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UAV Formation Flying and Slipstream Configuration Radar Signatures

One single stealthy unmanned aerial vehicle may easily sneak into the battlespace alone to do its mission and get out without being detected. But what if you have many and their wake turbulence is detected as the move thru the air. Or what if all their heat signatures, which are small add up to a larger one and it is seen by infrared detection? What if all the different angles bouncing off each other causes an anomaly or disruption in other waves, such a cell tower frequency plumes, satellite ...more

Using Lasers to Make Phantom Heat Signatures to Attract SAMs

If your enemy knows you are using stealth and their radars will not work on that. They may choose other options such as cell tower frequency circle disruptions or other such techniques. They may also choose to use some sort of heat signature device. But there might be a way to fool such a system and get your enemy to launch on a phantom decoy heat signature using two lasers from two different points.

Consider Chemical Lasers that are airborne and very high-energy. Well if you take an Ar ...more

Captured Enemy Micro-Mechanical MAVs for Spare Parts

In the future battlespace you may deploy hundreds of thousands of tiny micro-mechanical devices in swarms and send them to overwhelm your enemy. These little buggers will basically be mechanical insect size flying suicide bombers; picture an African Killer Bee Swarm taking down a Caribou in the wild? They could do it, but luckily Caribous live in colder climates.

But if these little units are robotic, well let's just say your enemy does not have a prayer to get away. Remember the book " ...more

UAV Formation Efficiency Morphing Theory and Slipstream Drag Reduction

We know from watching migratory birds that when many birds get together they can fly further with each individual bird spending less vital energy for the trip. In the military they learned this too with their aircraft, by drafting like bicycle riders in the Tour de France off the rider in front of them, riding in their slipstream. Now then there is a way to program UAVs or unmanned aerial vehicles in using these techniques to conserve fuel while flying in small swarms? I believe there is inde ...more

Battery Signature Sensors to Detect Enemy UAVs

We must develop a new type of radar sensor one which can see an unmanned aerial vehicle even if it is made of lightweight material with little if any radar signature or it is of a superior shape, which is hard to see. In the future UAVs both ours and our enemies will indeed run on the latest high-tech futuristic batteries being charged by fuel cells.

If the new morphing techniques eliminate much of the drag and the wake turbulence signature and if the aircraft are silent and if the airc ...more

How One Man Can Change The World

Well many people have a mission in life and I certainly have one too. I would like to change the world so I think of ideas to help the World, water crisis, stop Hurricanes, help my country, make better cars, planes, boats, buildings, bridges and Moon colonies too.

I too have been writing about these things for years on my first bulletin board since 1997 and transferred the posts onto an online Think Tank Site Bulletin Board. Additionally, my old bulletin board spidered better in the sea ...more

Is There A Radical Gay Fringe And If So, Why Do You Suppose That Is?

Some believe there is a radical gay fringe element like the eco-terrorists? Is there? Hard to say, because any such group would want to remain secret wouldn't they? But if there is why would there be such a group anyway? Why would a group be radical like that?

I think the fringe exists because they got tired of being called names and harassed so they form little grouping to protect themselves, like gangs, troops or packs and they are fighting back at society and using basic seek and des ...more

Single Mission UAVs for the Battlespace; What is the Payload?

What is a single mission UAV anyway? Well it is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle that does not normally come back once it is launched by its self or in a swarm of other units. Think of it a model airplane missile. It is the weapon like a suicide mission model aircraft kamikaze. Why is the payload goal so important? Well, we need to ask ourselves how much will it hold, because we need it to have enough fire power to take out the enemy? So if it could carry a few pounds that maybe the same as a Hand ...more

Hydrogen Creating Barges or Platforms in the Ocean to Make Truck Fuel

A very smart gentleman and futurist ask today if we could build barges to make hydrogen fuel for cars? Put them in the ocean and let them make hydrogen near transfer terminals to put into the distribution system so we could deliver it to gas stations to put in cars and trucks. Could it really be that easy? Indeed, sure that works, have Desalination system prior to hydrogen separation collection system and merely release the oxygen there?

Meanwhile we could put it on barges or even empty ...more

How Can We Generate Hydrogen for Auto Fuel?

Is there a way to take Hydrogen from pure air? Can we some how take the hydrogen out of the air and use it for our cars? How so you ask?

Well, what if we used a few physics ideas? Let's say we increase airspeed from wind into a venturi, as it starts to form into water droplets due to the wind chill factor, we then use those water drops to separate out the hydrogen. H20 from air and two parts hydrogen and allow the oxygen to escape? Hydrogen, which is lighter than air can be caught as t ...more

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