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Bouncing Beach Ball Planetary Exploration Robot Swarms

It has been proposed the NASA build planetary exploration robotic swarm beach balls, which can bounce along the surface of a planet and roll as they collect data. Could something like this actually work?

One online think tank member believes so. But how much power does this "design" take? Approximately 180 Watts to 300 watts ought to do the trick. How much does the "design" weigh? A Beach Ball times three plus electronics, Estimate 5-12 Lbs. How does this "design" go up small inclines? ...more

Testing Honey Bees and the Affects of Sound

Bees do a lot of buzzing don't they? And we are not sure why they do this, but it seems to be more than just because their wings flap at 230 beats per second. And it is for this reason that at least one online think tank took up the subject to try to figure out why this is. One think tank member Warren states;

"I know you have been in a movie theater where the THX sound avalanche is presented. I want to see what a bee does when exposed to sound a complete spectrum sound range, above and ...more

How Much Sound Can a Killer Bee Take?

What if you could stop a killer bee swarm with sound? We know sound can be quite damaging to the human eardrums that goes without saying. And even these little Earbud pieces the kids use for their iPods are said to be so crisp that they can hurt one's over all hearing? In consider these points in an online think tank a member, Warren states;

"The car audio systems produce enough energy to drive a normal person mad, can you imagine the potential damage that a full spectrum, full energy r ...more

Will Insects Rule After Humans Become Extinct?

With all this global warming, climate change and climate cliff scares mankind is not sitting in such a wonderful place in the next period as our ancestors of the past period assumed we would be. And that led on online think tank recently to take up the subject of what if humans become extinct? After all the dinosaurs where much tougher creatures than we and they are all gone now you see?

One online think tank member Warren states; "I expect that they will be the ones who inherit the ear ...more

Can Killer Bee Swarms Survive High-Powered Sound Waves?

Can we stop killer bee swarms or even locust plagues using high-powered sound waves? Some believe it is possible and others say we can steer them using sound waves too. In an online think tank this subject came up and think tank member Warren states;

"I would be astounded to see a bee survive flight through all of that sound energy. I suspect swarms have frequency related dynamics that can be modified as you suggest for some other advantage, or destroyed as I suggest, to completely dest ...more

World Futurists Society; How Smart Are They

The World Futurist Society is a group of folks who are watching current trends and wish to solve problems or propel smarter decisions in the here and now to make the World a better place in the future? But how smart are they? Well maybe we should ask how much do they care? They are a rather sincere group of people indeed.

The WFS is an interesting group, unfortunately sometimes with brilliance comes baggage and there are too many prima donnas and public relations, expert Guru status cla ...more

Flying Underwater UUVs or Small Manned Submarines

Is it possible to build a submarine, which flies? Can we build a small underwater craft with the latest new innovative materials, which is light enough to fly, but strong enough to withstand the pressures of the ocean? Could that be possible? Well one online think tank is considering that very issue and they have come up with a fewer rather intriguing designs for instance; Manta Ray Concept using floating techniques, ground cushion and expandable strategies to become airborne:

http://wo ...more

Stationary Exercise Bikes for NASA

Should we go ahead and put stationary bikes in all the spacecraft, space station and Lunar Bases? Recently the concept came up in an online think tank when one member suggested that we hook them up to charge batteries too. Then a debate erupted over all this and it was called a hair-brained idea. One member then stated;

"I never said that exercise was useless or unwanted, I merely pointed out that the crew's exercise energy is a "drop in the bucket". My purpose was to point out just how ...more

Exercise Bikes in the Space Colony Stations or Long-Term Space Flight

A proposal has been circulated in an online think tank to put stationary bicycles, which charge batteries about spacecraft, in space colonies and on space bases. One think tanker critical of this idea says it is a stupid idea and will not work because the human body cannot put out enough energy to make it worth while anyway.

These comments were challenged by the designer of the concept who stated; why waste the energy and you have to exercise anyway to stay in top form and shape. What k ...more

Mining Titanium on the Moon

Should we mine the moon? What if we could mine precious metals like titanium, which we know to be there? Would that make sense? The thought of such might propel capital funds into new private space enterprises, which would benefit all mankind. Titanium is in high demand yet somewhat short supply on Earth. It is not that we do not have any it is that it is hard to separate out from other metals where it is usually found.

Yet, didn't the Indonesia Tsunami uncover huge veins of nearly pure ...more

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