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Make Your Own Ringtones

Do you not like the huge selection of ringtones on your cell phone? Can you not find a ring tone in the mass library that has been accumulated on the web? There are free ringtones everywhere, along with an even larger amount of ringtones you have to pay for. It is possible to find almost any song that has ever been sung somewhere on the web and it is probably in both MP3 and ringtone format. However if you are bored with these and no longer like any of hem it is now possible to make your own rin ...more

Anime Ringtones – Crystalline Sounds On Your Phone

If you are anything like me you will have no idea what I am talking about when I say the word anime. Until about 20 minutes ago I had no idea what it was, and I definitely didn't know that there was such a thing as anime ringtones. Apparently anime is what my friends and I always called Japanimation. I am sure that all those cartoons are not made in Japan but, well that is what we always called them. You know the cartoons, the ones with the weird backgrounds and the people with the ...more

Free Cell Phone Ring Tones – Jingling Vibes For Any Occasion

How many ringtones does one person really need? Apparently a lot as there are a bunch of websites using free cell phone ringtones as enticements to get people to buy their product, and other companies using the ringtones as promotions. The free cell phone ringtones are of course more limited in selection than the other ones that you have to pay for, but if you are just looking for older songs to give you phone some variety, then the free cell phone ringtones are just fine. This leav ...more

Funny Ringtones – Splendid Tunes For Hours Of Laughs

Ringtones started off as bad electronic sounding music that was really just the melody for a popular song. Some of these ringtones were recognizable and some of them were just funny. It was fun in the beginning to listen to the small short snippets of the song and try to identify it. However nows when a phone plays a song, the song is unmistakable and normally has words to go along with it. Of course people inevitable got bored with only have songs as ringtones on their phones and ...more

Ringtones Composer – Bring Out The Melodious Composer In You!

Apparently the massively large library of ringtones that has been amassed in multiple locations is not quite large enough. People now need ringtones composers. I didn't even know there was such a thing, but then again I am not exactly what one would call technology savvy. These ringtones composers must have been around for quite a while now as there are currently multiple software programs for composing your own ringtones, however I am just now hearing about them. Appa ...more

Free Music Ringtones – Sparkling!

Fre music ringtones seem to be one of the newest and hottest trends right now. I am sure you have all noticed that when you hear a cell phone ring on the street or in a store, no longer do the phones have just standard rings, but now they sing songs. Where do these ringtones come from? There seems to be such a wide array of possibilities as no one seems to have the same ring. Well to start out many phones come with links to sites to download ringtones directly through the phone. Mos ...more

Are Cell Phones Safe?

Researchers at the Swedish National Institute for Working Life reported that people who use cell phones for more than an hour a day for ten years are at significantly increased risk for brain cancers (International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health, April, 2006). This study disagrees with the Dutch Health Council study and a British survey, both released this year, that failed to show increased any risk. Most studies so far have failed to show an association between c ...more

Buy Mobile Phones Online to Find the Best Deals

The high streets are choc full of mobile phone. Every newspaper, magazine, billboard and TV break tells us about the latest and greatest deals from the networks and retailers. With so many options and deals available, it can be hard for the ordinary consumer to choose the deal that best suits firstly their lifestyle and secondly their pocket.

The mobile phone market exploded seemingly overnight and has matured extremely quickly. Buying mobile phones has gone from being an exclusive acti ...more

Is Public Wi-Fi Access Safe?

Surfing Safely in Starbucks...

A few months ago I met with a group of Internet professionals, all of us sporting laptops with wireless connections to the hotel's access point. On the second day of the conference, one of the attendees put up a slide on the overhead showing logins and passwords from a dozen of the attendees. Needless to say, many jaws dropped open.

He was running a "sniffer" program that anyone can download to spy on the internet traffic floating around in th ...more

Want To Live A Day Without A Cell Phone?

Have you ever imagined a day without a cell phone? Terrible isn't it? It seems like you are a hermit on an island: Total alienation from the communications world.

When you think of a cell phone you may start to think of how much of connivance they are for everyone. This would be true for the most part but there are some people out there that may think that it is more of a nascence than connivance to them. If you think about it the cell phone could be a life saver at times as well as a ...more

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