humans need a baseline of knowledge in order to be accepted by a group and thus able to discuss relative information or knowledge with one another. Indeed it also helps humans as they further explain a thought to put it i ...more

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