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Abandoned Acceleration Command Energy Saver

You know when you are driving your car and all of a sudden you have to let off the gas and even hit your brake sometimes? Well, you just wasted energy, kinetic energy and we should never waste energy especially for fuel economy reasons. As let us face it with Hurricane Season coming and seventy dollar per barrel oil prices on the horizon we need better fuel economy and well, we need it like now.

On many hybrid cars the cars actually charge the battery when braking and deceleration using ...more

Retire Space Shuttles to the Moon

If we are going to retire the Space Shuttles lets retire them to the moon, not some desert for old airliners or some museum. Lets use them as a refuge on the moon. You know when people build a house they often rent or live in an RV on the property until it is built?

Sounds like a good idea right? Sure it does that is why humans do things like this you see. So why can't we do the same thing with the space shuttle? Take a load of building materials, building robots and tunnel diggers. Tak ...more

How on Gods Green Earth Do You Stop A Locust Plague?

Can humans stop locust plagues? Can they stop these devastating swarms of insects from taking out entire years crop yields in minutes. Devastating thousands of square miles of fertile agriculture lands in only a few days? Is there a way?

Do we call in an air strike? Is there an easier method, as these locust swarms can by over 5 miles across and they are not such an easy target to stop? One online think tank recently brought up this issue. Locust Plague researcher Warren Powers has some ...more

Lower Jet Stream to Blow Locust Plagues Away?

Is it possible to use ELF Extremely Low Frequencies to lower the jet stream and blow away locust plagues in North America? Indeed it is possible for jet streams to touch the ground although rare and it is possible that 200 plus mile an hour winds would certainly take care of a swarm of insects.

Perhaps such an ability to lower the jet stream could sway migratory birds with human stains of bird flu to pick another route or be blown off course? We could do this although it might take a l ...more

Locust Swarms How Do They Do It?

There has sure been a lot of research on Locust Plagues throughout the world and there is a good reason too. Locust Plagues can wipe out an entire crop in minutes and devastate hundreds and thousands of square miles of agricultural lands.

The problems created by these massive locust swarms has been recorded thru writings in ancient and religious history. But some are now asking how do they do it? How do locust swarms fly hundreds and hundreds of miles over water without stopping, landin ...more

They Cook, They Clean and They Can Kill; Robots

The robotic future involves many aspects, some good and others not so pleasant, but isn't that in keeping with the history of mankind? Humans are always having wars and conflicts over various things. In the future many of our battles of political will over another civilization will be fought not by human soldiers but rather by robots. Which some would say might be a good thing although the robots will be killing other people in foreign lands.

Of course on the good side of things we will ...more

Locust Swarms; Are They Random?

The chaos and order debate came up again recently in an online think tank and this time is was nothing like the regular debates, no, this time it was with regards to locust plagues and the question was is the locust swarm a chaotic mess or is their a method to this highly evolved creatures madness? One researcher who is an expert in Locust Swarms; Mr Warren Powers thinks that there is a remote possibility that in the locust swarm there might actually be more going on than we assume and so he ...more

Fight Back Locust Plagues Over Lake Victoria in Africa

The Locust Plagues threaten to devastate crops in Africa, but can we use modern technology, namely acoustic directional sound waves, to defeat them? One research believes it is possible and announced his plans to do so in an online think tank recently. Warren Powers has a plan and has done research which leads him to believe it is now possible to beat these locust plagues once and for all.

An acoustical sound wave beam will be blasted at the Locust Swarm while they fly over the lake cau ...more

Sound Weapon Delivery to Acoustically Blast Locust Swarms

At least a couple of researchers on the Locust Plagues which threaten to cause crop failures have stated that they believe the answer to stopping these massive swarms are to use acoustic weapons and directed sound waves. The waves will have to be high powered and directed toward the locust swarm in mid-flight. Researcher Warren Powers believes it is all possible.

Can we hit these locusts over Lake Victoria where they swarm every year? Well, regarding this target intercept point for a de ...more

SpaceHab Expandables to Be Delivered via Space Shuttle

Why can't we simply put a bunch of SpaceHab expandables into the Space Shuttle and take them to the Mars to orbit now? But you say the Space Shuttle cannot make it that far? Well sure it can. Simply send a set of rockets up on another set of rockets, once in orbit attach them to the space shuttle and then take the whole thing to Mars; one way. Get some real gung ho risk takers and just go for it. We can do this.

The humans can live in them for about 10-years or so until we get there wit ...more

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