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Change your hairstyle without cut, Just with wigs letting you become star at the Christmas party

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If you want making impressive impression for your friends, self-transformation is essential. Brave action at the party may take surprise success for you at the party. The use of wigs will be a good idea for the party. For example If you have a elegance with long hair style you can pick up a cool short hairstyle, If you have gentle short hairstyle at the party you can choose a sexy lazy hairstyle. Your friends must be staring at you, they even can’t believe that’s you! Next letting have a look at the popular hairstyle recommended by

Part 1 Classic Red Refinement Lady
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For the busy workers who want give a fresh impression, the easiest way is to choose a wig to wear.The office lady often give us a professional impression, for this kind of woman you had better choose a smooth texture with bangs ,brown wig. In this way it makes you look not contrast too large as usual. The best choose is long hair, it suit for take part in colleagues and their leader’s party. If you don’t want causing jealousy and suspicion, a natural look make-up is best for you. If you have short hair, wearing directly distributing cap networks, use clip fix the marginal, then wear the wig and fixed perimeter. For long hair, you need bundle your hair in tail after the head, the tail part need dish tightly and use clips fixed it, then put on Portal, wear the wig, According to the distance of facial features and fringe, Making relevant adjustment is okay.

Tips If you want a wig looks more natural, a small amount of hair mud can help you a lot. With your hands grasping the hair, making it becomes naturally fluffy and messy. The effect is great, for non-professionals couldn’t found the flaws.

Part 2 Sharp dark black Devil Wears Prada
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Most fashionable ladies have long curly hair, now let’s change it. Dark ( black coffee /black purple) short hair is fashion’s representatives, Fresh and refined to be cool is the fundamental of fashion. This dark black wig is ideal for dark eye makeup and dress nude lip color. Under the cheekbones you can increase the cold blush color. This wig is very suit to attend high degree fashion show. It make you Low-key, deep but hard-edged. If you are a long hair, part it on the back of the head tied in a pony tail and then closely circling it, using clips fixed it.If necessary, with wax to make it smooth and compact. then Put on networks, fix around, wear the wig.

Tips Want more Brightly results, recommend vertical upward straightened head of hair cut with scissors 1/3 off and then use hair mud. Thus the short hair from the head will become fluffy, but couldn’t see the signs of rotation.


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