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Conquering and Controlling Massive Locust Plagues

We have all heard the saying; Divide and Conquer, yet when it comes to one of the greatest threats which is made by another species to mankind's civilization and existence is it really possible? Can we in fact stop a Locust Plague and if so how? Well perhaps we can use sound to control their flight paths and steer them away from farmland and villages? But how you ask?

Well, why not attempt to steer them, divide them, section them out in diamond grids and use AFF Grid system to do it, or ...more

Locust Plagues Are Coming; Can We Stop Them?

The size of a locust plague is often over five miles wide and five miles or more long. And it continues up to 200 feet above the ground. The Locust Plagues in Africa are by far the largest and most devastating and in a nation where humans are already under a crunch to feed everyone and starvation is common place. A locust plague and massive swarm can take out a years crops in seconds and it is all over.

One think tank online got into a serious discussion on how to kill locust swarms and ...more

Sound Waves to Causing Structural Failure to Insect Wings

Recently a professional engineer was asked for assistance in the question if sound waves could cause structural failure in insect wings. Why? Well, because it was believed that sound waves could then be used to stop killer bees or locust plagues from swarming and causing deaths or devastation to crops. This has been discussed in an online think tank and one member approached the professional engineer and then reported back to the group;

"So basically now you have stated; I sent the stor ...more

Offensive Swarm Deformation When Under Defensive Barrage Fire

When using robotic artificial intelligent war fighters of the future swarming strategies will indeed continue to rule the modern battlespace. Yet if we consider the possibilities of future tactics and computer thinking and adapting units we must consider the programming requirements of evasion, attack, deformation and realignment of the swarm.

A good swarming strategy while under a barrage of fire would be one which would confuse the incoming weapon systems into believing that the targe ...more

Swarm Warfare and Quadrant Killing

The revival of swarm tactics in modern warfare is upon us and it makes sense really. Swarming is a natural team defense strategy and it is used in politics, business, sports and war. Overwhelming a market, an opponent, a rival or an enemy with swarm theory can help you achieve victory faster than seemingly possible.

This is because cooperation and self-sacrifice off the one can guarantee the survival of the many. What's the matter goes against your Western Thought Process? Sure it does, ...more

Swarm Suicide Decoy Scouts to Take Incoming Fire

We all know that in the last decade or so that military war planners and war gamers have considered swarm theory as a primary strategy to overwhelm an enemy. In fact Mainland Red-China considers a barrage of missiles the best way to defeat Taiwan if war ever breaks out. North Korea has 250,000 rounds ready at all times to send into South Korea and thus can yield its political muscle to get its way.

Insects which are so very small, but highly evolved fighting machines have been using swa ...more

Random Swarm Deformation and Re-Alignment Strategies

When using swarming tactics in military operations and you come up against a barrage of fire, there are ways to minimize losses in the swarm to continue the mission. Why is this important? Well, in the future swarm tactics will be used more often especially as UAV unmanned aerial vehicles and robotic fighting units are at work. Since no humans are involved you can sacrifice a few units as decoys to draw fire or to take hits to protect the integrity of the "killer bee" type swarm formation as ...more

Fighting a Swarm With Swarming Techniques in the Battlespace

New methods are being developed to mimic the evolutionary tactics of insect swarms in warfare. This makes sense because we know for instance a killer bee swarm can take down a large animal in a short amount of time. Such tactics are nearly guaranteed success to propel an intruder or predator from their hive or territory. In defending a location, swarming tactics make a lot of sense.

In attacking a target swarming maneuvers also make sense. The insects generally are defensive in nature a ...more

Locust Plague Defense; Hanging Zap Net from Cargo Plane

For those who have sat and watched in horror as a Locust Plague came over head in a dark cloud of solid insects thundering across the landscape; they know the devastation that takes place as an entire seasons crop can be gone in a matter of minutes. As temperature increases so to will the balance between insects and their food chain, meaning more locust plagues and other insect swarming events.

What can mankind do to stop these locust plagues? Well I propose we use a hanging zap net or ...more

Swarm Warfare Battle Tactics Discussed

As the new tactics of the battlespace change many war planners and tacticians are moving toward swarm tactics for offensive maneuvers. But what can you do to defend your position, fleet or team against the onslaught of a swarming maneuver onto your location? Well actually there are a number of things you can do.

First you need to narrow the tip of the sword or the front of the swarm. The best way to do this is to section the swarm into a diamond grid pattern and defend accordingly. Now ...more

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