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Accentuating Your Voice Mail

Does your voicemail on your cell phone have personality? Why not, it is easy to accentuate your voicemail with cool little sayings that tell the person calling a little bit about your upbeat personality, strength of character and what is important in your life.

Accentuating your voicemail is fairly easy, but you might have to practice a few times and perhaps keep working on it until you really like it and then the test, call up a friend and ask them to call you back and then find out i ...more

Autonomous Cross Wind Landings for UAVs

Telerobotics are fine for flying UAVs or unmanned aerial vehicles, but due to the half second delay from the satellite and the need for better control on landings, it makes more sense to have autonomous Cross wind landings software built into the control system of the UAVs.

Autonomous Cross wind landings for UAVs is possible and it should be desired, additionally if an unmanned aerial vehicle encounters a surface-to-air missile then it will need to take drastic measures and a half secon ...more

Getting The Best Mobile Phone Deal Available

The mobile phone marketplace has rapidly evolved into one of the most competitive consumer marketplaces out there. At no time is this more evident than around the time when your existing mobile phone contract is set to expire. It is interesting, if a little infuriating to receive an avalanche of calls from networks and resellers all offering you different deals at different costs and varying packages. For those of us who are not particularly interested it can be easy just to let your existing ...more

Cell Phone 101: How To Compare Cell Phone Rate Plans

With the popularity of cell phones and the increase in competition among carriers, it is important to compare cell phone plans before committing to a particular carrier. Many carriers are offering vast discounts and are highly competitive with their pricing in order to gain your business. When choosing a cell phone plan, there are certain things you should look for. First, analyze your expected usage of your cell phone. Determine not only how many minutes per month you expect to use the p ...more

Mobile Search Expands across Europe

Millions can now explore, find and connect with Mobile Search as coverage extends to Denmark, France, Italy, Norway and Spain Espoo, Finland - Nokia today announced the expansion of Mobile Search, a free software solution for the high-performing Nokia Nseries multimedia computers and other Nokia devices based on the S60 platform. Mobile Search provides people with an easy, fast and direct way to find what they want, when they want it. The Mobile Search application fast-tracks the us ...more

Max Your Mobility And Safeguard Your Cell Phone With Cell Phone Cases

Custom cell phone cases have been around for as long as cell phones. While the cell phone cases for the older, bulky cell phones of the 1980's resembled brief cases or cases for a personal computer, as the size and shape of cell phones became more compact, custom cell phone cases were created to match. When your cell phone weighs in at less than 3 ounces, can memorize 500 phone book records and lets you talk for up to nine hours between battery charges, your cell phone certainly pro ...more

Mobile phone ringtones and its types

The term ringtone refers to the sound or music that a mobile phone makes. It can also be defined as the sound you hear when you are on the phone waiting for other person to pick up. With upcoming computer technology, today mobile phone ringtones have become even more sophisticated. There is variety of ringtones available and the reason is that people can differentiate between two or many ringtones while their mobile is ringing. History of ringtones Ringtones have bec ...more

Music for Mobile phones – A good business idea!

The craziness started in 1998 when the Finish mobile telephony operator called Radiolinia launched the first ringtones. This business was obvious designed for Nokia phones. From that moment, ringtones became a profitable developed market including mobile phones music downloads and a market of multimedia content extremely dynamical which offers any type of polyphonic sounds. Envious on the registered success of music players machines, the mobile telephones producers star ...more

Small Business Opportunity Laptop Ideas

When a good small business opportunity idea is combined with the latest in laptop technology, expect nothing less than an explosively successful enterprise.

The reason should be obvious. The extra mobility that a laptop provides means that a small business opportunity entrepreneur can be on the road for months and yet clients and customers wouldn't even know it nor care less. This allows for a fascinatingly efficient one-person business enterprise because the principal can promote their ...more

How To Ipod Your Car

If you like to ipod your car - pump music on your ipod through your car stereo system - apart from changing to a brand new car that has ipod integration such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan and Volvo - there are other options available to you.

If your car does not have the ipod connectivity, the solution to ipod your car is to install an ipod adaptor.

An ipod adaptor retailed by companies such as Peripheral and Monster can be installed within the cavern of wires behind your car dash ...more

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