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Potential Applications of Proscope

The Proscope is commonly known as a handheld digital tool or a microscope through which high quality and true color images can be captured. At the same time, the images can also be displayed on the computer through the help of a USB connection. ...more

4 Top Cross Platform Mobile App Development Tools

Cross platform mobile development refers to a technique of developing mobile applications which can be used on multiple mobile platforms. As there are numerous platforms, device fragmentation was one of the major challenges which made it difficult for the developers to create apps that runs on all mobile devices. Cross-platform mobile development tools were developed to solve this issue which ensures uniformity by offering common device functionality features. ...more

What You Need to Know About Proscope HR2?

Proscope HR2 is a state-of-the-art device designed for capturing high resolution images and videos. This imager comes with a LED intensity control and possess a number of impressive features. It is considered as a powerful imaging tool in many sectors like education, art, archeology, forensic science, quality control, dermatology, etc. ...more

SAP Mobility Training – SAP FIORI, SMP, OData, SAP CRM, ABAP

Advanced Sap Mobility App Development platform to work and give mobile workers secure access to real-time information and processes anytime. Sap mobile platform provides an open development environment to deliver projects above expectations. ...more

Turning your special moments into WOW…!

Photography is not everyone’s cup of tea because it requires great training, efforts and time to acquire such photography skills. ...more

Proscope Mobile: How it’s Helpful in Education?

Now-a-days, education is moving through a transformation stage. Mobile technology is now entering into this sector. ...more

6 things To Deem When Deciding between In-House and Outsourced Mobile Development Teams

The first question that arises when an IT company decides to develop an application is whether to go with the in-house team or to outsource it to the mobile development team. Well, there are some good reasons to proceed on with either of the ways. But, make sure that you have chosen the right path. ...more

Android App Maker – No Coding Or Programming Knowledge Required!

Have you ever wondered of creating an app without the knowledge of coding and programming? Well, it sounds too good to be true. ...more

Tutorial on Copying Files from Old iPhone to iPhone 6/6 Plus

Obviously, the masses Apple Fans can't miss it, a big wave of users have decided to switch to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. So you must be ready to transfer data from old iPhone to iPhone 6/6 Plus since you save many photos, videos, contacts, text messages and other vital data on your old ones. ...more

Tips for Choosing iPhone Application Development Company

Iphone is undoubtedly the centre of attraction of today’s Smartphone world. In the same way iphone application has emerged as revolution among the iphone users. There are many new brands applications enter the app store everyday and their competition with other applications becoming tougher certain and growing tougher every single day. ...more

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