Servo, DC, and Stepper Motors- The Motors to Satisfy Your Robotics Needs

When choosing motors to satisfy your robotics needs, you are likely to come across types like servo, DC, and stepper motors. But which type of motor should you get? Each motor has unique features. Use this guide to differentiate each so you can choose the right motor for your robotics project: Servo Motors A servo motor is made up of a DC motor, a control circuit, gearing set, and a position sensor, which is typically a potentiometer. The position of a servo motor can be m

Geared Stepper Motor- A Motor for Precise Positioning Equipment

A stepper motor is an electromechanical device that induces mechanical movements by converting electrical pulses. In this case, digital pulses—not the application of continuous voltage cause stepper motors to move. Stepper motors step or rotate in increments that are fixed and angular. Hence, they are commonly used in applications that require position control. The stepper motor + driver + controller system design ensures that the geared stepper motor can follow digital instructions. Stepper m

Tricks to Unlock the Iphone

Whenever the word “iphone” hear from anyone, the words like marvellous, excellent features, awesome, luxurious and a lot of more comes in our mind. This is because over a decade, the iphone starts the new era of smartphones in the mobile market. We can also say that the iphone is the “master” of all smartphones. But, the iphone generally face the problem of unlocking. The Unlocking of a phone is necessary when the handset is locked to another service provider. Some phones can be unlocked

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