Life on Other Worlds; How Might it Advance

When we look for life on other planets; what exactly are we looking for? Are we looking for similar life as we have found here on Earth or are we keeping our minds open to all the potential eventualities that might be? On Earth most of our life needs certain things, but is that because those certain things exist here already or because that is the only way life can exist? What if Earth had different components all around, what would life look like then? This is a fascinating subject and it re

Ice Bullet Gun Ship Blimps Considered

Is it possible to make bullets out of ice that will not melt when fired from a high-velocity gun? Sure it is possible especially if they are coated with something to hold them together for their brief flight towards their target. Can we shoot ice cube bullets in high-speed rapid-fire weapons too?

Sure this is possible as long as they are identical and the gun muzzle does not heat up too much. Some get so hot that they melt when firing 1000's of rounds per minute. But again with a coatin

Laser Light To Hold Matter Together

If Laser Light can hold matter together that means we can do mining on Mars or the Moon via Satellite. It means we can hold radioactive containers together and tighten them up before they fail in order to store our nation's nuclear waste. It means we can repair wing spars on old aircraft or strengthen metal fatigue on bridges, buildings, and ships. It means we can control matter from a distance and thus the potential eventuality for the next killer application is truly endless, not to mention

Piano Players To Get Pink Slips; Robotic Musicians Are Here

Many piano players play songs, which other people have written rather than write and produce their own. In the future those who play the piano will not be needed and all the piano teachers will be worthless unless they are computer programmers with artificial intelligence robotic degrees. Indeed for those who wish to learn to play the piano, they can learn from a robot and not a human instructor full of flaws, attitudes and psychological disorders too.

A robotic piano instructor can be

Death By Radio?

Is it possible for a radio to be used by an enemy to send signals causing such intense vibrational energies that would interfere with the human Bio-system? Perhaps a set of various different waves that made the nerve firings of the human body out of sync and then simultaneously sending a set of waves to the device, which would disrupt basic brain functions?

Kind of like a Microwave screws up a pacemaker; only it would play havoc on the entire biosystem of the organism and in this case a

How Do You Make an Earthquake Predictor

Animals are known to predict Earthquakes right? We know this already and we have a pretty good idea how they are doing it too. You see we believe they pick up the vibrational changes in Mother Earth, as our Planet has a certain resonance. When it changes the animals being very close to nature without all this frequency pollution sense something is not right. Humans probably can do the same thing too, but we are so over bombarded with frequency pollution and information over load we do not rec

Military Alternative Fuel Vehicles

The United States military has known since the days of General Patton that fuel is paramount to fighting a war. Without the fuel your logistical supply chain is at a standstill and in the new battlespace at risk of detection and instant annihilation. It is for this reason the Military is looking into the future to come up with new ways to power our hardware and future fighting force. This subject recently came up in an online think tank when one member stated;

"The Military Plans Tests

Mimicking Nature to Invent an Earthquake Detector

Can mankind build an Earthquake Detector Device based on whatever it is that animals are feeling which warns them of an impending Earthquake? If animals can feel it prior to an Earthquake then surely all we need to do is understand why and how and then mimic that by building a high-tech sensor which does the exact same thing right? This most fascinating subject came up recently in an online think tank when one member stated;

"I think an effective earthquake prediction device would have

Propelling the Wind with Your Mind

They say that human intention is one of the species greatest assets and indeed few who have stopped long enough to consider this and philosophize a bit could disagree. Consider also that the human body can produce energy beyond its self, about 1 watt or so can be said to come from one's fingertips. Bid deal right?

One watt is such a small amount of energy why even consider it at all? Well it maybe a little amount of energy, but that is a significant factor as one watt of energy is enoug

Military Mind Control of the Enemy

Is it possible to control the minds of your enemy? It has been tried throughout time and in World War II the Japanese made very effective use of the wartime radio waves trying their psyche war tactics on our troops.

In Vietnam the enemy tried the same thing, although the United States has also used C-130 aircraft to deliver radio messages to the enemy in both Gulf War I and Gulf War II. Today both sides employ tactics against their enemy's populations in the psyche war campaigns fought

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