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Cats Behaviour

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I’m sure you’d all agree when I say that us cat owners, absolutely adore our little babies. But many of us often don’t understand why sometimes they change their behaviour or develop unwanted habits. Cats develop little flaws such as aggression, spraying indoors, disappearing or avoiding people when they are frightened or in pain. If they are feeling scared or distressed they might run away and hide, sleep hunched, groom more than usual or alter their feeding. If your cat has recently changed her behaviour, it might be because she is feeling a little bored, distressed, ill or injured We’d all hate for our cats to change who they are, so here are a few little tips to avoid this from happening Make sure everything is in reach without her having to pass past things or animals which might scare her.Boarding Kennels In London provides the best in luxury cat accomdation. 

              Allow plenty of opportunities to exercise. If she doesn’t go outside, perhaps you could go out and buy some safe toys or a suitable indoor cat activity and a scratching post whist is tall enough for her to use when she is fully stretched. It is important for your cat to be able to escape and hide whenever she wants to. If she can’t, she  might become aggressive. So perhaps find her a little safe hiding place and allow there to be constant access so she can run to it whenever she is scared of nervous.


      enjoy doing, especially the dog owners among us. So here are some tips to make the experience as pleasant as possible, for both of you!Before putting your pet in the bath, give them a quick brush to remove dead hair and mats.Fill the bath or a sink with four to five inches of lukewarm water and gently try and put your pet in bath.

       Use a spray to wet your pet and try to avoid spraying directly into the poor things eyes, nose or ears. You could ask a specialist about eye lubricant  for your pet to protect the eyes and stick large cotton balls into their ears to protect the ears until bath time is over! If you can’t find a spray or a hose, you could use a plastic pitcher or cup instead.If you wish to shampoo your pet, it’s always best to use a special animal shampoo for your species of pet. Human shampoo’s aren’t toxic but some might include a scents or fragrance which might irritate the little fellow’s skin.


         Working from head to tail, gently massage in the shampoo.Once you have rinsed out all the shampoo you could repeat the process or you could give your pet-friend a good rub with a dry towel. And there you go, your little buddy is as clean as a whistle!You may give him a little pat and a treat to praise him for being a good boy if you like! This will certainly make the whole experience a little more enjoyable.Elmtree is the natural choice for a animal lovers looking for a quality cat boarding  in london



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