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Causes of lower left back pain

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Lower left back pain can be caused by many things but the common cause is sciatica which occurs when a nerve called sciatic is damaged causing pain feedbacks to our brain. This is the largest nerve in the body and its damage can severe pain other areas like feet, legs and buttocks. Some cases are just temporary due to dislodged or pressure in the muscle but others cases can require surgery or physiotherapy to relieve the pain.

Another cause of lower left back pain is intestine or bowel problems. This pain can also be caused by IBS which is as a result of constipation and diarrhea. IBS is thought to be caused by psychological problems, bacteria or stress. This can only be treated by controlling stress and eating of high fiber foods.

Lower left back pain can also be caused by kidney stones. These are calcium stones and other minerals that form the kidneys. Therefore the pain caused by kidney stone of the left side kidney can cause the pain on the left side back. Symptoms for kidney stones are pain when passing urine, blood in urine, and abdominal pain. Urine analysis test and imagine scans are done to identify kidney tests. Surgery can be done to remove kidney stones.

Joint or muscular problems on the left side can cause lower left back pain. These problems can be due to muscles being twisted, misaligned spine, trauma, bruising or other reasons. When encounters these problems seek doctor’s help or a physiotherapist though some problems do subside through massage.

Imbalance of muscles can cause lower left back pain. Muscles are useful since they provide a crucial network support for many organs and joints. They keep our body upright and ensure every part of the body is in the right place. Muscle imbalance occurs when one muscle develop more than the other causing the joint or bone to have a wrong pull causing the pain. Exercises are used to ensure a good balance of the muscles

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