Human Hibernation of Iranian Forces

Okay so the World Community does not want us to use tactical bunker buster nukes to prevent Iran and their radical fundamentalist regime, which sends insurgents into Iraq to kill US Troops and sponsors international terrorism; from getting nuclear weapons?

Okay fine, here is what we do; we use hydrogen sulfide gas in the right consistency and put half the region to sleep. It is not a chemical weapon, as it is a non-lethal chemical dispersion. Next day no one wakes up as they are all in


As the horizons of technology expand, the real world is shrinking into a Global Village; Nanotechnology is the new area of interest in technology. Nanotechnology is an umbrella term that covers many areas of research dealing with objects that are measured in nanometers or billionth of meter. It is a hybrid science combining engineering and chemistry. The goal of nanotechnology is to manipulate atoms individually and place them in a pattern to produce a desired structure. Nano-sized machines

Iranian Advanced Military and High Tech Weapon Purchases

Many are concerned over Iran having nuclear weapons. You see many feel that since Iran sponsors International Terrorism Organizations that they will give these nuclear weapons and atomic bombs to them to use on civilian populations. In fact they have already stated their intentions to do so if any one interferes with their making of these weapons and have promised to; Blow Israel off the Map!

Some non-violent folks have suggested sanctions against Iran, but Russia and The Great Empire o

The Trains of the Future May Fly; It Would Save Fuel and Lots of It

Today our Nations Rail Network delivers goods and supplies to markets and raw materials to be processed. Everything from iron ore, coal to produce goes by rail too. Even trucks go by rail; you have sent them, 18-wheeler trailers piggy backing on rail cars. Do you know why? Well it is more fuel-efficient and with fuel prices up, that means efficiencies and cost savings.

But what will such transportation look like in the future? After all today we have heavy trains with lots of power caus

What Will Our Railroad Look Like in 50 Years?

Have you seen the cool pictures of high-speed trains in other countries, with their sleek bodies and capabilities of speeds in excess of 200 miles per hour? Wow. This can all be possible in the United States as well you know. In fact many companies are joining with government agencies to see this reality thru in the next 50-years.

I think you will find this subject fascinating and you may also very much enjoy reading on all the latest technologies available to make such transportation e

Designing Your Baby

Imagine if you could choose what your brother or sister would look like. Imagine if you could choose your child's eye colour, hair colour, IQ level and even his interests. Imagine a world where everyone is perfect health-wise and IQ-wise.

This all seems like a scene from a science fiction movie right? Well, all this might be possible in the near future with the advancement of Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis or PGD. PGD is a procedure where the embryo is genetically tested to be f

What if an Alien Species is Found and They are Hungry?

Many have considered the wonderful possibility or probability rather that there exists extra-terrestrial life on other Worlds out there. This will be a wonderful discovery when we make contact, perhaps using light wave communication. Only one problem with this some say; What if they are hungry, warlike and want to eat all the humans?

Well for their sake I sincerely hope they do not underestimate 100 million years of homo sapiens evolutionary development of survival and will. Because one

Acidic Ocean Battery Theories and Strategies

As the ocean becomes more acidic in places perhaps we can use the acidity to power up our cities and discharging the acidity by using it up like a battery? How so you ask? Well consider a weakened battery in your car which is old and nearly run out. It still has some juice too it and you can power up small things, maybe not enough to start your car every time, but you can turn on the dome light and such.

Well consider the ocean is very big and if it turns acidic that is very bad. But we

Acidic Rivers and Corrosion Issues

Acid Rain is a pretty big issue indeed and as the rivers, streams and fresh water lakes become more acidic not only will it take out water fowl, fish life and destroy the eco-system, but it will also cause man-made objects to corrode faster and this means underground water mains, house pipes and an assortment of other things such as dams, barges, boats, docks, stilts and diversionary channel infrastructures and drainage ditches.

How serious is this really? Well many scientists say that

Bumping and Jumping Theories in Seismic Prediction

Recently we have seen some unusual seismic activity, some flooding and some Earthquake swarms, which more resemble magma flow under the crust, in California. As this topic was being discussed recently in an online think tank one member mentioned a bumping theory. Where there were bumps, which rubbed up against each other where tectonic plates hit each other and therefore they would slow the sliding or folding under and put pressure on certain points until they finally gave way.

One thin

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