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  • Comments 0 domain was documented October 14th, 2006. The domain Whois has Whois guard identify defense so we cannot discover who registered the domain. The domain is definitely registered until October 14th, 2011 at which time it will run out. The domain was gripped by the US government’s ICE division in early 2011 and it is unknown what will happen while using domain name once it expires. was a site that linked to a number of different things you can watch online. From sitcoms to news for you to gameshows and most popularly seemed to be the sports. Channelsurfing linked with NFL football, European baseball, college football, NBA basketball, MLB Softball, NHL hockey, cricket, golf, bowling, and more. The site has been updated daily high was usually a minumum of one link if not several to the same function in case one over the air went down or seemed to be of poor quality you experienced another choice to view the action on.
There is currently absolutely no replacement site regarding There was a replacement with but this has since been taken off. The reason the replacing site was removed is that the owner of, Mark McCarthy, was charged because of the US government for illegal distribution of copyrighted materials by way of linking. Whether or not back linking to a copyrighted substance is illegal is currently any gray area. If it is illegal, does this mean that everyone who hyperlinks to a Youtube attach that is not legally upward is able to be sued? McCarthy faces jail time as well as fines if observed guilty. It will be fascinating to see what the People courts determine legal requirements is regarding back linking to copyrighted material. was considered one of the highest 5 most visited websites if this came to people needing to watch live sports online, especially throughout the NFL season. The seizure of this site left a lot of sporting activities fans asking wherever they could turn to watch sports online. was an one page web site, updated daily and quite often more then once per day, and had built up a tremendous following among web sports fans. It is not likely that the site are going to be replaced due to the legal troubles the former operator is facing.

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