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Facts about free cell phones

There has been a rapid growth in demand for cell phones. Today, cell phones have become an important part of communicating with your friends and relatives. With the growth of mobile phone users many mobile companies are trying to capitalize on mobile web markets. Many cell phone companies are coming up with different ideas to provide value added services to its customers. There are number of mobile phone outlets that are developing number of specialized soft wares and services for m ...more

The Growing Trend of Comparing Shopping on Your Mobile Phone

We live in a world where we can do just about anything from a computer; chat with people in other countries, trade stocks, visit exotic locations that would never be seen otherwise; rent DVDs, and of course engage in the growing trend of comparison shopping. The Internet is gaining in popularity at an exponential rate and as adoption for broadband increases, so does the opportunity for consumers to compare prices for products and services as they look for the best deals on the web. Based on a re ...more

Nokia N80 is Best Mobile Phone Imaging Device 2006

Nokia today revealed that the Nokia N80 multimedia computer has been voted the Best Mobile Imaging Device in Europe 2006 by the Technical Image Press Association (TIPA), the largest photo and imaging press association in Europe. The award is an endorsement of the Nokia N80's industry-leading feature set, which makes it one of the most high performance devices currently available in the marketplace. Commenting on the award, TIPA praised the Nokia N80 as "so much more than just a came ...more

The Only Sure Way To Get The Right Cell Phone Plan Is By Performing A Cellular Plan Comparison

Just recently I was considering upgrading my cell phone plan when I discovered that although there are a variety of different features that need to be considered the overall process of choosing a new plan isn't that difficult if you do a proper cellular phone plan comparison.

When you initially start to perform a cellular plan comparison it can seem to be a rather daunting task due to the increased number of cellular phone providers and cell plans available for purchase. Whatever you d ...more

A Peep Into Satellite Phone Functioning

From your handset, there are three ways you can reach your destination number. They are: (1) Satellite phone handset to another satellite phone handset; (2) satellite phone handset to a cellular phone handset, through cellular network, and (3) satellite phone handset to a landline served phone connected to PSTN.

(1) Satellite phone to satellite phone: This type of call ensures security because the call is never routed through a Landline, or, PSTN - Public Switched Telephone Networ ...more

Choosing the Right Satellite Phone

You should remember that not all Satellite phones in the market are programmed to follow identical work culture. Some Satellite phones function only in certain predetermined geographical areas and certain others may work anywhere on the globe.


1.First decide whether you need a country specific handset or a handset with global access.

2.Then decide which type of satellite phone you require. What are your options: (1) a handset which offers voice and slow ...more

Whoop! There It Is. Another New Mobile Phone Company

It seems to me that you need billions of dollars and many years to build a major infrastructure to provide nation-wide cellular service. Now new mobile phone companies are appearing overnight. Companies like Virgin Mobile, STi Mobile, Boost Mobile, Tracfone, and Net 10 have already claimed millions of subscribers. Right on their heels even more new companies like Helio, Amp'd, ESPN Mobile, and Disney Mobile are set to launch in 2006. Welcome to the era of the Mobile Virtual Network ...more

Mobile MVNO Predictions

This will no doubt be a happy new year for some mobile phone companies, a sad year for some, and a very sad year for others. The beginning of the New Year is the time for resolutions and predictions. Let me make some predictions on who will be the winners and losers in the prepaid cellular and MVNO arena for 2006. I will start with the small prepaid MVNOs. Bad press is better than no press; that is at least what I heard. This will probably be my only mention of this lis ...more

Cellular vs Satellite Phones

Let us first study how the cellular network functions.

What is a cell?

A cell may be defined as a given geographical area that is within the range of a site or, zone or, base station, which contains all network communication equipments including a radio receiver and transmitter.

What is a cellular network?

A cellular network comprises of a number of hexagonal cells each having a local transmitter, which has the inbuilt capacity to cater to the communication needs of th ...more

Companies that Offer Satellite Phones

In a world where there is no worthwhile landline connectivity or cellular services available in nearly 80% of the land mass, leave alone the oceans, the seas, the mountains, the forests and the deserts; you need a really efficient telephone service that works anywhere and everywhere! The answer is satellite phone! You can reach any area on earth with relative ease. Well, who are the people who offer such a breathtaking technology? Let us see:

(1)Iridium Satellite:

Voice and data s ...more

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